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  1. Alright, sorry been pretty busy recently (funny as that could seem). Quarter 1 close on Bitstamp was $0.1732 so... The winner of Quarter 1 is KevClem. Close second by skyzo whose prediction was only 4 days later. Also KillXRP whose prediction was only 2 days after skyzo.
  2. Ok, fine... here's an Excel sheet with the data in it. http://www.meyeuniverse.com/XRPCHATPredictions2020.xlsx
  3. Rather than note my price predicitons, I'll just leave my own personal chart here. Do I believe it can happen? Yes. Do I see the pattern repetitions show this? Yes. Do I hope it happens? Yes. In my gut, do I think it will happen? No. I remain bearish in mind, but bullish in spirit.
  4. I am definitely not a financial advisor and I've only just started looking into these types of policies, but I've been looking at joint life annuities, possibly with a guaranteed term. The annuity covers me for the full length of my life, and the "joint" passes the income to my wife seemlessly if I pass, to the end of her life. The guaranteed term just ensures that if both my wife and I die before the selected term, our selected beneficiary recieves a portion of the remaining principle back. We would just have to decide whether the decrease in annual income and the risks associated deem it sensible to go with the guaranteed term. The nice thing about an unregistered annuity (an annuity purchased with your own "unregistered" investment gains), at least in Canada, is that you only pay income taxes on interest portion of the payments you recieve. For instance, if you purchase a $1,000,000 annuity in Canada at 55 right now you will recieve approx. $47,000/yr pre-tax and almost $45,000/yr after tax... obviously because you've already paid capital gains tax when you cashed out, which in Canada works out to probably be about 20-25%. With annuities you do leave a bit of money on the table, but for me, I might be fine with giving up a bit to gain certainty for the rest of my life and my wifes. I've been self employed for well over 20 years so there's no company pension coming my way and who knows if CPP (social security) will be there for me when I come of age.
  5. I'm in Canada so Coinfield is a great option for me. I think it may also work in the US? You need to get verified to Level 6 (which I am) and then join the "Elite Club". I've talked with them about not wanting to join the Elite Club yet as most of my purchasing is done, I'm only interested in withdrawals. They mentioned that once I fund my account with $50,000 or equivalent crypto I can contact them and communicate with the OTC desk to move forward. Also Kraken is available for OTC sells but they won't talk to you unless you give them everything including what you had for breakfast yesterday. I'll complete that one in a couple of years. Coinfield will do $2 million per day OTC withdrawals so that should do for a bit . Don't forget, I'm 2 to 5 years away from cashing out so things change and I think there will be more options popup over that time.
  6. I should have also mentioned, I have already set up the KYC requirements and have communicated with a couple of exchanges/companies that will allow me to process an OTC trade to cash out. We're not even close yet, but it's never too early to have your ducks in a row!
  7. I created an Excel sheet to help me visualize and plan my cash out levels. You're more than welcome to use it, abuse it, and manipulate it. It's filled with demo data. I'm turning 50 the beginning of June. I plan on selling about 7% at $5 to recoup my initial investment. Then about 12% of the remaining amount at $10 to pay off my mortgage, all remaining debt, and some upgrades to the home. Then about 98% of the remaining at $40, possibly purchasing an annuity with half of it and long term stable investments with the other half. The annuity will guarantee a modest annual income for the rest of my life, and if I die, the rest of my wife's life as well, and when she dies, 10 years into her beneficiary's life. In other words, retirement if I so choose. My plan is not rock-solid-never-gonna-change. My final, largest, cash out is malleable with how and where I feel XRP is heading at the time. My projection "guess" is that the 98% cash out will be by the year 2025 for sure, and maybe 2022 or so. If it's not even close by those dates I'll re-evaluate my goals. In the Excel sheet you should NOT manipulate the columns "Total $ Value Orig Holdings" "Total Sell Value" or the final 4 columns starting with "COIN Remaining" http://www.meyeuniverse.com/Crypto_Exit_Strategy.xlsx
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