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  1. Shuz

    Hamilton meet up

    Our first hanmertown meet up went great, next time taylor you can have the last doughnut 😲 that was one too many for me lol
  2. Shuz

    Hamilton meet up

    Taylor and i are meeting up on feb8 for a coffee in hamilton anyone else want to come along?
  3. When ripple launches its ipo what do you think the price will star at? How do they determine the price?🤔
  4. With all this impeachment crap going on i doubt it will happen before the next election🤔
  5. I went through something similar but way worse with ativan which i took for 14yrs. I took me 2yrs to taper off of it and i was off work for 1.5yrs i nearly died from the withdrawal symptoms..read the ashton manual if you are going to get off of it. It is the book all doctors use for tapering patients off of benzos
  6. You forgot the illuminatti and brics destroying the usd by selling rail gun nanotech to jamaica🤔
  7. Shuz

    An Update

    Ok cool will do 😊and if anyone else in the area wants to go let me know so ill add you to the pm
  8. Shuz

    An Update

    Good old hammer town!! Cool im a 905er if you are interested next year i could pop down for a coffee and chat
  9. One the best bands ever😎
  10. Shuz

    An Update

    You still in the gta ?
  11. Middle name mushroom🤔
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