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  1. 800k on Etoro? I don´t buy it amigo... it is like you are telling me that you have a friend that spent 25 bucks on a beef burguer in Mc Donalds...
  2. you kidding isn´t? or you are investing with no leverage… i recomend you max leverage of 1/2 otherwise you´ll get stopped out really easy. And try to get 20K xrp minimum with a needed investment of around 3.5K pounds with a stop loose at 0.20$ We can see the life from the victimism perspective or from the creator of your life. I prefer second one and for that reason everything happens in my life it is for good. In this case I CAN BUY MORE XRP thanks to the situation of the global market. Buena suerte!
  3. Did i say that I BOUGHT 5K XRP MORE A FEW DAYS AGO??? next week 5K XRP more and so on and so happy
  4. 2019 around 20$ 2025 around 1000$ Just 1% of us will be in. 1 of this 1% it´ll be ME
  5. I AM ALL IN ON XRP AMIGO! it will be time to PLAY with the others players.
  6. bigger market cap that those wich can be manipulated easily. And more profesional traded than the ones with bigger market cap. We´ve got four more months of up-down in a 5cnts range. The markets are like EVOLUTION. The one´s not valid the evolution erased them...
  7. Buddha once said that our bigger enemy it´s that WE THINK. SO would be amazing to stop thinking and start living the NOW and enjoy every second of our lifetime...
  8. 20$ by 2019 1000$ by 2025 hodl hodl hodl it amigos míos
  9. where will you get stopped out? me at the moment at limit of 0.20$ i´ll be out
  10. Chriss Larsen is in the FMI table doing more than having coffes
  11. the market needs bitcoin to back up to 6k and show real strong support. Then the TV Social media will trigger the news. But i thing when BTC reaches 10K, TV Shows and your neighbour in a Coffe shop will start to tell you YOU MUST BUY BITCOIN
  12. don´t want it but could be coming double botton about june before we take off because there is a lot of day traders around the globe trading crypto and we need a huge media push like SBI on july
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