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  1. I forgot that Ripple was created for institutions and corporations. Thank you for reminding
  2. And now the price is 5300. Let's wait for stable times:)
  3. Japan, Korea and Taiwan are advanced and technologically strong countries, that's why they are moving in the opposite direction
  4. In that case, I don't know this project. I rarely follow coins outside of the top 100. Though maybe I bet for Enigma
  5. Yes, you are right, but their country goes through a deep crisis, they can't avoid problems at such moment
  6. Well, why not? Looks like the market is stabilizing at $5000, so there is a chance that BTC can continue to grow
  7. Well, now the market is bullish, so BTC is trading above 5000$
  8. VET is not outside of the top 100, but I like this project too
  9. I don't think that Stellar has better technology, and I'm not sure we need even to compare them. Both projects have their own minuses and pluses
  10. From this point of view, I agree with you, we are here for the tech:)
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