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  1. @MoltenI'm actually also curious about the actions you have taken regarding your XRP position now that we have dropped below 0.223, did you decrease your stack and by which percentage?
  2. Regardless of the misunderstanding the argument still stands. You were right in pointing out market makers want volume instead of liquidity and volume is what Ripple provides, selling XRP provides this, Ripple however never take the opposite side of the trade, thereby creating a lot of sell pressure.
  3. They only provide liquidity one way and that is by selling XRP and not buying, this is the exact reason they don't sell OTC anymore and want market makers to take the buy side on the exchanges, because volume on ODL enabled exchanges is what matters. Since when is this market regulated and why wouldn't they be allowed to strategically sell their XRP to increase the usability of their ODL product? The last statement might be a bit of a stretch, but please don't be surprised by all the shit happening in this space.
  4. Liked the interview, but a one thing made me think. He mentions that market makers make money regardless of price direction, all they want is liquidity. Ripple also sees XRP as a tool for liquidity and is looking for ways to increase XRP liquidity. So what would Ripple do if they want to increase liquidity is to create price volatility, because increased volatility makes it more worth it to trade and more people trading means more buy and sell orders and thus increase liquidity. Now keep in mind that all that Ripple will do is sell XRP and not buy it, you get these crazy selloffs we have been seeing after the price increases on decent volume but momentum dies off. Also keep in mind that Brad has said multiple times that XRP is not a speculative asset. These things considered makes me think insiders know this is the strategy and hence sold their XRP.
  5. Ripple should let her do the interviews from now on, much better content than the Brad interviews.
  6. If you want to play fund manager just focus on that, because now it looks like you want to create a game, but also have an XRP investment to manage. To be honest I dont see the synergy between XRP and the game, just pick one and focus on that. Personally I would focus on the game, because the idea isn't bad.
  7. Now is the time to buy xrp, always try to trade opposite to the herd
  8. I want payments streaming from my local wallet in a way that is easy to set up, not another subscription.
  9. @iLeeT direct train from Schiphol or Amsterdam central it's less than 1 hour travel and you can walk from Amersfoort CS to the bar.
  10. Miguel is back, good to see him participate in this.
  11. When I see things like this and the XRP price doesn't move at all and any other shitcoin pumps over nothing my mind is blown.
  12. Can anyone here explain why this article is so important? This pseudo intelligent piece of work is far from impressive tbh.
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