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  1. Well, Youri Bebic is a professional in his sphere, so we can trust his words
  2. I would like to be a mountain goat and live far in the mountains
  3. Visa is currently fast, but I don't think it can be faster, while crypto has a lot of potential to overcome Visa.
  4. At least 50 horses. I think this amount is enough to make money
  5. So, you think it suits only for international transactions?
  6. Even if I know the show's over, I think I'll watch it
  7. and it also depends on how much they will need of horses poo
  8. I read the news that the last episode is awful, and many fans want another final to be reshoot. Anyway, thanks for your advice
  9. I also think that someone just wants to keep investing in secret because they are afraid of failure
  10. I had no idea that he is somehow connected with crypto. What exactly is he doing?
  11. I guess one horse is not enough for good business
  12. I've never watched it. Should I start?
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