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  1. 10% at 3.5, 36,86...then who knows..depends on how it moves after that. Im hoping it'll hit the prices within the next 6yrs🤔
  2. The question was which product from elsalvador would i buy...not what you are talking about
  3. Fedelity launches next month..that should be interesting
  4. Not nescecarly (i spelt that word wrong) r3 can use any coin..which i think is a big FU to ripple.. This will help crypto as a whole though proving to everyone that it isnt a gimick. I cant wait to see how mainstream media presents this
  5. Well at least he didnt say it was heavy metal music or the devil 😃
  6. I think it will stay this way till the week before that token bill is presented in congress
  7. Im confused..u want us to name another company..but the whole thread is filled with reasons why xrp hasnt gone up. This thread is weird im leaving🤔
  8. Now u just described what a security is. Which xrp is not
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