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  1. Or accidentally thrown away. 7500 Bitcoins. ****. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55658942
  2. Absolutely. The test measures what we think of ourselves. I did my 'professional' test at Uni so not a corporate thing (thank god). Having done it with several other people you can see it does seem to place people who operate the same in similar groups. But I doubt anybody actually tries to change who they are because of the result. It's interesting for a while, then you forget about it until someone raises the subject again. Also, academia is no less about making money than any other endeavour. Academics make money all the time from the stuff they concoct, so that's not necessarily a valid criticism. $20 million isn't much either in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I have done a professional MBTI test. That consisted of completing the questionnaire (on paper!) and then a follow-up interview where the practitioner asks further questions to resolve areas where the result may be ambiguous from the questionnaire alone. I have also done the online tests a few times. ENTP every time.
  4. I appreciate that for most people on this forum English is not their first language. I can assure you this is fake. This is obvious to any native English speaker from the first sentence. No further forensics required. Stay safe people.
  5. I think the key words here are 'will' (twice). In other words, they don't currently. I've just has a quick look and there isn't exactly much trading going on at Gatehub. No idea if this is normal as I haven't used them in a long time. On the UK side their latest filed accounts are very old so no way of telling how viable they are as a business right now.
  6. According to the filing data here, yes Chris still has some shares: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09311138 That doesn't make him liable obviously, but someone who has lost a lot of XRP due to what they believe is Gatehub's negligence may be inclined to take it up with him. And that's the UK company. There's a Slovenian one as well and I have no idea about that.
  7. HODLing Pizza etc. Thank you. Best laugh I have had in a while.
  8. Yeah, he thinks he's a penguin!
  9. A polar bear in Antarctica? Must be on holiday!
  10. AWS, or any other cloud service is not a panacea. It's good for some things, and not so good for others. If you want full control over your enterprise IT you don't put it on AWS, Azure, etc. I am also not sure what is meant by 'safe' in this context. It could mean many things.
  11. Wait, I think I got confused on what I was voting for?
  12. I like this a lot. Perhaps you should expand this to other spelling and grammar errors. Maybe that would be a little unfair to those who are not native English speakers though? Also, we all suffer from typing on phones (with auto-correct that is often auto-mistake) and limited time to proofread. Maybe limit this to just repeat offenders? So perhaps you can also track: Misuse of to and too Incorrect use of the word literally. As in, "my head literally exploded when I read that tweet." Err, actually I think you'll find it didn't. Incorrect use of the apostrophe, specifically for plurals where it is not required. Often known as the greengrocer's apostrophe. Apple's £1 a kilo. FFS! Using your when you're is what is meant. You can be our very own forum grammar police. Nice one. Also, how could I resist a music maestro from Lord Rockingham's XI. There's a moose loose about this hoose.
  13. It's a browser drop down list in alphabetical order. That's not being biased! Not everything is a conspiracy against XRP.
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