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  1. Never heard about him before. The amount of money in crypto is just insane. He must have been ridiculously rich already to punt 2 million on xrp back then. Maybe I should put my secret key in a treasure chest out in the wild and do a Finn's Treasure 2.0. Or make it in an adventure like the national treasure movies with Tom Hanks.
  2. Approx 48 characters, the 98% that I know is that the first part is two pass-phrases (that i use for everything) strung together, then some random number or characters at the end. I did try to guess for a good two hours then gave up. Won't be making same mistake again. In future my secret key will just have some manipulation done to it, like changing the 8th letter by 8 places in the alphabet. Something that won't be forgotten but is simple enough to make the secret key useless to anyone if they find the paper wallet. I can even just email myself the secret key and it's guaranteed safe
  3. What tax liability would force people to sell? Here in the UK there is a capital gains tax on profit made after selling your crypto. There is no other tax, period. And the first 11k of profit is tax free too. If I bought 100k of crypto and it crashed and burned and went to zero, I wouldn't even need to report that to the tax people. Not sure why people would have to sell to cover cyrpto tax liability.
  4. Time-frame, guesstimate, for those coming true? Even if it does explode, it surely can't go up multiples of 100 like before. The price of alts has tanked but not to .009 levels. On a side-note, I want to invest 6000 usd in crypto, but atm really not sure if it should be XRP, XLM or even litecoin. IF there is another meteoric rise, then I do want my money on a winner which shouldn't be too hard since TONS of alts went to the moon and back already. However, It's hard to know which coins are dead and which could take part in another excursion to the moon. My guess is any coin in the top 10 m
  5. Yeah... but your first language is clearly English ;p Anyway i'm not a grammar nazi i'm just bored atm lolol.
  6. So are you also invested in stellar lumens? It should also have utility volume.
  7. Dozens of altcoins went up 100x to 200x then crashed. If that ever happens again it'll be driven by frenzied speculation, period. Not by fundamentals or utility or 'real use cases'.
  8. It seems a ton of altcoins went up end of 2017 and then down again. Every chart is the same for every altcoin. Why? Could it happen again or was it a one-off? All the charts show a mountain; huge rise end of '17 followed by huge fall. However the price of these altcoins hasn't gone back to the lows before the meteoric rise... which makes me think any future rise wouldn't be so great. If it happens again it wouldn't just be xrp or bitcoin it would be EVERY half-decent altcoin that goes to the moon.
  9. 'for its time-stamping' You're welcome. I can't stand bad grammar. Am not convinced that there's a hyphen in time-stamping either.
  10. howdy do, am wanting to jump on the xrp bandwagon with a buy of 20,000 xrp. I won't be able to get any teeth in the game till March next year though. If it's above 0.5 dollars i think i'll just find another investment. At that price I can't buy enough xrp to make it worthwhile. Does anyone think this will be too late for a good price? From what I understand about xrp, Ripple are going to keep released xrp into the market, would that keep prices low? Also i'm not too sure of the upside as utility will take a long time and it's all speculation atm. I personally think bitcoin wil
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