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  1. I was amused anyone took you seriously. I invested a million dollars hoping to become a millionaire!
  2. ....but XRP is big time now, you're just not looking at the maths to realise it. SOOOOOOO many crpto currencies and we're a solid third and apparently the Titanic! The other coins have no hope.
  3. How can the third highest coin (and by a comfortable distance) be the Titanic? If you're a hodler of a single coin then none of the swings are relevant until you reach your exit price. Sure if you'd been trading this year then you won't have made many gains on XRP but on the other hand some people trading the swings will have failed and lost money. I struggle with all this doom and gloom though just cus long term holders want to see short term pumps. If we fall some places in the leader-board then I might get concerned but so long as we stay a comfortable third then it's all good.
  4. Thanks Chewie, it's been a long wait but worth it
  5. Hi guys, how do I get back in?
  6. What are you talking about man? It's barely moving beyond normal fluctuations and it's up on where it was a week ago.
  7. Crazy amounts. Have you not noticed we are the third highest coin by market cap? Those of you wittering everytime you see a drop in a day don't seem to pay attention to how relative it all is. If we drop to 10th position I'd be disappointed but we're riding high as one of the STRONGEST crypos which is a crazy good position to be in.
  8. Haha that takes the fun out of it Tinyaccount
  9. I'd rig my CD player to work with the door open and use the laser to lop off my head!
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