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    Cryptos and cash-flow real estate predominate my investment portfolio. My non-investing interests include sailing and vintage powerboats, vintage cars, gardening, sustainable living.
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  1. XRP is the poster child for beat down....I look for an explosive reversal in due time. There might be more pain first. I agree with those who point out that the fundamentals have not changed. It'd be nice to participate more in the rally, however. If I were a trader, I'd say XRP looks like a screaming buy here. Not surprised somebody is talking about selling. I decided some time back not to buy XRP exclusively. I bought it first...and then when I had what I considered "enough to matter" I started buying others. Since I like pre-mined alt coins, I am in a place to say that all the ones I hodl are a little beat down the past few days....just none quite as much as XRP. I wouldn't want to **** off the XRP faithful, but BTC is a fairly safe bet at these prices too. And maybe safer (at this moment in time only) as a hodl, because the broader population, and even the coming ETF's and institutional investors are going to buy it. But nothing goes straight up, and I look for it to test support again within weeks to a few months time. I am a BTC skeptic long term, for all the reasons most XRP hodlrs are well aware of....but I'm a reality based skeptic, not a fanatic. The other "safe bets" are exchange coins, which is why they're being bought, imho. (Yes, "safe bet" is put in quotes for a reason. Nothing is completely safe, and BNB looks pricey to me here.) I intend to keep bottom fishing for alt coins, too. I want to buy some ICX. I expect alt coins to have their day, I'm already long VET, TRX, and ADA. I don't hodl BTC, but my alternative is LTC, which I view as somewhat of a BTC proxy. By all means, spread the risk around. Warren Buffett (the man I love to hate) would say that ALL cryptos are correlated and therefore buying alt coins does not imply diversification whatsoever. (I think that's what he'd say anyway.) Screw Warren Buffett. There, now. I feel better,
  2. Interesting to get your take..thanks so much for sharing it. I too am in the position of seeing XRP as the most underpriced good coin in the cryptosphere. If I weren't already 44% XRP I'd be buying here. I might buy some just to trade later. Sure looks like a screaming buy to me.
  3. Hi! My name is Eddie Tennison, aka dr_ed here.....I generally answer to Eddie. I write about various investing topics,in the broader context of our collapsing civilization and the ongoing forces that threaten human existence....... like climate change, the end of cheap energy, and the ongoing mass migrations driven by collapse and overpopulation. Doomer ****, in other words. I live in Austin, Texas. US central time. Bob Way time. I speak only English and Texanese. My goal is to help ordinary people (including me) use their savings to make outsize financial gains by means of both traditional and alternative investments in a time when returns are generally stagnant , and traditional strategies are facing increasing headwinds going forward. I question most accepted wisdom about investing, and I've toyed with writing my own book on investing and wealth-building. Since early last fall my interest has been mostly crypto-related. My content is not widely disseminated, but can be found hiding in plain sight, for anyone who wants to find it. I post on a "Web 1.0" style forum in a quiet corner of the web mostly visited by people who question the notion of an economy based on endless growth and debt based money. http://www.doomsteaddiner.net/forum/index.php/topic,11713.0.htm I am not on Twiiter, Facebook, Youtube, or any Web 2.0 social media. This is by conscious choice. I am active on Susie Crew's subscriber forum and I often comment on some of your utube content.. Nice to see some of the better utubers checking in on this thread. Hi y'all. My interest in cryptos in general, and XRP in particular, comes out of a 3 decade long study of commerce, money and exchange, gold and precious metals, wealth inequality, and the growing instability of our monetary and economic systems. I've made (and occasionally lost) substantial amounts of money in gold, real estate, and stocks. But I still work my day job for a living. I'm a practicing dentist. My interest in this group arises out of frustration with my lack of a truly deep technical understanding of how blockchain and XRP works..........in spite of lots of time spent reading and watching videos. I hope to add to my knowledge base by listening to Bob and you developers and and engineers who work in the field. I probably won't be capable of making a huge contribution here, but I'd like to tag along, if that's okay.
  4. I think one reason we're seeing so much strength in exchange coins has to do with valuations. As the institutions buy into cryptos, these coins can be valued using revenue (something along the lines of discounted cash flow). In the same way that part of XRP's price being stuck has to do with difficulty in valuation, the phenomenon of exchange coins taking off is the flip side. jmho. BNB is looking pricey, but I'd sure buy it on a broad market retrace. Some of the other exchange coins look better right now. Full disclosure, I am not currently holding any exchange coins.....just considering them as another way of hedging XRP and not losing out on the gains that are sure to accrue to some others in the early moves up off the bottom.
  5. Nice recap. I'm definitely on the same page. It might make pretty good sense to build up some cash and wait for the inevitable retrace back down to test support. Bob Loukas expects such a move, and it makes sense to me that we will see it sometime this year.
