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  1. https://medium.com/strongholdxchg/stronghold-platform-integrates-with-interledger-payments-protocol-cbdd5477e0f0 "Stronghold USD is the first asset-backed U.S. dollar enabled-connector on ILP." "Institutional investors and traders may use ILP to exchange U.S. dollars for Stronghold USD, XRP, BTC and any other asset supported by our trading ecosystem." "Stronghold’s goal is to put a digital wallet in every pocket, so we’re happy to work with “the protocol for the internet of value” to advance that mission!"
  2. I did some more digging around on central bank synchronization. "ILP is really a synchronization protocol." BobWay via XRPchat "The Bank (referring to the Bank of England) is looking to work with a range of organisations, including fintech firms, to explore the demand for introducing synchronised settlement to the renewed RTGS service. At the heart of synchronisation is the concept of ‘atomic settlement’." Published on 13 August 2018 @V8staffie via Twitter on same thread. "Nice find. That is exactly why the term has become so popular. Once you have atomic settlement via two central banks. The game is over. Every other central bank will follow. Otherwise their country would be at a significant disadvantage." -@Bob_Way via twitter responded to that. Link to thread Ripple's game plan? Central bank synchronization is the end game which is enabled by "RippleNet's end-to-end payment synchronization solutions", because as bob said, " once you have atomic settlement via two central banks. The game is over. Every other central bank will follow." Oh yeah.... almost forgot
  3. @Eric123 Nice call on the BTC price movement. I was very surprised it broke through the $6000 resistance so well (a very power move I might add). It will be interesting to see where the support lies once BTC starts to pull back, but with the powerful break through, it looks like BTC has an ungodly amount of momentum RN.
  4. But how are you going to have a private for-profit company lending to countries? I feel as if the IMF would have to be a helping hand in this scenario, unless Ripple at some point starts selling XRP to every bank on the face of this global. I see a scenario where Ripple sells XRP to all the central banks for each country, and then the central banks employs XRP on a "as need" or "just in time" basis to areas where liquidity starts to dry up. I'm not going to say it's going to replace the USD, gold, or SDRs, but can aid with the liquidity for each asset, currency, product, etc.
  5. I believe the $6000 resistance will hold, and BTC will retract to its prior support level at $3000-$3500. I believe the move will look something similar to the BTC 2015 move. I posted this earlier in the thread.
  6. @tony71 Are you investing or are you trading? From what I am seeing happening these past few weeks, XRP seems to be almost trading independent from BTC, which is what we all cried for this past year. If you are investing, what is something that BTC can do better than XRP? First to market advantage? Better liquidity? Better transaction times? If you are seriously doubting XRP as an investment, I strongly suggest taking a step back from the cryptomarkets, no social media, turning off your phone, and take some time to yourself (possibly a week or more). Rome was not built in a day, but became one of the most dominating societies the world has ever seen.
  7. Very plausible. I'm not in the position to say what would be the best course of action for Ripple. Maybe having Ripple as part of the Fintech advisory board is the most beneficial interaction with the IMF? Ripple would not only have a reputation to uphold, but they would also have a network of top financial advisers from around the world. In my perspective, the more interactions Ripple has with the IMF, the better the longevity of XRP.
  8. Your argument is on the premise that Ripple is going to hand over the majority of XRP to IMF. I'm very doubtful this scenario would play out since Ripple is a private company. You're right in the fact that Ripple is still small, and the crypto market as a whole is still innate. XRPL as of today, does not have the capacity to support every country globally. Ripple and XRP still need to grow organically like you are suggesting and still needs to be proven at a global scale. However I do believe IMF/Ripple partnership would both be beneficially. I cannot see Ripple just handing over the majority of their XRP, but I could see Ripple donating a certain portion of XRP to IMF (not in the near future) for a specific cause. Whether it's providing liquidity or maybe IMF somehow connects to RippleNet, I see a mutual relationship being beneficial to both parties. Example that I think of is IMF is financially supporting a poor country and needs a payment, loan, or whatever, IMF connects to RippleNet or uses XRP to make a real time payment to that country or even city that needs a payment ASAP. Also, XRP would be easier to trace/audit to ensure IMF that their payments are being used appropriately. Whatever scenario plays out, IMF and Ripple have a reputation, and they both want to maintain that reputation.
  9. Now we are starting to see the bigger picture here, but let me throw in another twist. SDR's, which is considered paper gold, is all composed of a basket of FIAT currencies. In the laws of economics, ALL fiat currencies will go to ZERO eventually. This will redeem SDR's valueless unless the IMF comes up with another idea. However, that idea still remains in large speculation.
  10. Exactly. The IMF is accountable for 186 countries. Its aim is to facilitate international trade, sustain economic growth, reduce poverty, etc. IMF holds more gold reserves than the countries of Russia and Switzerland COMBINED. As an entity, the IMF arguably has the greatest financial influence globally for better or worse. SO.... If they didn't partner together, I think Ripple would be on the losing end of the spectrum.
  11. Yes, but IMO not very likely. Two reasons. First the money flow is not supporting the price of BTC right now. Second the market moves in wave like properties (normally). We just exited from the bear market (again IMO), the market needs to "gather its breathe" before we think about breaking through the resistance at $6000.
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