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  1. Never asked you to. Bitcoin uses up 1% of the world's energy, more than many small countries. That article is a joke.
  2. The environmental issue is a big one. Depends on if governments start stepping in. I would hope that XRP would share some of such a meteoric rise of BTC. We are talking about a 40x increase in BTC price. 40x for XRP too?
  3. A mere one-third of McAfee's prediction. Can we the people just take a third off u if that doesn't pan out It still works fine without the tip. Jokes aside, 350k would be amazingggg
  4. I've cash on the exchange, ready to find an entry-point into XRP.
  5. ^ @Eric123where do you see BTC going after it reaches it's previous ATH? Sure you've mentioned it before.
  6. yeah but in 2017 all coins pumped. It's going up like 40% every hour. And there's no way utility is doing that.
  7. What on earth is going on with bitcoin SV?? Insane!!!
  8. Sideways between .22 and .25 for the next 3 months.
  9. Capitulation isn't the right word. Okay, who cares for semantics, but having the opinion that the price will go down isn't capitulation. You know you can make money shorting this stuff, right!? There's money to be made either way. If by capitulation you mean that I don't buy into the hype and expect XRP or BTC to deliver me a lambo overnight, then, yes, 'capitulation'. Capitulation is such an emotive word, and I would be correct to say that almost all people here just want to make money. If I'm not allowed into the cult for not drinking the Kool-Aid, apologies. I would never buy a l
  10. At the risk of sounding like the scrooge of Xmas, I'm expecting around 3600 usd per bitcoin in the near to mid-term. Once you strip away the FOMO, the Reddit, Twitter, YouTube hype and just look at the graphs... I'd say 3600 usd is incoming. I've lost 5-figures on XRP and I only started investing in June of last year! But, I've never once ranted or complained about the loss. It has however made me more cautious and a lot of people posting graphs here use TA and subconsciously slant it with upwards price movement in mind. If anyone wants to see the graphs I'm looking at for 3600 I'm more than h
  11. Market falling quite a bit now. @TrentsteelDCA'ing yourself down to zero is not a winning strategy. Glad you put the disclaimer that it isn't financial advice.
  12. ^ How does being down 90% from ATH lead one to conclude we are oversold? The market doesn't agree with you, check the price. People are throwing around terms like 'oversold', 'overbought', 'cheap', 'low'... that's all BS.
  13. My point was, it's 'value' is exactly what it's being bought and sold for at any given second.
  14. Is the price low though? The current price is the valuation that the market gives XRP. If it was a 'low' price, then it would shoot up in a nano-second to match its real value. That kind of thinking is dangerous, and causes people to lose money.
  15. I'm about to adopt a kitten. Gonna spoil it rotten... heated cat cave, top-notch food, toys. Hope it won't bankrupt me.
  16. If XRP hits 589 usd, free Xanax for everyone!!
  17. ponders if @dr_eddoes online appointments and prescriptions
  18. ^ Xanax is kind of a wonder pill. I don't take it in Scotland as it is difficult to get, even if you need it, but have done it in China, legally. Laughing is just fine when something is actually funny. @dr_edone of the legit use cases is for bruxism (which I have, bad) and my dentist here has just told me to use an app on my phone to remind me not to grind. Brilliant. The problem in Scotland is that anything that is fun, has been ruined by neds who take it to the extremes. Can't even enjoy a beer outside in the fresh air in my city.
  19. Doctor: when MQB posts a haha to your post, picture mount Fuji, picture Kyoto, picture studio ghibli and cherry blossom trees... petals falling in the autumn breeze.
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