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  1. NEVER post online how much u have or are buying!!!!!!!! You will get robbed
  2. Your first mistake is going to coinmarket cap..2nd is a utility token needs a lot of them to work properly
  3. So in about two years time we should all be meeting up for a $50 xrp party..i cant wait 😎🥂
  4. I gave my nieces and nephew 500xrp each for xmas, i tell people about it but no one is interested or they are waiting for the banks to offer it
  5. Lol it getting across the border thats the problem..i guess i could just fly to mexico and walk like everyone else does🤔
  6. Federally it still illegal Ya lots of people get turned away even if you invest or work for a licenced supplier you will get denied entry , if you lie and get caught its a life time ban
  7. **** that what used to give my niece and nephew xrp for xmas
  8. @MrVH im also in canada thanks for the info 😊
  9. Let do ibiza!! Plus i cant get into the states with becauae of my medicinal marijuana license 😒
  10. Wtf is going on in this series ? I guess no happy ending for the kingdom..
  11. My first sell is $3cad ,$23,78,123 and 368..if it gets that high and if i live long enough lol
  12. Then maybe you can pay someone to show u how to wear a hat properly🤔 Jk buddy😋
  13. Foreshock..another term for the pain you recieve after getting circumsized 🤔
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