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  1. Alrighty... Quarter 3 close on Bitstamp was $0.24179 so... The winner of Quarter 3 is kiwi with the earliest prediction @ $0.24 Close second by ManBearPig whose same $0.24 prediction was the same day less than 3 hours later. Third was ripplewaytogo, whose prediction was the original which started this thread, and was off by only $0.00821.
  2. You're cherry picking the data. XRP is not a "few cents less each year". It has been a "few cents less" each of the last couple of years. In fact XRP is up around 6500% today since Jul 7, 2014.... just 6 exact years ago. It amazes me that some (many?) that are invested in XRP are not aware of how the XRP price moves. The XRP price will disappoint you as you watch other cryptos increase in value while XRP stagnates or declines. Not maybe, it's a fact. You can see here... that for 804 days XRP stayed level or declined, and was down 66.67% while BTC, during the same time period was UP 363.75
  3. Alrighty... Quarter 2 close on Bitstamp was $0.17551 so... The winner of Quarter 2 is susli @ $0.15 Close second by TheyLive whose prediction was just the next day. Also skyzo, with a second appearance on the podium, whose prediction was only 3 days after TheyLive.
  4. I'll be posting an update shortly after the end of Q2 which is end of June.
  5. Alright, sorry been pretty busy recently (funny as that could seem). Quarter 1 close on Bitstamp was $0.1732 so... The winner of Quarter 1 is KevClem. Close second by skyzo whose prediction was only 4 days later. Also KillXRP whose prediction was only 2 days after skyzo.
  6. Ok, fine... here's an Excel sheet with the data in it. http://www.meyeuniverse.com/XRPCHATPredictions2020.xlsx
  7. Rather than note my price predicitons, I'll just leave my own personal chart here. Do I believe it can happen? Yes. Do I see the pattern repetitions show this? Yes. Do I hope it happens? Yes. In my gut, do I think it will happen? No. I remain bearish in mind, but bullish in spirit.
  8. I am definitely not a financial advisor and I've only just started looking into these types of policies, but I've been looking at joint life annuities, possibly with a guaranteed term. The annuity covers me for the full length of my life, and the "joint" passes the income to my wife seemlessly if I pass, to the end of her life. The guaranteed term just ensures that if both my wife and I die before the selected term, our selected beneficiary recieves a portion of the remaining principle back. We would just have to decide whether the decrease in annual income and the risks associated deem it sen
  9. I'm in Canada so Coinfield is a great option for me. I think it may also work in the US? You need to get verified to Level 6 (which I am) and then join the "Elite Club". I've talked with them about not wanting to join the Elite Club yet as most of my purchasing is done, I'm only interested in withdrawals. They mentioned that once I fund my account with $50,000 or equivalent crypto I can contact them and communicate with the OTC desk to move forward. Also Kraken is available for OTC sells but they won't talk to you unless you give them everything including what you had for breakfast yesterday.
  10. I should have also mentioned, I have already set up the KYC requirements and have communicated with a couple of exchanges/companies that will allow me to process an OTC trade to cash out. We're not even close yet, but it's never too early to have your ducks in a row!
  11. I created an Excel sheet to help me visualize and plan my cash out levels. You're more than welcome to use it, abuse it, and manipulate it. It's filled with demo data. I'm turning 50 the beginning of June. I plan on selling about 7% at $5 to recoup my initial investment. Then about 12% of the remaining amount at $10 to pay off my mortgage, all remaining debt, and some upgrades to the home. Then about 98% of the remaining at $40, possibly purchasing an annuity with half of it and long term stable investments with the other half. The annuity will guarantee a modest annual income for the res
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