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  1. My first sell point is 3.14 cad..because i like 🍰 😂
  2. Ok let me fix this for you.. If you don't have the stomach,guts or fortitude to remain in this market exit and go home. There much better 🤔
  3. Ill give it another 3yrs before i kick up a hissy fit🤔
  4. Shuz

    Good Omens

    Douglas copeland and terry brooks are two of my faves..i love good omens..its a hilarious show..the one eppisode when they are looking for a new planet i thought for sure they would have cracked a doctor who joke.
  5. Perform a halo jump..travel a bit more in asia Buy a 50acre hobby farm with a spring fed pond ,rebuild a convertible 64 galaxie drive across canada, and the states. then raise some pigs, goats ,chicken,ducks and a beef cow.
  6. Im going to call a price of $125.40cad On 22-11-2021🤓🤘
  7. Im 47 also and hoping this will help me retire at 52 😊..i try not to think what i would have done with my money if i was in my 20's or 30's 😄
  8. NEVER post online how much u have or are buying!!!!!!!! You will get robbed
  9. Your first mistake is going to coinmarket cap..2nd is a utility token needs a lot of them to work properly
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