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  1. Bitcoin longs are very high, and that's bearish. I can see bitcoin retracing down to 3k, and XRP following it down to sub .10, perhaps sub .05. I'm 95% out of XRP; if we go that low I'll consider buying back in. But I won't buy back in even at .15, we need to really go down a ton. People can post graphs all day and look for bottoms/triangles/signs of reversal, the fact is we are trending down and bleeding out like a stuck pig.
  2. It's funny how everyone, today, considers China to be a gold mine. I was once interviewed/interrogated by Europol police... in '09, them thinking I had a sham relationship with a Chinese woman over a visa (we ended up living in China together for many years after... but it was very uncomfortable and awkward to have to prove to police that your relationship is real.) Back then everyone had a different opinion about China; "those Chinese are coming to Europe for passports and visas!" That was in Holland. Right now smart crypto money says anything to do with China is gold. There's a hu
  3. I haven't researched it as I said. I'll look into it.
  4. So VET is involved with Walmart, China. Thing is, spent most of the last decade there and f**k all Chinese people actually use Walmart. Can't recall seeing a single one in Shanghai either. It seems like more of a big deal to American's when they think 'omg Walmart China is using VET'. Not trying to be a downer, I haven't researched VET much. Big names like Tesco have tried to tap into China, and all are a fail. Even Amazon. It's all about jd (dot) com. Even Tesco became a butchered version of what it should be (picture live crabs running around on the floor, and no cheese for sale). From
  5. What's wrong with a bit of risk management? My position is 50% fiat 50% XRP atm. If it goes up, oh well, the remaining XRP is worth more. If it goes down, end up with more XRP once buy back in.
  6. ^ I'd like to see a lot more volume with a close above that bear trend line.
  7. Same. Watching the price like a hawk for re-entry position.
  8. ^ I'm always happy, but sometimes I drink whiskey to shore it up.
  9. ^ I thought that was pretty awesome. Especially since he was born just before WW2. That's a long time... maybe the most important thing is levity and not taking things too seriously. Wisdom really does come with age.
  10. My dad bought me this book just before he passed away:
  11. And therein lies the problem; we are completely tied into BTC, which looks to be on weak ground. If BTC dumps it doesn't matter what Ripple does either, the ground falls out beneath us.
  12. If ripple burns XRP I'll be back in faster than a grizzly can do a 100 yard charge.
  13. Wrong, I have a balanced view. I literally said I hope it goes up, and that I'm ready to buy back in. I haven't attacked anyone, I attack silly ideas like the one that sentiment means anything. You can't beat an Asperger at logic, it's our superpower, so don't bother. Also, what you said about me being 'mad' and wanting to 'desperately' be right is called projection in psychology. It's a negative thingy. So if I were a troll, I'd say that perhaps your sentiment is a little negative
  14. I think you misunderstood my post; nowhere did I look for affirmation of my own decisions. You are saying the bottom is in because you feel sentiment is at an all time low, and I eviscerated your argument. If 99% of all people think it won't rain because they all tuned into the weather channel where it said it won't rain... does that mean that it will rain and that rain is due? I'd rather trust the science/meteorologists. Honestly, it is an incredibly weak argument and good luck to you with that.
  15. Terrible logic, because if you sold you would have more money than if it went to zero. Try to keep emotions out of it.
  16. What is shocking about hitting that blue line? Look at the trend!!! There's literally f88k all support at the current price. It can easily drop to .15 . If that happens, we can then talk about capitulation... because that better hold or it's the dutch tulip bubble territory. We need a massive bull run to break the long-term trend. And like @dr_edif it shows signs of coming, I can get back in within 60 seconds. But there's zero evidence of a bull run coming, and zero evidence (sentiment isn't proof) that the bottom is in. If it's true that sentiment = people = money !? then 60 seconds sho
  17. I was mining LTC on a big scale (20+ top-of-the-line GPU's) in late 2013. That should give you some idea. I believe LTC was 3 usd at the time. You should prepare to be shocked; BTC can easily go down to 5k, in a matter of weeks.
  18. Sentiment doesn't control price tho... bots/algorithms/tether does. Sentiment can always go lower too; it has no floor. That said I want to see positive price movement, but I don't see the point in holding a large amount of XRP when we are walking on ice and the trend is clearly down. Imagine how bad sentiment would be if we hit .15 ... keeping at 3000 sats, bitcoin only has to drop to 5k to see that. And bitcoin is trending down. Market doesn't care how we feel. It wasn't easy for me to sell a large chunk of my stack at record lows! But it's necessary. I'm a 'moonboi' and am makin
  19. ^ I've a very large buy order set at .15 usd. That seems unrealistic, give it a week and a wick might just catch it.
  20. Just because sentiment is terrible, doesn't mean it won't go down further. The trend is clearly down... at this rate we should hit .15 usd by Xmas.
  21. That's why I still have 33% of my stack in XRP. Long-term I'm super bullish, but it's senseless not to take advantage of a weak market that is trending down. If bitcoin hits 5k what do you think XRP price would be?
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