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  1. Store them on the interledger itself
  2. Can't you just sell on the ILP itself using OfferCreate?
  3. I am so glad I invested in XRP starting from May (at 6 cents). I agree that most folks do not know the capabilities of the network, they do not realise it is more of a Swiss knife. Hopefully the relaunch of Codius will be very fruitful, if successful nothing will stop XRP and it's valuation will not be tied to just one usecase, but to many.
  4. We Dutch people are heavily interested in cryptos in general but especially XRP too. It has been a few times now that I caught someone random talking about ripple. Sadly my bank will not disclose any plans with ripple (ABN AMRO) Also look at the trend (In Dutch), we are second.
  5. Double post sorry Anyway, with these targets values of over $100 and even $1000 are not completely unreasonable.
  6. I do not have a specific price in my mind (though $100 would be amazing). I would like to see XRP being the value denoter of most if not all commodities. Now we see gold and oil denoted in USD however with Ripple changing it to XRP would mean A) Far more availability to these commodities for small investors in "poorer" countries and B ) Insane amounts of volume. Also with smart contracts being revived for Ripple I would like to see mass adoption of this feature in most mainstream markets, example the energy market. Basically as I see it, Ripple will become the Google of crypto, starting with one usecase but quickly expanding into everyday markets.
  7. No offence taken, I wonder how you got that impression And certainly times are changing, however the more exchanges accept XRP the better. The only thing I do worry about is why they disabled withdrawels. To me it seems completely unnecessary to do that...
  8. CEX.IO used to be one of the more mainstream exchanges, but they lowered in appeal quite fast. A few years back it was in my opinion one of the most user friendly exchanges out there in terms of interface, did a lot of trading on it when mining contracts on there were still profitable. There were one of the only ones that allowed tradable contracts in a fully supply and demand way meaning your contract was an asset in itself too.
  9. In the e-mail it said that they postponed the ability to withdraw... it is strange to do that. I have not traded on CEX since they disabled cloudmining contracts so I have no clue as to their intentions and validity anymore.
  10. I just received an e-mail that XRP trading has been added to CEX.IO. I have not used that exchange for a long time so I do not know how many traders still use that place however I think this is some great news. USD, EUR and BTC pairs are enabled, sadly no pairs with other currencies as well as this now makes it more of a child currency (or however you would like to call it) again like on most other exchanges. Can we expect some good volume from CEX.IO? The volume now sits at 0.05% according to coinmarketcap.com.
  11. To be honest I hope I will forget about my XRP investment and 4 years into a future remember it by seeing ripple in the news hitting 100$
  12. Buy when there is blood on the streets
  13. "The Ripple Consensus Ledger has a mechanism for changing the minimum transaction cost to account for long-term changes in the value of XRP. Any changes have to be approved by the consensus process. See Fee Voting for more information." https://ripple.com/build/transaction-cost/ (bottom)
  14. Transaction fees can be as low as one drop, which is one millionth of a unit. Even if XRP reaches 1 million (purely theoretical, practically unreachable of course) it could still be cheaper than the transaction fees bitcoin currently has, which is still way cheaper than the current mainstream systems. Also about XRP losing value during a transaction, the transaction is made within 3 seconds. For example regular international fiat transactions take at least 4-6 days (with currency exchange), what do you think happened with the Brexit referendum when the pound lost 20% over night. The shorter the transaction time the less risk you have for sudden spikes or drops.
  15. Count me in, while I do not know that much about blockchain technology, I think I could be of use for the creation of a frontend website and API. If the demand is there of course.
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