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  1. On 12/19/2019 at 10:31 PM, minicuzzo said:

    That's new to me. What exactly are they used for?

    Of course there is no guarantee but the future looks very good for Ripple and XRP

    CSC is currently being rolled out to record roulette wheel spins by the largest manufacturer of said wheels. All about being "provably fair" to satisfy regulators.  It is also to be used in an online casino as the gambling currency,  in a land-based casino chain for loyalty rewards, and as a gas for a number of tokens. Watch this space!!


  2. 1 hour ago, joe91 said:

    ... when I see an advisory board made of top notch bookie sharks and a trustee board of gambling whales ...

    ..as opposed to banking sharks here !! Both casinos and banks are all about extracting profit from the masses.. 

    However, dig deeper and you will see that both XRP and CSC are all about regulation and accountability for these industries.

  3. Csc coin has been around in one form or another "for a few years" as you say. It started out as a Litecoin fork I believe... However the latest XRP derived iteration is much more recent, has industry big hitters on the team and is starting to deliver in the real world.

    I personally saw this as an opportunity to invest in something promising early in its development cycle (much earlier than my timing with XRP).  I am a fan of both coins, the underlying tech seems to be the best currently out there, and they both have great use cases :-) 

  4. The XRP step-child CSC Casinocoin is also pumping of late, bucking the downturn. They have just had a glowing endorsement from their first real-world partners who will be recording roulette spins on the blockchain - expect a huge ramp in transactions as this rolls out :-)

    only bought in because of their XRP connection, but ironically it may save my XRP heavy portfolio 🤞🤞

  5. Moonraker got burned - he's been hit hard by the relentless bear market. Early on he was speaking out against the "prices will never be this low again" posts throughout the decline and getting blasted for it..  Well time has proved him (and other so called naysayers) right.

    It's tough to swallow optimism posted by those who were lucky enough to have bought in early when you are deep in the red.

    Just fingers crossed we get the hike we hoped for and claw back our "sure fire" investment :-)

  6. I believe that any company going public is enacting a one-off cash cow that profits the founders and enslaves the company forever more to the shareholders.  Share price and dividends then drive the company direction, while the IPO instigators enjoy their wealth from afar.. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Baka said:

    10k in the red ? you bought at high price ?

    #metoo. Today's rise almost took me to breakeven.. I did have a wry grin when a "cashing out" topic appeared at the first sniff of a price increase :wacko2:

  8. "This has the effect of making the earlier investors feel like the enterprise is legitimate and profitable.   This has the insidious result of motivating the earlier investors to naturally - and without any intentional malice - promote the opportunity to others in their close circle.   This normally includes the very people they'd never think of intentionally duping, such as friends or family. "

    The above paragraphs are eerily similar to what happened when my XRP investment rocketed 12x in late 2017 and I excitedly relayed the info on to family and friends.. They were late to that particular party and are now rather wary of my financial advice !!



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