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  1. Miners won't sell their BTC for a loss. That's the only fundamental I can garner from that news ^
  2. whoa on XRP/USD we just wicked down to .257 Brutal atm.
  3. 10am, Monday? Surely not Jokes aside, thanks @Molten for the continuing analyses. You seem to be predicting a fall in BTC price and an upsurge in alts, which wasn't your ideal scenario for alt season. I'll be happy to see XRP hit .30 again, lot alone .60
  4. ^^ some kind soul might want to quote that for @Molten. I believe he blocked me.
  5. Been away and busy with house renovations. @Molten I apologize if you feel your thread was hijacked. The bottom of a bottle of whiskey is a funny thing. Moving on, I'm considering tripling my XRP position soonish. As far as M Cuban chat, he did say me and him are friends, after some discussions I won't extend my e-***** by revealing any of that convo tho. I have been lurking and enjoying @Molten analysis and charts. We are all friends here, especially us positive outlook bulls
  6. You are educated, you know the word 'tangentially'. But, then you go on to derail your own thread. People who enjoy listening to their own voice are intangibly serial killers.
  7. Natural combo... alcohol helps us be social. We are already alien enough, drink too much tho and sh*t happens. Cuban isn't the craziest by far.
  8. Real rich people, buy stuff. VS. "This symmetrical triangle could go up or down'
  9. It's more relevant than symmetrical triangles and voodoo. ^
  10. I didn't think I'd be talking to him either tonight. Chill out, if people stop asking i'll stop posting. Make a new thread thread if you don't want thread-drift. I'm a big opponent of thread drift so I apologize to you.
  11. I was actually insulting in my email. Dr Ed knows...
  12. email, and my intro was anything but normal. That Asperger flare that a normal person just can't copy.
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