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  1. First, there are far more projects with decent fundamentals than I have money to invest. If I were a BTC whale I'd take a shotgun approach....but since I'm not I have to pick and choose....and in this year of struggling alts, I have cut coins from my portfolio that I still like. Cardano is one and KCS and TRX are others that I had to ruthlessly cut....., and XRP is another I've cut some, although I never like to NOT have a bag of XRP. VET has the best fundamentals in crypto other than XRP, imho. The number of heavy hitting corporate and government clients who are getting ready to build something on the VeChain blockchain is long and impressive. Nexo to me is like owning a dividend stock when most of your assets are in tech companies....its a safe hodl with a good, dependable dividend. And it's very cheap by my metrics. One of the cheapest coins of all, in BTC corrected price. I just got into SHA because they are developing encrypted hardware devices for enhanced security and retrievability of private keys.....so our heirs won't lose our crypto assets if we die suddenly...that's an oversimplification of the use case, but I just bought their device and other people on this site have too. I am planning to be using it soon in the beta testing phase. I see this as an important market niche, especially useful for anyone with a big crypto portfolio to manage. It becomes a nightmare to track, and we've all read stories about lost keys and lost crypto. SHA is built on the VeChain (VET) blockchain. I like the fundamentals of everything I hodl, but I put far less of my capital into low market cap lesser known projects. If you want more info about anything I'm doing, pm me. I post what I'm doing to share my ideas, not to do anyone else's due diligence or recommend any crypto. I am not a financial advisor or an expert on blockchain. Good luck to everybody and may all hodlrs win big.
  2. Molten is no more responsible for hurting anyone than you are for helping anyone, which is to say, not at all. Each of us is responsible for our own financial decisions. Posting charts is simply observing what is going on. I don't buy your concerned, condescending POV. If you think posting charts is of little value (or hurts the herd of followers who make bad decisions as a result) , don't waste your time or mine coming here to express your schadenfreude. Unlike me, I know @Molten to be a long term hodlr who never sells XRP.....his primary interest in posting charts was/is to figure out his potential exit strategy if and when XRP makes some real gains. I use charts to decide when to cut my losses. It's been extremely beneficial to me to follow this thread. I like to back out at times like this and look at the weekly. You can see that we had a bottom the week of 9-2 and started what looked (and still looks, fwiw) to be a new long term uptrend. On the week of 10-21 the trend stalled out, and we corrected and now XRP is making a new base. When we stalled out, the good gains XRP had been making against BTC throughout September and early October stopped. If you look at the BTC chart, you can see evidence that the whales sold XRP and bought BTC back on the week of 10-21...but it failed to break out and it's in a short term downtrend....which is weighing on XRP price. The pattern I want to see....is a rising BTC and a rising XRP. That's the only environment that has been favorable for XRP to do much this whole year. Those who say that XRP is going nowhere until BTC makes a new ATH are oversimplifying the situation, although that scenario would no doubt be good for XRP price, imho. The biggest risk for XRP hodlrs here imho is not more waterfall drops......it is lost opportunity in a market where other alts are currently starting to finally look much better technically. I won't post charts here for XTZ or VET or anything else unless someone asks me, but I would be happy to post and talk about any coin of interest to anyone. My opinions are just my opinions. But I like technical analysis, and I don't plan to stop using it or posting charts. Do you own DD. Make your own decisions. Ignore TA if that blows your skirt up. Fine with me, I consider XRP to be in a decent zone to accumulate, and I am buying in small bites and building my stack again. But right now I am over 50% VET and over 30% XTZ. I am at full bags on VET but still adding XTZ. Currently I am out of BTC pretty much completely. In addition to XRP and the coins I already mentioned, I also am holding small positions in TKY, XDCE. and SHA. I have a medium stack of Nexo, which I hold both for the steady dividend and because it's one of the very most undervalued coins in all of crypto in my opinion (which is based on fundies, not TA).
  3. I think it's interesting to see how we had such nice uptrend in September that just got killed. Night and day. Something happened on 10-25 that just flattened us right back out.....now we're making a long base that could last for a day, or for weeks or months. But it could aways reverse on a dime. Lots of real world things are happening. I'll still check in every day. I am long, but I want to add when we inevitably break out. I am actually more sure of XRP now than I was 6 months or a year ago. I think VET might be ready to turn back up...it's really been pushing the limits of this correction without breaking the trend line out of the October bottom....but the stochastics are turning up...now if we could just get some volume buyers to come back in it might make another up leg. I think we had some definite whale profit taking that hurt the chart. But it ain't broke, just bruised. XTZ is looking better at the moment....it is really acting bullish.
  4. TA exhaustion..... BULLISH! Hey, thanks for everything, @Molten. And I do mean everything.
  5. Great thread. You guys are really using this forum in a way that benefits all of us, especially those of us who are weak on the tech. I just had to say thanks to both of you. I've been lurking on this thread for a while and will continue to do so.
  6. Not trying to answer this, and you probably have seen this...but if not, check it out. This guy is one of the more interesting utubers I've run across. I don't think everything he comes up with is necessarily great, but I like this one. A good look at the BTC halving history. https://youtu.be/jy8CtyjA1WY
  7. MATIC is very tradable right now. It IS most definitely a pump and dump, and Binance is probably the one doing the pumping, imho. Just buy the dips and sell the rips. Not a holdl, imho.
  8. I expect it to hold above .18. If it drops much below that level I will cut more.
  9. I bought more VET today on the pullback. I bought XRP over the weekend. Also XTZ. Mostly out of BTC for now and heavily weighted toward VET and XTZ and they're both bouncing well from yesterday's correction, which was not totally unanticipated. Both are still in unbroken uptrends off the October lows, so far. XinFin, one of my lottery tickets, has been moving well the last two days. I will continue to build back my somewhat depleted XRP position as I get fiat to deposit. XRP will be boring right up to the day it blows up like Mt. St. Helens. I hope my stack is built back up by then, but I would swing other positions back into it if it takes off. I keep a close eye on the price.
  10. There's nothing more uncomfortable than Bollinger bands that are too tight.
  11. I saw it spike, but I had already flipped it into more XTZ and decided not to chase it. If we can hold these levels on VET we'll be fine. If it breaks down much further the chart is wrecked.
  12. Susie has been trading it for days. Binance's fingerprints are all over that one.
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