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  1. And what are you going to feed them with?
  2. It's practiced just in a few parts of the world. Moreover, not all rubbish is recyclable and in 90% it ends up in the ocean or rivers or in landfills contaminating nature and killing animals
  3. Are there many differences between the books and series?
  4. I like both - cartoons and heave load things However, as for cartoons I prefer the same heart-breaking ones ahah
  5. Yeah, I expected more as well but, of course, nobody is going to shoot it again - just some spin-offs are about to appear
  6. What direction do you want to follow, though?
  7. What kind of conferences do you organize?
  8. really? but they all require portfolios and what if you have little or no experience
  9. we ought to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic, first of all
  10. What kind of series do you prefer then?
  11. ahah you just ought to write cinema reviews
  12. Ahaha there are many spin-offs are actually coming so bring your patience together
  13. Are you guys satisfied with the ending?
  14. That's a horrible truth everyone should finally face. We are killing our planet.
  15. I even don't see you here. You've never actually been here
  16. Yeah, more spheres to be implemented in
  17. It's all backed up by the banks
  18. But at the same time, you are saying it's not enough to become the best coin for trading But I see what you mean. You stand for the more independent coins, don't you?
  19. I guess if you've got a good portfolio, that could successfully turn into your job as well
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