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  1. Just a reminder, bitcoin and xrp (and many others) are primarily traded by the same bots using the same algorithm.  Crypto trading patterns and prices will probably remain synched for the foreseeable future.

    So asking for people to apologize is, well, silly.  If you're frustrated, get frustrated at the bots.

    Best wishes to all in this new year!





  2. 57 minutes ago, Montoya said:

    If a crypto dollar is more widely desired than XRP, why would they choose to use XRP?

    Not intending to be an XRP shill here, really.  Lol.

    I'm a Systems Architect.  My experience has been that predicated questions create predicated conclusions that often limit growth  E.g., If 640K of memory is more than anyone will ever need, why would anyone ever choose to buy a more expensive computer that has more memory? (Yes, this was a real debate back in the 80's.)

    At this point in time, the only thing I know for certain is systems, processes, and norms constantly evolve.  So, it's just as fair to ask "If XRP is more widely desired than a crypto dollar, why would they choose to use a crypto dollar?".   Maybe they will, maybe they wont.  Either way, I look forward to hanging out with you and this fine group while we watch how the crypto space evolves.


  3. 12 minutes ago, enrique11 said:

    A lot of countries aren't able to pay back their loans, so the the World Banks really views these loans as goodwill gesture loans to an extent extending to political gestures of good will, to gain political support from these countries and in turn make these countries leaders look good.


    Most of these "Goodwill gesture loans" go towards development projects.  Even after loans are approved, the World Bank remains an active partner to help oversee these projects.  It's fair to say these projects are flush with expensive and time consuming cross border payments.  Good fit for XRP.

  4. 1 hour ago, enrique11 said:

    You're probably referring to the World Bank.  It's a bank that basically lends to underdeveloped countries to build their infrastructure like schools, hospitals, etc.  The Bank loans these countries money. Then World Bank economists frequently travel to those countries to oversee and evaluate the projects making sure the money gets spent in a rational way and the funded projects make sense and can actually contribute to economic growth.


    Seems like an excellent use case for XRP.

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