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  1. 8 hours ago, Lambosexual said:

    Personal snipe? Didn't you admit to being a drunkard recently? Get help for that as well as your gambling addiction. Take the other crybabies on here with you, imo.

    Lmao, so I'm mentally unstable, an alcoholic and a cry baby that needs comforting.

    You know what, think what you want. Funny how the insults start flowing as soon as I ditched XRP. I'm out. You all can surround yourselves with sycophants and circle j*rk in this echo chamber. Meanwhile I'll go make real money. Bye.


  2. 3 minutes ago, Caracappa said:

    You seem somewhat unstable lately Baobeiiiii (beside the late night whisky rants ofcourse) and fleeing into tinfoil doomthinking like this being an exit scam by Ripple.

    I thought Mark Cuban comforted you a while back about your investment. What changed? Is it purely the lagging of price or the uncertainty what an IPO will do for the XRP ecosystem.

    I'm doing just great. Rants? I'm down 5 digits on XRP and my DCA was .30 cents. Not mentioned it once. You are ignored however for that cheap personal snipe. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Zerpple said:

    Devil's advocate; What if you were unsure this XRP thing had a future (who knows, maybe due to some kind of upcoming regulation.) If your biggest asset could at sometime decrease greatly and rapidly, but you still have a successful business model for building fintech tools (messaging, ILP bridges, ect...), wouldn't you consider not relying on the XRP and look for stable investment money instead?

    This 100% is my thinking too. This is an exit scam of XRP by Ripple; they are doing an IPO ASAP to get that investment money. Employees and the top brass who will profit hugely from an IPO will also be ready to jump ship entirely. I also think that when XRP tanks to zero, Ripple will use some other asset to power ODL, unless they are content with just being a hugely rich fintech tool business.

    The only winners are the people who are accredited investors who own Ripple stock, and those in upper management who likewise own stock. Honestly people, you have to reallllyyyyyy dig hard to find any positive from this IPO news. Way too much faith is needed and I want to make money.

  4. 6 hours ago, Baka said:

    you traded all your XRP for BTC?

    Yes, the IPO is the killer for me. I don't want to be in a Netflix documentary once Ripple does a huge IPO, gets tens of billions, bigwigs exit the company with golden parachutes and the profit-motivated company sh*ts on XRP. Even the Q4 report was only like two paragraphs long. Do they give a damn? Oh well, having multiple bitcoin I sleep better at night than being a 1%'ter of XRP.

  5. @Eric123I'm seeing it as a 2.4x run during the months after the last 50/100 EMA cross, not near 4x. Still it's good stuff if it happens again, thanks for bringing it to our attention! However, I wouldn't put much hope in it at all; last few crosses before that didn't do much, if anything, and it's just a trailing indicator anyway. Even the cross we are talking about, price went sideways for ages after that.



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