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  1. Are you guys satisfied with the ending?
  2. That's a horrible truth everyone should finally face. We are killing our planet.
  3. I even don't see you here. You've never actually been here
  4. Yeah, more spheres to be implemented in
  5. It's all backed up by the banks
  6. But at the same time, you are saying it's not enough to become the best coin for trading But I see what you mean. You stand for the more independent coins, don't you?
  7. I guess if you've got a good portfolio, that could successfully turn into your job as well
  8. Mostly nature, let me give you a link to something I like - here and here or this one - more about the Impressionists' manner. What about you?
  9. Interesting, could you give us more examples of what can be boring and slow?
  10. Wow you seem to be a real Ripple fan, do you think that XRP plays a determining part in the crypto furure?
  11. They even use different blockchains, what a weird situation!
  12. I've seen some footage recently - looks like they started shooting people. How dumb and mercantile you must be to do this to your nation and not let it go.
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