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  1. Yeah, that's true, but the Ripple company is also quite a corporation. Do not forget it.
  2. Of course, that's why we are all here
  3. Just some trolling I guess
  4. The hardest thing is to succeed among the beasts. You definitely must have an outstanding idea then
  5. Copyrights have always been hard to understand
  6. Ehm, is that such a joke?
  7. And you guys told me it's all the evil tongues that XRP is said to be centralized
  8. Why are there so many notorious rumors related to XRP?
  9. It's difficult to buy stuff with crypto, in general
  10. I can't, cause I'm only entering crypto I'm just saying that I've noticed such kind of moods about XRP going on in the crypto community, actually
  11. You are right. Actually, buy less, in general. It saves not the planet only but the family budget as well.
  12. Yeah, but I'm talking about the fact the coin belongs to one company which is eager to serve the banks
  13. But XRP is called one of the most centralized coins by some analytics. What would you say to that?
  14. I see, of course, if you are a long-term investor, you'd better not risk
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