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  1. I think the key words here are 'will' (twice). In other words, they don't currently. I've just has a quick look and there isn't exactly much trading going on at Gatehub. No idea if this is normal as I haven't used them in a long time. On the UK side their latest filed accounts are very old so no way of telling how viable they are as a business right now.
  2. According to the filing data here, yes Chris still has some shares: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09311138 That doesn't make him liable obviously, but someone who has lost a lot of XRP due to what they believe is Gatehub's negligence may be inclined to take it up with him. And that's the UK company. There's a Slovenian one as well and I have no idea about that.
  3. HODLing Pizza etc. Thank you. Best laugh I have had in a while.
  4. Yeah, he thinks he's a penguin!
  5. A polar bear in Antarctica? Must be on holiday!
  6. AWS, or any other cloud service is not a panacea. It's good for some things, and not so good for others. If you want full control over your enterprise IT you don't put it on AWS, Azure, etc. I am also not sure what is meant by 'safe' in this context. It could mean many things.
  7. Wait, I think I got confused on what I was voting for?
  8. I like this a lot. Perhaps you should expand this to other spelling and grammar errors. Maybe that would be a little unfair to those who are not native English speakers though? Also, we all suffer from typing on phones (with auto-correct that is often auto-mistake) and limited time to proofread. Maybe limit this to just repeat offenders? So perhaps you can also track: Misuse of to and too Incorrect use of the word literally. As in, "my head literally exploded when I read that tweet." Err, actually I think you'll find it didn't. Incorrect use of the apostrophe, specifically for plurals where it is not required. Often known as the greengrocer's apostrophe. Apple's £1 a kilo. FFS! Using your when you're is what is meant. You can be our very own forum grammar police. Nice one. Also, how could I resist a music maestro from Lord Rockingham's XI. There's a moose loose about this hoose.
  9. It's a browser drop down list in alphabetical order. That's not being biased! Not everything is a conspiracy against XRP.
  10. $2.50 I spent the rest of my savings on whores and whiskey.
  11. NewtonsOyster

    London meetup

    I'm up for this. I can't do Thursday or Friday evenings but am usually free other times. Anywhere central London is OK as will be coming in from SW suburbs. Jerusalem Tavern would be great. Not sure if the Easter break is an issue for some people but how about next week?
  12. Enviable causes for sure. However I can guarantee that donating to schools will mean a lot less waste than attempting to feed the starving. Which starving people do you want to help? African? Good luck keeping the money out of the dictators and corrupt government official's pockets. Which diseases do you want to cure? There are a lot of them. Which is the most worthy? Good luck trying go get agreement on where to start. Sorry, not trying to target you specifically but all the money in the world is nowhere near enough to solve all the problems in the world. It's not Ripples's business to attempt to do so either. They have done a great thing.
  13. That all depends where you are in the world. It seems not all exchanges accept customers from all countries or regions. I am in the UK. I have used both Bitstamp and Gatehub which have XRP to Euro and USD pairings. So you can sell to Euro or USD and then transfer to your bank. I think Kraken also has XRP to fiat currency pairings. The Ripple website has a How To Buy section. Basically, register on the exchanges mentioned there and you should be OK for both buys and sells. Usual advice is do not store your XRP/private keys on the exchange.
  14. You use the same toast wallet address. So, yes, you just need the one wallet. In reality your XRP are recorded/stored on the XRP ledger, the wallet just secures your secret key. You can check your XRP on the ledger at any time using www.bithomp.com/explorer and entering your public address.
  15. We need David Schwartz in here, along with his non-existent, microscopic, invisible cats. I guess most Ripple fans know David is an Atheist and regularly answers questions on Quora supporting his viewpoint. The cats are used to support his arguments...even though they don't exist!
  16. He certainly is a cunning linguist Brad. The Man. The Beard. The Legend.
  17. Japan train company management apologises if they leave early too. Just twenty seconds early! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-42009839 Japanese trains are superb for sure. They look cool too!
  18. And if you don't like that, have the wonderful Miss Shirley Bassey.
  19. We're hanging on in there. Nothing to worry about. XRP is harder than you think.
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