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  1. FYI, fiwiw. I've read this guy for several years, and he often gets it right. Just some food for thought. https://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2019/06/19/facebookcoin-is-a-trojan-horse-of-corporate-oligarchy/
  2. I guess what I want to add is that I don't think this fake crypto Libra particularly threatens Ripple and their cross-border settlement solution.....but I'm worried that it will keep XRP (or maybe even some other real crypto) from becoming what I wanted it to be, which is "the cash of the internet". This is the threat I see.
  3. I believe that developers are already working on a collateralized stable coin to be built on EOS that will essentially go after WeChat. So it isn't an idea that comes from the vacuum of space. It's not crypto, but it's a payment solution with a huge potential market. I don't like it and I damn sure don't like FB or its accidental billionaire founders...or Web 2.0 in general...but that probably does not matter much. It will probably be accepted by TPTB because it does not threaten the banksters and their monopoly on the fiat money supply. It will be accepted by FB users because they're a herd with an average IQ of 90 and they already use centralized money in several forms. Intentionally evil? Probably not. Accidentally evil......I think so.
  4. Yesterday cryptos were mostly soft across the board, with.a few exceptions (like ZCash). I was beginning to think the XRP breakout would be completely negated, but it actually wasn't, as @djdhrubs pointed out. The pennant on the daily is flying again this morning, and I expect us to move up after a few more days of sideways consolidation.
  5. With vigilant, highly intelligent public servants like Maxine Waters protecting us, we have nothing to fear. ROTFLMAO!!!!
  6. Unfortunately true. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the social media consuming public.
  7. It was just a loss leader. At some point reality matters. I've seen some of the same thing with Celsius over the months I've been involved. The idea is the same with the CEL token. Higher interest is supposed to be the engine that drives the bank token higher. If the interest is too high anyway, it removes the incentive. I'm not sure I agree on the risk/reward. If the interest is in coin, then you have the leverage working on price appreciation in a bull market, in addition to the interest rate. The tokens you're getting in interest are pretty cheap, possibly, compared to year or two down the road. This is my thesis for staking and holding coins on deposit.
  8. It's a bit of a tricky spot. They need to make Moneygram profitable, and this is Ripple's chance to demo the cost savings they tout. In my view the best outcome is for Moneygram to gain significant market share, so that the banks see the handwriting on the wall. Ripple can't afford to be anything but full speed ahead on this....they've sunk a bunch of money into an overly indebted company that wouldn't be worth the trouble except for the obvious opportunity to demo xRapid and prove the cost savings. It's a bold move, but if it doesn't work out it could hurt Ripple and XRP.
  9. The chart is an artifact of the price action. Big moves on news only show after the fact. Not a leading indicator. The significance here is that it broke us out above a long term descending trend line that's been in play for a while. A positive first step, if we can just start to hold our gains a bit better.
  10. Some sources I follow were calling for a possible long trade if XRP breaks out above the pennant it was drawing yesterday. It looks to me like we still have a pennant, but XRP is still having trouble holding its gains, and the pennant might break down.....my guess is it'll hold, but we definitely had some "sell the news" going on after the initial pop off the Moneygram/XRP announcement. While it could be construed as great news, the Moneygram announcement has been speculated about for several days and punters who wanted to trade the possible announcement had plenty of time to get in. And this was just not ENOUGH good news to fuel an instant breakout to the .50 level, apparently. Still, it was enough to turn the chart bullish, and we might see another leg up. imho
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