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  1. Nice breakout on the 3 hr. I'm still on vacation, but I saw this and decided to make a post.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what to call it , but there is a paradox here. In the long term, it would seem to benefit all of us for XRP to be as widely disseminated as possible, or at least widely disseminated among potential xRapid users. So how does that happen? They could give it away. Since I paid a higher price than today's price, I don't see that as necessarily fair-minded...although I could endure it if it led to widespread adoption. Selling it into the market seems to be what is keeping XRP price stuck in this range...or it's at least part of it. In their favor, Ripple has responded to complaints about that already and promised to sell less....well see, I guess. Getting a majority of XRP into non-Ripple hands would seem to be the best way to deal with allegations that XRP is a security, so that makes a good reason to sell as much as possible as quickly as possible, from a Ripple corporate perspective. And it might be best for hodlrs in the long term....even though the short term pain is significant. I do have some concerns about XRP losing first mover advantage as the premier digital asset in existence....but frankly, you can thank the banks for that. I think the banking cartel has been stonewalling XRP adoption in the US, using their tremendous clout.....I have a strong suspicion this is why regs here are delayed while every other country in the world figures them out. There is one other piece to this, unrelated to any of the above....the vast majority of alt coin projects (and I'm talking about the good ones) have been hard hit this year...and it has everything to do with a blatantly manipulated bitcoin market and the behavior of the BTC whales who have figured out how to make us hodlrs their whipping boys. You can't blame that on Ripple. XRP, considering the huge supply, has done better than several other coins I like nearly as much. I feel your pain. All of us want to make some money, and none of us wants to see XRP be eclipsed by the fierce completion in this space. It's a risky market...no guarantees of massive returns, although they are still possible, in my view. Not sure Ripple can make that happen by going "lean and mean"
  3. XRP trying to cling to what I'd call 3rd support..but looking vulnerable to more attacks.
  4. Technically BTC doesn't look that bad to me here, considering. Who knows what the whales will do..
  5. Interesting observation on the ledger pmt volume/total market volume ratio. Huge volume on the exchanges on yesterday's dumpening... the ratio rose, though, too, to roughly 50% of total volume. I sort of expected the ratio to go down, not up.
  6. No. I don't. I thought Viggo was very long XRP. Last I heard he had a nice stack. None of my business, however. But it doesn't matter. For one thing I didn't buy that much....and there is a fair chance I'll swap it for something else anyway, when my funds are fully credited. XRP is my onramp to most other coins.
  7. On this freakin' low volume, we remain vulnerable for now. But the decent bounce is a positive thing.
  8. You're welcome. I did it for you, my son. No, don't try to thank me. I'm just paying it forward, as others did for me.
  9. Hope you'e doing well, Bob. Good to see you back.
  10. They will keep doing it as long as they can.....higher volumes from new money will help. Real, decent regs will help. In a bull run they have no need to do it, so they could be expected to do it less. Just my guess, fwiw.
  11. @tony71After the SEC gives CZ his first $50M fine I'd expect to see it drop right off. I do think this won't go on forever, but right now it is still going on, as best as I can tell. The pattern I described seems to be congruent with the many dumps we've seen in various cryptos, including BTC itself.
  12. I can try. Since short interest wasn't huge before the crash, I would blame the actual crash on bots, and their ability to take advantage of low volume markets and drive the price down FAST. Those who can print Tether can use it to buy BTC...then...move it to exchanges in big chunks......use their bots to manipulate various prices (like XRP) below key support levels and cause crashes...then the Tether whales buy the dips......sell for a profit and cash back out into Tether. Rinse, repeat. Does that make sense? @automatic and the other good traders understand the mechanics of this better than I do.
  13. I feel your pain. I'm fairly tapped out myself. I did not catch the dip. I was working. Can't always move that fast. I might buy a little.
  14. This is from one of my friends on another site who watches Tether very closely. He posted this this morning before the dump "Nearly $500,000,000 million in Bitcoin moved to exchanges in the last 24 hours. and only 29,000,000, USDT moved from wallets to exchanges in the last 24 hours for more information check the Tether channel." I should have read that this morning, but I was busy.....not that I would have sold or anything.
  15. So a little post-mortem is not a bad idea. Glad I looked this morning. We blew through 1st and 2nd support, but we're back above what I was calling 2nd support right now. Just got to see if we get another wave of selling. The shorts got to the party late, and some of them are now bag holders...... if we keep going up.
  16. I figured we'd hold..but I was wrong. I doubt we stay sub .28 for long. We'll see if I'm wrong on that. If we do, it is a pretty big negative, because it hasn't happened in the last nine months and we've been smashed down many times.
  17. Since XRP has taken off on charity fund-raising, it might be great to have a designated account where those who wish to see less XRP in circulation could donate from their stack for a "prescribed burn" which would benefit everyone. Let those who are wanting to burn more XRP be the first to contribute.
  18. XRP/BTC is likely to drop just bit more, but I doubt it goes too much further. I see support first around (edit for correction, made a boo-boo) 2730 sats....the cloud is predicting a reversal to the upside within the next several hours, here on the one hr chart.
  19. The ledger pmt vol/market vol ratio is still down around 36%.....I'm wondering if this will turn into a "first of the month spike" phenomenon, going forward. I sort of think so.....
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