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  1. In my view Web 2.0 is an aberration, not the long term future. I sure hope so, anyway. It needs to evolve. Like one of my personal heroes Jaron Lanier, I long for a return to the days when the internet belonged to everyone. BSM.....Before Social Media. BG...Before Google. It's too late for that, but the future has promise. I'm old enough to remember some of my boyhood heroes like Stewart Brand......telling us that the net was coming... it took so long I wasn't sure they were even right. But they were. It was life changing for me, in a positive way. But I'm not sure what we have now is always good for us from a personal or a cultural standpoint. I support those like Larry Sanger who are working to help us take the net back. I'm not sure it's possible, but I know it's a worthy goal. I see blockchain as very fundamental to making some of the the good things happen that need to happen... Many who are hodling crypto don't even quite get what this fight is about, or care. But it does matter, in my view..... and decentralization is perhaps our best chance for wresting control from the corporate behemoths. That's my axe to grind, thanks for letting me grind it. Check out Larrys blog.
  2. I watch momentum each and every day....and what I see that seems significant ( to me) in the last 30 hours is a diminuation in downside momentum for XRP in particular, and in most of the other alt coins I care about. I first noticed BAT and DASH (two coins seemingly favored by certain BTC whales, imho) start to go positive two days ago. Then the character of the action on XRP/USD started to change yesterday.....it didn't fall when I expected it to fall....the downside momo was suddenly absent. Now we've see many hard hit alts (even ICX) make a spike. This is a broad market phenomenon that is not predicated on anything having to do with XRP news or utility. I expect it's whales...I think @automatic's call is likely playing out. I have had to curb my enthusiasm in the past when I thought the market was turning and I was wrong.....but unlike most people who make predictions in this space, I immediately admitted that.....and if I'm wrong now I will again. I'm trying very hard to keep sentiment out of my analysis. I think it pays to do that.
  3. Looks like the Whale Fake News Fomo Report was released a day or two early, that's all. LMAO.
  4. Not to speak for Eric, but we've made a bottom, and if the chart closes above that trend line he drew, that is considered confirmation of a swing low....that a reversal has happened and we're in a new uptrend.....don't know how long or short it might be, though.
  5. The idea is from Galgitron...xRapid use should cause a rise in this ratio number, so I've started tracking it. We briefly got to near parity last month and then it fell a lot...I've been told it goes up and down a lot...but it's only in the last 4-6 weeks I've personally seen it get above 50%.
  6. Late yesterday the XRP Ledger Payment Volume started inching up and the market volume/ledger pmt volume broke 50%. Now it's at 69%.
  7. Alts started turning up night before last, and now they're all turning up together. Significantly different action than we've seen in a couple of months. I think we might have a run up on our hands No guarantees, but this is the most bullish morning in quite a while, in my view.
  8. It's looking more and more like a bottom in XRP/USD.
  9. Ledger Market Volume/Total Market Volume is rising now, over 50% for the first time in about a week. It's just the 22nd. Maybe it will rise from now into the first of the month.
  10. From now on I'll always ask myself...."What would Moby D!ck do?"... or maybe "What would those Maxi dicks do?"
  11. This chart just keeps teasing us.....almost breaking down.....but as you can see from the AO there isn't much downside momentum now. I would guess because BTC is not tanking..that's helping XRP indirectly. Dunno for sure.
  12. I simply wasn't aware the fees were lower than CB basic. At my level of trading, It probably isn't that big a deal, but hey, now I know.
  13. Back to XRP and TA. On the one hour it looks SO CLOSE to getting up above resistance now. But we need a bit more steam.
  14. I keep almost all my XRP on Celsius, and they don't let you change WD addresses without a 24 hr lock-out...and I have Coinbase as my WD addy, for liquidity reasons......so my usual way to buy alts is to send some XRP to Coinbase and then move it elsewhere to spend for alts they don't have...and I use Uphold to buy back my XRP. Super fast, compared to the way I used to move coin. Now most exchanges have some XRP pair....I like that and take advantage of it. Could it be they only inquire for XRP WD's? I seldom buy BTC anymore on Coinbase. Or maybe because I move it from one wallet and use them for a middle man. Maybe that triggers the inquiry.
  15. I'm about to see what they say when I try to send to Kucoin. I will send up a trial balloon before I make a transfer of any size, not that my WD's are ever big.
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