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  1. Yeah. Not sure if I've had too much, or not enough. This world...
  2. He's been pulling that stunt with many people here. I would hope that reads my posts and sorts himself out. Of course I don't care, I'm having a chill night with some whiskey, and I enjoy typing... nothing deeper than that.
  3. ^ qualities that make a winner, irrespective of market conditions or life circumstances. People like, MQB, would have been standing over Steve Jobs and laughing in his face as he died. But, then they go home to their miserable, poor, lives and need another hit of jack*n off to other's struggles. Some trolls make me laugh, some are devious. I've lived long enough to know that trolls like, MQB, are poor. Rich people don't have the time to jack off to this stuff. Only lonely and poor souls would bother to literally put a laugh/haha reaction to every post. It's all good, he can hug himself wh
  4. ^ I'm the only one who said anything remotely funny. The rest are trolls who get off on other's misfortune. MQB gets off on it, because he's poor. This is like fantasy football for him. I took a 4-digit loss on XRP but I didn't ***** about it, and I've always had levity and pragmatism and tried to make people laugh.
  5. Likewise, I've had too much whiskey to process that.
  6. ^ go on MQB, laugh at your own misfortune ^^^^^^^^^
  7. If I received 10k usd for every time he's happy smiley'd me, I'd have that in the bank. Oh wait, I do already! He's just a troll with a tiny, tiny investment and probably has to ask family for food money. Joke's on him.
  8. You put 'haha' reaction to my posts when I was a perma-bull, now that I've the opposite viewpoint you still do it. At least if you are gonna be a troll, have a consistent target audience.
  9. Yawn, another market-wide pump, to be followed by a dump. It's hard to get excited when we are this far below .30 even. I'm still of the view that BTC is going to retrace down hard and take the market with it.
  10. Don't hate on me. I think it's quite clear BTC is going down to 3k. People smarter than me can figure out the relative value for XRP at that price level.
  11. I've not read his books but seen all his appearances on JRE. He's done a lot of psychedelics, I'm curious about DMT but would never dare to try it (fragile mind haha). Wish everyone here a great xmas. I'll be spending mine in Edinburgh. Already warming up with a bottle of traditional honey mead. Skol! ^ yes Dr, it's bad for ma teeeeth. Do fellow xrp friends get a free checkup?
  12. Be here but... I suggest not to DCA. We are likely to retrace huge, I'm expecting 0.03 XRP. That sounds harsh, but I've not seen any contrary evidence to show otherwise. It is not a good deal at .18, .10. We have completely failed to hold support levels, there is no new money coming in, bitcoin, imho, will be heading sub 3k soon too. People getting that rekt, plus no new money coming in... even at 0.03 per XRP, will mean it will be very difficult to recover. I will have to do serious research to see if there is any upside, even 5 years after that, at all. What I've said might not be
  13. Charts so flat-line... _________________________ When that happens we normally have a precipitous drop.
  14. ^ You are learned. We need to get you on the Joe Rogan Experience Advertise XRP while you're there.
  15. I think I was 13 when my biology teacher gave us a jar filled with sugar and a few ants. The task: to monitor the population and outcome. Experiment doesn't end well for that ecosystem. Wouldn't expect anyone to try to make money on the hope/bet that the ants decide to cut back on their consumption and save their world (the jar). Easter Island is a great example of the same thing but with humans. There's a fantastic book about that but can't recall the name. Making money and protecting Earth don't really go hand in hand. But, XRP is about as guilt-free as it gets.
  16. Was just now pondering if 'proof of work' will ever go out of fashion. I think people associate the 'work' (energy consumption/computer calculations) associated with bitcoin as giving it value. Whereas consensus, is like 'making something out of nothing'. Why people would think like that goes quite deep. We've been conditioned in modern society to think that work is, above all else, the most important and noble thing in life. Not just that, it's the very purpose of it. Don't have a job? Loser. Work as a slave for minimum wage and have absolutely no life? Acceptable, respect. It's actuall
  17. Agreed. It equals the energy output of a large nation. And, it will only get worse with more energy being used for mining. I don't personally own bitcoin so I don't feel guilty about it personally, but it's soooo bad for the planet. And then realize that most of the bitcoin wealth is concentrated in a few hands too. Quite sure satoshi didn't have this in mind. There's some crazy statistic that I can't quite remember off the top of the head, that a single bitcoin transaction uses up/equals a month's worth of energy to run an average household. Consensus to the rescue!
  18. Something like 1% of global energy is used to mine Bitcoin. Shocking and reprehensible.
  19. Take no offence, but I would argue that you might have the inverse of that There's nothing organic about that pump. It came out of nowhere, amidst the worst sentiment in memory in the crypto space, and all alts tagged along. My definition of organic would be positive sentiment, lots of new money coming in, increasing volume. Not a random upswing. Well, we are down again. Back below .19. I want the market to turn up so I can make back what I've lost. Although I'm not as in the red as a lot of people here. I need to set up some alarm for price movement. If as @Molten's post posits, it does
  20. How's that song go... that dont impressa me much. Clearly bot/algo driven rise, volume nothing special. To call a reversal here is premature. Give me a solid month of gains with increasing volume. Trend is still down, new money isnt coming in.. possible bulltrap. But if you are a trader, sure timing it perfect got you a 8% gift. Not impressive.
  21. This chart is proving quite accurate. Glad to have sold, down in fiat but if I bought back in have substantially increased my stack. Waiting for sub .10 tho. That seems real far from here but there's F all new money coming in, bitcoin longs are way too high. Bitcoin down to at least 5500 with xrp at least .13 Bitcoin down to 3000, xrp sub .10. At that point need to reevaluate the entire market.
  22. at .06 i'd buy a bag. Teens rapidly incoming now. Wonder if ripple are panicking already??
  23. IMO bitcoin's going down to 3k level or below. Hope you guys don't get too rekt, I really think XRP will follow it down and we'll be sub .10 That might take a few months but it seems inevitable.
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