  6. I'm a closet LTC hodlr. My number 3 coin. I think the halving in August will be an interesting time to keep an eye on.
  7. Nice. I planted a Mango tree from a seed last year and I have nursed it through the winter. I think we are done with frost here, but we get hail in the spring.
  8. Where are the chartists today? Just checking in. There are some things going on that concern me. Shorts are up on XRP by a significant amount. The sewer that is known as utube is chockful of BTC maximalist FUD, and I am worried that the de-listing of Bitcoin SV will push the Craig Wright crowd to sell BTC into the market like they did after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. XRP probably will NOT hold support if we have a retest of BTC $4500, As BTC goes, so goes XRP, and I think that's what the shorts are betting on. Lots of ****-talking about XRP by the usual crowd of BS artists, and you can bet they're short and trying to influence sentiment on social media. Jmho. Maybe I'm off-base, but better strap in for some possible turbulence.
  9. Seems to have been removed by the content provider.....hopefully just an edit. I was still listening. Maybe they'll put it back up.
  10. Some of you might follow Ari Paul. This is a new audio I just ran across. I think it sheds some light on how these large endowments work. FYI https://www.youtube.com/
  11. I don't disagree that the big money always gets tipped off.....but that is simply a matter of timing, it's not a fundamental disagreement at all. The other issue that I failed to mention, which has been mentioned, is that custodianship plays in all thiis too. And they'll get tipped off when that is worked out too. It'll all get worked out..just takes time.
  12. Maybe nothing is wrong. Think about it. I'm a newcomer to the space, and when I got interested in XRP last fall, the chart looked poised to break out. I was actually worried it might pop before I was able to build a position. Turned out I had plenty of time, and I bought in relatively cheaply. So has anybody else who wanted to get a good position. Adoption is not yet driving price. Retail hodlrs like us are mostly all in. It's only been in the last several days that we got some kind of signal that the bottom was in on the broader crypto market. There is not yet any realization among the investing public at large that it's time to buy cryptos and not sell them. A lot of less informed people think BTC (and therefore all cryptos) still might go to zero, and blockchain tech as a major disruptor is not well understood except by computer geeks and a few others. There is no FOMO. Even the XRP faithful are terribly frustrated. Most traders wouldn't touch XRP because there isn't enough volatility to play it long or short. At this time, there is absolutely no consensus on HOW to value XRP or any other pre-mined coin, and the old rules used to put a value on stocks don't work...but the idea of a huge supply seems to be a big negative to a lot of people who are used to using supply as a metric. The big players we hope will start buying in a big way are still waiting to get some clarity on regulation. A lot of hodlrs are just...well, hodling. Not many sellers. Not many buyers. Only XRP hodlrs are paying much attention to the constant stream of good news coming from Ripple. Half the crypto world buys into the BTC maximalist FUD being repeated all over utube. To me it's a buying opportunity...I wish I had more cash. Buy and be patient. Build a portfolio. In good time, price will take care of itself. Might be several months...Or maybe not....but it ultimately doesn't matter. The hardest thing is being underwater for several months while you wait for the public to figure out what you already know, so the price can get back to a point where you feel secure. I know that. I'm not underwater on this one....but boy have I ever been there. I get it. But there really is no reason to doubt your conviction. Nothing is really wrong. It just takes time.
  13. As soon as institutional investors can move into cryptos. When we get regulatory clarity, I'd guess we get there within several months. Just my opinion. There are different scenarios that can play out over the medium term. My expectation is that we are entering the early part of a new 3 year (mostly) up market. In my opinion, this bull will be a BTC led bull, because almost nobody understands 3rd generation cryptos yet, and because professional fund managers will feel more comfortable with BTC, ETH, and LTC than they will ADA and XRP. But as the number two coin by market cap, it will be bought for that reason. And the perception being a "bankers coin" will be a plus, not a minus. They will also buy coins that are securities. It's not a negative to be regulated as a security, unless the coin in question is supposed to be a currency. It's easy to tell them apart, but I fear the hidden agendas of powerful vested interests who might want to hurt a currency like XRP by deliberately using their power and money to get it mislabeled. As time passes, that appears to be less of a worry, at least in non-US jurisdictions. So that's one scenario. There is a less likely but completely possible second scenario (in my opinion). That would be a situation where real adoption takes over sooner rather than later and XRP decouples from BTC and REALLY takes off. I do look for XRP to decouple from BTC...but I expect it to take a while. How long? Maybe not before the three year timeline I'm anticipating is completed. It could come in some future bull. I really think that this is probably the LAST crypto bull that will be driven primarily by BTC...but I expect BTC to outperform many better coins over the short run (like right now, for instance). TMI? You asked. lol.
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