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  1. You forgot the illuminatti and brics destroying the usd by selling rail gun nanotech to jamaica🤔
  2. Shuz

    An Update

    Ok cool will do 😊and if anyone else in the area wants to go let me know so ill add you to the pm
  3. So when this 2t stars floating around what should the price of xrp be?
  4. Shuz

    An Update

    Good old hammer town!! Cool im a 905er if you are interested next year i could pop down for a coffee and chat
  5. Shuz

    An Update

    You still in the gta ?
  6. Middle name mushroom🤔
  7. You are wrong,I was there last weekend for spot and it was missing..
  8. Wait what!!?did i miss something hodors gone? Since when?
  9. To all star wars fans out there, what do you think will happen in the final movie? I think rey and that big eared darth wanna be will say **** on all this, trash all of it and move to the hamptons.
  10. Santas isnt real ,your wife is sleeping with her yoga instructor and Religion was made up to control the masses. 🤔
  11. Thats when i bought..mind you i had no idea how markets worked..lol ijust knew that this company had a solid project that could make me lots of money🤔
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