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  1. @iLeeT direct train from Schiphol or Amsterdam central it's less than 1 hour travel and you can walk from Amersfoort CS to the bar.
  2. Miguel is back, good to see him participate in this.
  3. When I see things like this and the XRP price doesn't move at all and any other shitcoin pumps over nothing my mind is blown.
  4. Can anyone here explain why this article is so important? This pseudo intelligent piece of work is far from impressive tbh.
  5. They should have done a countdown to this event.
  6. I will buy -1 house with all the money made on XRP
  7. Sorry to say, but this article is a heap of junk, 90% of the article is about something completely unrelated to the title of the article.
  8. This is all a publicity stunt to get holders of the coins in the poll to their scam site
  9. To add to the arguments of @mihaisyblu, human behavior isnt random and as such can be analysed and predicted, that is where TA comes in.
  10. I'm waiting for the breakout as well, this would have already happened were it not for xrp getting dumped on every time we seem to touch 0.92$.
  11. Also dont forget that today we lost a good number of BTC longs and barely dropped in price, which in my perception indicates a change in momentum for the bulls.
  12. Financial wealth is not a representation of success or happiness. Also another person's success does not define your failure. So no reason to feel like a loser when someone else is doing better at some aspects in life.
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