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  1. Thanks for the reply... mind putting that in laymen terms? Not just for me, but for everyone else too You obviously know TA well. So according to that theory, point 5 would be the max is what I get from that.
  2. I have a Q about that graph though... forgive me, i'm not adept at graphs or TA... but if the pattern were to repeat within that upward channel, then by year 2023 it'd be over 5000 dollars per xrp... that doesn't seem realistic. Am I reading it wrong?
  3. I will say though, trading for BTC isn't a terrible idea in that BTC looks like it will, at the very least, test its ATH. I'm in XRP mostly (99%) because I believe that XRP has more upside. It also feels like less of a gamble to invest in something that has real word usage beyond simply being 'digital gold'. Even if BTC is a safer 'bet', I'm swinging for the fences with my XRP investment. Get-filthy-rich-or-go-home.
  4. Benefit of hindsight. However if someone is that committed to HODL'ing then it's quite defeatist to just give up as the OP did now, at the same price as bought at.
  5. That's just life. Any one of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Even if you never go outside, your ceiling might collapse. We are already above the OP's selling price. No risk = no reward. Such is life.
  6. It's a psychological phenomenon known as 'affirmation'. He wants us to tell him that he/she made the right decision. Of course, now that he has sold the price will rocket up, and for that I thank him or her.
  7. If you are correct, I will have a newfound respect for TA
  8. Got a time-frame for the wave? .41c would be very welcome!
  9. Not adept at TA. Bitcoin looks to be about to test 11k, I assume that'll be a tide that raises all ships.
  10. the last 24 hours have been nice to us with the price :)
  11. Anyone know anything about UK tax law regarding crypto? However, deadline to report here is Jan 31st 2021 for the current tax year
  12. He is plugging a product. Hope it's true... now he says Disney Group and min price 20 dollars by 2020 or whatever.
  13. We have a long way to go before McAfee's pecker is safe.
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