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  1. I see lots of projects adapting Ripple, it's good actually and can have a positive impact on the price lately
  2. Supports for credit card payments is becoming something common for some exchanges, it's good to see that the sphere is changing for positive
  3. Ripple (XRP) has been trading close to the moving averages for the past few days. This period of consolidation is unlikely to continue for long. We expect a decisive breakout or a breakdown within the next few days. A breakout of $0.33108 will propel the XRP/USD pair to the resistance line of the descending channel. If the bulls succeed in pushing the price above the channel, we expect the pair to pick up momentum and start a new uptrend. On the other hand, if the digital currency plunges below the uptrend line of the ascending triangle, it can drop to the next support at $0.27795. Below this level, a drop to $0.24508 is possible. Traders can protect their long positions with the stop loss just below $0.27795.
  4. the announcement of the cryptocurrencies for base trading pairs is not a certification of their legal tender status
  5. the company is big and trustworthy enough if it operates in 44 US states
  6. The XRP Ledger Is Not Decentralised - that's surprising
  7. Fundamentally, Ripple remains the strongest story in the crypto space, so that's why its chart pattern flawless
  8. If suppose, then we can come to the conclusion that Ripple won't be accepted in Japan next years, interesting
  9. that's insane, I guess it's someone who doesn't know crypto world at all
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