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  1. The tta was never passed ? Right so why brag about it?? Isnt that like me saying i asked out sandra bullock and got rejected..so you are a failure.. great lets hire him🤔
  2. Maybe its cuz after his one album he has blown through all the money and now has been labeled a one hit wonder🤔
  3. Would you mind if i posted this on every xrp youtuber's comment section starting 2mrw everyday for the rest of the month?
  4. Shuz


    Ive read a lot about people wanting lambos when the price moons. I've just wanted to see what everyone on here has been thinking about and why. I foster retired racing greyhounds, so i would want something to haul my pups around that is fast like them but with plenty of room. So my car of choice is a AMG 63 S wagon Ill put a pick up when im on my pc
  5. Shuz

    XRP Killers

    In alomony payments🤔
  6. Im using my xrp as a book mark while i read "Kids say the darnest things"🤔
  7. I had a thought whatvif the banks of america,canada,england etc held xrp as the liquidity providers?
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