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  1. @mistatee2000 David Schwartz did a thorough point by point response to the Peter Todd paper. I'm looking for the link but can't find it. But to be honest it's very technical and gets over my head really quickly. I wanted to find a way to get an independent perspective. So I looked at the investment rounds in Ripple compared to when the Peter Todd content came out. VCs with plenty of capability and resources to evaluate Ripple did their due diligence and pumped millions into the company. I'm not the smartest guy in the room, but I'm going to try and find him and get on his side.
  2. This analysis examines four of the major criticisms of XRP: 1) US government regulatory threat 2) Lack of market adoption by financial institutions for cross-border remittance 3) Competition from Swift, the incumbent 4) Technological risk associated with the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA) Using an empirical approach based on observations of key stakeholders on each issue, this analysis attempts to to qualify the threat of these criticisms to XRP adoption using two matrices. The first will contrast Current Unknowns – how much about this risk is unknown, vs. Threat Development Time – how long market participants will have time to make decisions based on new information. The second matrix explores the Probability that the threat will occur versus the Impact on XRP in terms of the severity if the threat materializes. https://coinsavage.com/content/2019/01/risk-analysis-of-xrp-the-four-horsemen/
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