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  1. That's not much, I find it a lot easier to use than address + destination tag Anyone an idea why so little support for x-address?
  2. Which Wallets, Exchanges, Cards, etc. support the use of an XRP X-address already?
  3. It's here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-xrp/
  4. No, but see my response above this, still a little patience
  5. In a few days a great plugin for your shop will be released for WC, patience
  6. First it should definitely help to take care of warning : NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID on your site. Maybe here is something you could use: https://bitvolo.com/integration.php
  7. Please let me know what you think of it. My technical knowledge is too small to tell if this is a good way to receive (crypto) payments.
  8. If I look at this plugin for Wordpress Woocommerce it looks like it is what a lot of people including me need for their online shop. However after more then 1 month availability it still has less than 10 installations. Am I overlooking something? Who can have a look at this plugin for me and tell me what is wrong with it?
  9. I am sorry but I find this such a strange story You see a few weeks of strange behaviour on your account and do nothing about it? " I got several emails asking to approve withdrawal addresses I never triggered." This should have triggered all your alarms!! Then 2 FA authorization failed to you. Several wallet approval requests coming from Kraken disappeared to your spam folder, but not the one you approved "in a rush" And last but not least you blame Kraken to have an employee who must be the bad guy that took your XRP If I was a bad guy working at an exchange and had the possibility to do this kind of illegal things risking my job and a huge prison punishment then I would have robbed an account with enough to be rich for the rest of my life, not some lousy 85000 XRP And then NOT Kraken with its "weak security" and "bad guys" gives you a refund but Binance does?
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