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  1. As far as I can tell it's sort of a meme based on someone's prediction, nothing more. Then there's this thread and a Twitter user @XRPcryptowolf who also seemed to have played with this number. Maybe someone in the know can correct me.
  2. Don't know anything about ZenCash, so you be the judge on that. I'd keep that LTC stash though.
  3. The two articles you posted are carefully disguised ideological pieces meant to discredit the tech with the usual tropes (like the ability to distribute illegal material). We may as well ban bittorrent while we're at it. I want the blockchain to survive just as much as I want Ripple & XRP to succeed.
  4. That's just a silly and lazy way of looking at it. No one can buy "the whole" crypto market because wanting to do so would drive up demand and the price.
  5. I don't know what XRP could reach and I certainly don't know if $100 is a possibility, but I'm against comparing crypto market caps to pretty much anything else because we don't know where all of this could go due to its relative novelty.
  6. Not sure what the point of this thread is. I think all of us here are aware of this.
  7. Fair enough, at least you walk your talk. Good luck to you.
  8. Maybe he's giving that advice to himself.
  9. Thanks for your generalizations and advice. Is that why you created this account?
  10. Yes, these are signs of a burst bubble, but we've had them before. It was over $800B.
  11. I know you know this, but just to reiterate for any newbies, you didn't lose money. You just missed out on some money because you didn't cash out at all time high.
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