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  1. Student loans on a "as need basis". It would be an account with a student loan provider that would have a debit/credit card with that account. Anytime you need to use a loan to pay with anything for school, use a debit/credit card instantly creating debt/credit and transferring value. This is better than trying to guess how much you would need for each semester of school. You could also setup it up where it would be easier for parents to monitor what their kids are buying during school.
  2. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    Has Gene Sperling ever touched on any of these issues? Because I feel like he would have the greatest insight on how XRP could be affected or the economic model for XRP if it reaches its full potential.
  3. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Fake Trades on Exchanges

    Yes, they most definitely are. Without regulatory oversight, these exchanges can do whatever they want (literally the Wild Wild West). However, when institutional trading becomes a bigger player in the crypto markets, this will help to drive out some of the filth (early investors/bad actors), but price swings may be more aggressive. Rule 589 is implemented on the derivatives market to stop such wild price fluctuations. IMO these exchanges are years from having any type regulatory oversight such as the SEC or CFTC in the US, if at all.
  4. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Recession and price

    I would like to add that we can have a bear market without triggering a recession, but this time a recession could certainly be looming.
  5. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Tracking xRapid volume through MXN/USD

    @XRPforALL Do you monitor any price fluctuations between the USD -> XRP and XRP->MXN? I have a theory, but I am researching. I don't have access to any XRP ledger information.
  6. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Calling on a trader in Bitso exchange

    "Here’s what a xRapid payment flow will look like from the U.S. to Mexico: A financial institution, that has an account with Bittrex, initiates a payment in US dollars via xRapid which is instantly converted into XRP on Bittrex. The payment amount in XRP is settled over the XRP Ledger. Bitso – through its Mexican Peso liquidity pool – instantly converts the XRP into fiat, which is then settled into a destination bank account." Yep, I read that wrong. Just answered my own question
  7. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Tracking xRapid volume through MXN/USD

    I'm sorry, I am a little new here. Where would I be able to find the exchange's off ledger XRP orderbooks?
  8. I am looking for someone who might be trading XRP/USD on the Bitso exchange or at least is familiar with the Bitso exchange . I am conducting some research right now, and I need to know if tradingview (isn' my preferred trading software, but I do most of my research at work) is calculating/populating my price fluctuations correctly. I have a comparison of XRP/USD of Bitso (first image) versus Bitrex (second image) at the same period of time. Bitso Bittrex This third image is also very important, I need to know if these candle sticks appear as shown on the Bitso exchange on the 1 min at 12-18 at 20:45. Actually the exact time does not matter, because I am seeing these patterns everywhere on the 1min. Any help would be appreciated or someone who has further insight into these exchanges would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Tracking xRapid volume through MXN/USD

    You're 100% correct. You cannot see every transaction on xRapid due the xRapid volume being hidden within the trading volume. HOWEVER, if there is enough xRapid volume being pushed through at one time, this will cause a discrepancy within the market. I'm more interested in finding this discrepancy, and I am well aware that the transactional volume may be split between exchanges. I'm not too tech savy when it comes through sorting through the XRP ledger volume, maybe somebody will come up with something on tracking the ledger payments, but for now, I can at least find these "discrepancies" in the market to make it easier to identify xRapid volume going through an exchange.
  10. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Algorithmic trading and flash orders

    I'm not sure how the equities market works in this fashion (being a positive sum game), but I see this all the time in the futures market (zero sum game). Typically in a market reversal, and this can apply to other areas too, there is a saturation of contracts at one time. What happens is the "smart money" will recognize this, throw the price higher, to trigger stop losses (which creates a "vaccuum"), and spikes the price before returning to normal levels and reversing. Actually the CFTC has implemented rule 589, which determines how much the price can be spike at one period of time. The only way to defend against this IMO is to dig into the tick or volume charts. I work on bigger time frames, 1min+, but the market mechanisms generally all work the same.
  11. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Tracking xRapid volume through MXN/USD

    This is what I am currently working on. The trick is trying to cut through the noise. I'm not tech savy. I understand this can be done, but I did not know if someone has already tried to graph this. @galgitron, maybe you could help me with how you graphed this?
  12. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Western Union's Ripple Labs Tests Ongoing

    In a game of chess, you never show your strategy in your first move. You either eat or risk the change of being eaten.
  13. I am looking at trying to track xRapid volume through the XRPMXN corridor. Is there any way that I can track/graph transactions by searching time, date, and amount through the transactions from XRPcharts on ripple.com? Or does anyone have any historical data saved from this?
  14. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Algorithmic trading and flash orders

    A spike in the price action that is abnormal given current conditions which occurs in a very short amount of time (within seconds).
  15. People at Ripple have to give him s*** on the in-depth analysis we provide here at XRPchat. I don't think I have ever seen a CEO more criticized than him.... Unless that CEO was obviously going to prison or being investigated by the SEC (Your my boy, Elon!)