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  1. Shuz

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    I think it is about buying xrp with fiat then using that xrp to buy other fiat? Which is the same as buying xrp with fiat and selling xrp for fiat...but they are argueing over the wording because we have nothing better to do till..the stupid us government finally passes those bills and the sec declares xrp not a security πŸ€”πŸ˜΄
  2. I agree this stupid gov shutdown has pushed the timetable back. I font think anything will happen now till august
  3. Shuz

    Global cooperation in crypto regs coming to light

    Wow thanks for all the info!!
  4. Shuz

    Xrp xmas presents

  5. Shuz

    Two xrp ledgers

    Cool thank you for your replies ☺️
  6. I saw on the working money channel he mentioned something about the institutions having their own ledger to transfer xrp on. Does anyone know anything about this..because it would screw us retail people big time
  7. I think they will shock all of us and announce a partnership
  8. Shuz

    Down down down

    That's me trying to put on a codom πŸ˜‚
  9. Nope im out of moneyπŸ™
  10. It cant be official without any triangles!!!
  11. Im tangentialising myself as i type this 😎