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  1. I wish people would stick to talking about relevant things here. This is the 'charting the course of XRP' thread. There's a gazillion places on the internet if you want to discuss VET, TRX or the gazillion other crypto. Thread is getting way too diluted.
  2. How often do we see 8 hourly candles being green in a row:
  3. He's either a toddler or he has a case of that Benjamin Buttons. I'm tired of his vibe too.
  4. Apparently in 80% of cases the exit is bullish To my eyes, I'm not sure if the upper trend line has been touched enough to make it a proper broadening wedge though.
  5. Because your post is inflammatory and political. None of that belongs here. It doesn't matter whether I agree with you or not, it doesn't belong here.
  6. That's not how life works. There's no upper cap on wealth for an individual.
  7. At that time frame, even a simple moving average cross is just as spot on.
  8. You could escrow your own XRP instead. I wonder if you can escrow based on price too..
  9. Can I ask how you are generating the buy and sell signals? Looks like EMA cross..
  10. Even at zero, I'll buy more with my last dying breath! For use in the Afterlife! Got to pay the Boatsman somehow..
  11. ^ 20 to 50 usd within 24 months is a bit optimistic..
  12. 0.27 of light-speed is pretty damn fast already.
  13. My gut feeling is we will follow VET quite soon. EOY +.30
  14. He also said he hopes for 1 dollar for xmas. He's also in Japan and was drinking beer. Want to know what he made for dinner too? Mods should close this thread.
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