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  1. Up day for XRP, XTZ, VET, and TKY. Rare to have 4 move at once.
  2. I really liked the breadth of the rally today. Best day for my portfolio in a few months.
  3. I'm not a lawyer either, but the case is pretty clearly related to the general question of whether XRP is a security. If it is, the complainants have some kind of case. Not a slam dunk, but an arguable case. If XRP is clearly not a security, then Ripple is not likely to lose. That's my take. This kind of case is not uncommon with stocks that tank, leaving big investors holding the bag. Tesla has fought this kind of fight with their stockholders. But XRP is not stock...and it shouldn't be called a security either, but the truth is that it's an unknown still. If the regs come out, the judge can use them either way. If the judge rules for the complainants, the bad thing is that's fuel to add to the argument that XRP is a security. Ripple can settle rather than allow that to happen. If I were the plaintiffs attorney, that would be my strategy, to try to get them to settle. Glad to hear from anyone on this who can disabuse me of this view.
  4. I expect another up wave, market wide....either a fainter echo of Tuesday (bad) or a breakout on high volume (good). Any weakness mid-week is just the usual mid-week BS unless the volume picks up. So far so good.
  5. It looks more and more to me like the thing that regs are waiting for...... is the Fed...to roll out their digital dollar (probably on the pretext of preventing the next phase of financial collapse)...at which time all sort of things will be made abundantly clear, and perhaps not completely to our liking. The delay on the Ripple court case was to be expected. No surprise at all.
  6. Duck Liver Mousse! Fwiw, I never thought of XRP as an ugly duckling. More like some early autos, like the Tucker or even the Rickenbacker. Ahead of their time, and too good for the market when they came out. The competitors of the Rickenbacker managed to make people fear it because it had.........(shudder) brakes on the front wheels. Dangerous!
  7. Remember the hash wars? I really don't view this as necessarily positive for the space (although my alts are up nearly 10% today, which is nice.). It could crash back hard and take everything down with it. Just sayin'. I don't like anything about Craig Wright, regardless of whether he has the keys. The only thing he cares about with regards to crypto aopears to be his own financial interests, which doesn't exactly mesh with the Satoshi mythology. If you invented the concept of cryptocurrency, would you act against the interests of the entire crypto community the way he did in 2018? It just doesn't add up to me.
  8. I draw XTZ and VET both at 50% retracements of their recent runs. XRP at the 23.6 retracement level. I'm about ready for some green in my portfolio....
  9. I think it will happen soon or we get to test the lower edge of the channel. Monday, hopefully. Mondays are often good days.jmho.
  10. Not lost on me. I might swing back into some more XRP . Last time it pumped for about a day and then the buying pressure subsided. I stepped out, because I was trying to do my usual hedge thing, given the tendency of XRP to give back a lot. The overall scenario does look to be changing, which is what I've been hoping to see. I have to make a decision to hang in for a while though. All the trading I did this last week cost me too much.
  11. Gold spot price didn't pan out so well today either, because WWIII got postponed, and it turned into a risk-on day on Wall Street. I wouldn't read too much into it. We're all better off, even shameless crypto speculators like me. BTC will recover, I expect.
  12. I don't criticize Galgitron, because I think he always makes good points, and I greatly admire his cumudgeonly-ness ( is there a word for this?) and I like his little sailboat avatar (not a Sunfish, maybe a Laser?). An excellent piece as usual. I do think that plenty of people show up on our TA thread ready to pronounce TA "absolutely worthless" because Galgitron said so, and therefore it must be right, and so they are perfectly justified in telling me that, even though they don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Galgitron can do what he wants and I will do what I do, which has damn little to do with anything having to do with Warren Bufffet.......whom I happen to despise.......more than Bitcoin maxi whales with their superbots and algo trading with zillions of fake bids......and all that goes with this highly manipulated crypto market. I really do get all that, and I still like TA and find it useful. And I still like XRP, but that doesn't mean hodling XRP is the only way, or even the best way right at this moment in time, to profit from crypto trading. If you're a small investor who studies cryptos and tries to make money in this space, then you're one of US, as far as I'm concerned. If you stay with it you will evolve your own style or you'll lose enough money to make it no longer interesting. Best of luck.
  13. I give it a much better rating than the Iranian Rial, however. And there is a large Iranian diaspora, fwiw.
  14. XRP still looks pretty bullish to me. One thing is that the momentum to the downside is far less than we've seen on most dumps. The other is that as of right now, anyway, XRP is hanging on to about half the pump. The RSI is still showing oversold. Right now XRP is trying to form a bullish crossover on the 5 minute chart (not shown) and if that fails we probably do have more downside..
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