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  1. He wasn't right about everything else,the worshippers made up theories to support his riddles...
  2. Skimming through the thread ,they were so many "predictions" this fraud made that turned out to the nothing. Lots of users had all their hopes on him/her ,some of them deleted their account,some still vehemently defending him, and others propably joined the bear worship private group. This whole thing is just sad..
  3. Propably not but who knows! Scammy ICOs do need to cash out though!
  4. If you wanna be taken seriously then you should not mention the bear to prove your point
  5. They are not treating crypto as a currency,you need to pay taxes even if you use it to buy cup of coffee,they not gonna change the definition to a currency just for corporates
  6. It's a meme created by whales so that moonboys don't sell even though they had massive profits while they are busy unloading their bags
  7. Both are good at spreading hopium,so won't be surprised...
  8. This actually penalizes banks and payment providers to use xrp, they will need to pay taxes everytime they convert xrp to fiat...
  9. The September pump and dump lasted for a few weeks...
  10. Horrible source check! Shady exchange check! Misunderstanding on how xrapid works check!
  11. Thanks! Who doesn't want to be Statler and Waldorf?! You're always in a first class seat and get to laugh at the world!
  12. Price is $0.35 ,two more weeks till eoy 2018. Bear says price won't be $589 eoy, people here praise the bear for being a genius!
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