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  1. I believe that any company going public is enacting a one-off cash cow that profits the founders and enslaves the company forever more to the shareholders.  Share price and dividends then drive the company direction, while the IPO instigators enjoy their wealth from afar.. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Baka said:

    10k in the red ? you bought at high price ?

    #metoo. Today's rise almost took me to breakeven.. I did have a wry grin when a "cashing out" topic appeared at the first sniff of a price increase :wacko2:

  3. If you pull out your initial investment, what would you do with it?? I'd be too tempted to chuck it all in again as the price re-traces.. Probably too early too!

    *this assumes you have only invested what you can afford to lose of course.

  4. "This has the effect of making the earlier investors feel like the enterprise is legitimate and profitable.   This has the insidious result of motivating the earlier investors to naturally - and without any intentional malice - promote the opportunity to others in their close circle.   This normally includes the very people they'd never think of intentionally duping, such as friends or family. "

    The above paragraphs are eerily similar to what happened when my XRP investment rocketed 12x in late 2017 and I excitedly relayed the info on to family and friends.. They were late to that particular party and are now rather wary of my financial advice !!



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