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  1. Wtf...For some people here The tinfoil hat size increases proportionally to the decrease in price
  2. "After some reading, and some hints" should have just stopped there and not post this drivel
  3. Doesn't matter if all of them are not gonna use xrp
  4. He could have been lying to pump the price or the bank that he had in mind pulled out. He should release a statement acknowledging the issue but probably wont
  5. Cometome

    Swift Fights Back

    Why do you thinks wants to eliminate that? Especially big banks? Have they said that's it's necessary?
  6. People have been saying institutions are just around the corner for the past year! That's just blind hope that if they come suddenly the price is gonna up! And these mysterious entities that is doing the 'manipulation" do they only know how suppress the price? Don't they can also manipulate the price to be higher too? You can make money both ways! Why did nobody shout manipulation in January? Do you think crypto prices including xrp in January was justified with no manipulation whatsoever?
  7. Any source on that? Or it's all just in your mind?Shouting manipulation everytime the price goes down is not a rational and healthy way of investing.
  8. "Sounds like" and actually confirmed to be using xrp are two Wildly different things....
  9. Cometome

    Stay strong!

    Your problem is believing in those hopium spreaders and dreamers. "Partnership" in crypto is overrated, xrp is no different. Unless those companies you listed actually use xrp then it's meaningless
  10. If you look at all the "connecting dots" history here,it's littered with "system maintenance..must be using xrp soon" claims. This is just another system maintenance...
  11. Cometome

    XRP will do fine

    Well yeah from the outside crypto is now a laughing stock of course , coming down to earth from the highs of 2017, numerous ico scams, pump and dump groups, and infighting between billionaires causing market crash etc but xrp can still succeed in the long run IMO but it will take a while. I'm waiting to see if there is anybody actually gonna use xrp next year and not some "partnership" in name only and then re-evaluate my position
  12. You get more views by selling hopium rather than a dose of reality