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  1. so is casino coin only at the mercy of the creaters & centralised that makes sense. If its decentralised id assume then this could also be at the mercy of the nodes, validators,voters what ever you want to call. Cause i would assume you only need x amount of tokens and distribute them a certain way. And the gambling site is the one which coded with controls the wallet with tokens . But yeh all in my wild imagination, not sure how the mechanisms will look like. As t800 said its custom made to suit gambling space, im curios to know what a coin custom for gambling space actually looks like or what does it do making it suitable for a gambling space, id assume this requires alot of info so ill let my imagination show me thnks
  2. yeh i heard 3 months ago , isnt this just few lines of cose why hasnt it been done yet you thimk?
  3. 1. So I have 20xrp in 1 old wallet and 20xrp in an even older wallet thats $18 just sitting doing nothing. How can i close these wallets and retrieve the $18 never to be opened .again.? 2. what if someone sees your public key and is now able to see whats in your account. I wouldnt want someone knowing what i have in my bank, and what if I want to send someone XRP Its great, fast cheap but Im surprised there is no way to obscure where your XRP is coming from. I mean you cant even donate anonymously. I would have thought someone has found a solution to this simple, obvious problem. After pondering for a day i was able to figure out a payment system that allows you to send someone funds but when its seen on the blockchain all the $ is account for its just been through numerous hops breaking down the payments and eventually reaching the destination. Has anyone even thought about this annoying issue that can be solved by a developer
  4. Why didnt you just create this as a token on the XRP ledger? its now so easy with the new XRP wallet take less than 5 min
  5. ALL OF YOU GUYS ASKING ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Look at my above post...SURPRISE!!!!
  6. Guys i'm glad to be the bearer of good news - not many people are aware of this desktop wallet - BE EXITED and thank Secureblockchains Thanks for the devs who made wallets for the interim, here is one id like to say is AWESOME and its just the beginning! It has its own decentralized exchange which You can create Escrow Harbor wallet Harbor XRP Wallet - by Secureblockchains <<<<<< CLICK THE LINK TO TAKE YOU TO THE DIRECT SITE WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD #SOME# FEATURES This wallet a Desktop Hot wallet. no 3rd party access, you are in control of all security,keys (WINDOWS & OSX) Escrow capabilities Set Trusted Lines Decentralized exchange Buy/sell Trade coins- as of now i think there's 7 coins Create your own COIN/Tokens which uses the XRPL ledger with your wallet being central control hub of distribution, Burn etc . E.g you can create *** coin and you want 1000000 available, now you want excrow to release *** coin Each fortnight, 15th & 1st Each relaease date 10000 is released on a steady manner possibly after the ICOon the XRP ledger directly from app SET Network fee We are getting there lets start seeing some LEGITIMATE ICOS AND COINS CREATED ON THE XRP LEDGER
  7. I think they are a competitor and big one as well, here is a very recent IMFwill talk on digital payment I HAVE SKIPPED IT TO WHERE IT STARTS, Ripple or anyone to do with ripple inst there. The Bold white guy is CIRCLE, the Black guy is the fed reserve, just watch and you will see how this convo starts bear in mind ripple is not mentioned here but it seems in this scenario discussion it is circle that is doing what ripple would be doing, Christine.L really confuses me sometimes she sounds like all in ripple and sometimes she doesn't. OH YEH even JPM coin is there PS: I hear people say its ok ripple or circle are invested together and that means XRP MOOON.. Umm no That is just simple investing technique lets say you put your stocks in 2 competing gaming consoles you know they both will do good but one is going to do massive..By betting on both makes no difference to one of the othewhere. But its better for your pockets. has the guys from ripple been lately i have not seen them as reserve guy.
  8. MY 2 FAVORITES Atomic Wallet https://atomicwallet.io/ PC & Android ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Own all your Keys Many other coins ATOMICSWAPS - ONLY in early stage available for 4 coins atm Exchange directly from within the app using Changenow Supports 500+ coins Buy XRP , Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and BCH with your Bank card. We accept USD, EUR and your local currency worldwide. Harbor wallet https://www.secureblockchains.com/harbor-xrp-wallet/ PC ONLY ATM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decentralized exchange Buy/sell Create your own Tokens on the XRP ledger directly from app Escrow capabilities 5-7 coins available roughly not quitesure but they are add more NO 3rd PARTY. You ARE THE BANK https://www.coinomi.com/en/ ANDROID / PC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MULT ASSET MUCH MUCH MORE XRP SUPPORTED
  9. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    lol just noticed wtf i wrote, here's a tip for people caring about what your perceived to be online which to some may link it to what you would "appear" to be like in reality! Some times care factor 0 as you notice on many comments, no corrections. I'll clear it up once & for all. Due to the fact that lately i've noticed many comments I've rushed through and of course i suddenly have not just become retarded, in fact I have a habit not caring, my thought being i think this comment is the least important of my 10 tasks im doing at the same time then. I realise my point was obscured by my lack of effort in caring to communicate well. And i'm perceived as a wack. Far from it Confession, like that day and more lately many days! Not much sleep & too much of "whatever your poison might be" and mixing that with multiple youtube videos, configuring trade bots all whilst rushing through a response and not proof reading some comments before submit. My normal use of my laptop would be 1. Healthy eating & sleeping habits , sitting up straight, using 2 hands to type ^ none of was doing i even had one eye closed as i was laying on my side wear my wife found me next day with a bruise on my head from who knows what. *Secret" i'm doing now btw i'm just getting out of comfy zone to reiterate why you possibly think i'm retarded ( usually i'd give 2 fks ) but i've noticed lately after re -reading twitter, youtube, forum msgs wow some ppl think i'm some *******. As my care factor is 10/100 now & assuming Yous prob 0 but your effort to point it out seemed higher tiny bit higher like others have as well. So il address it mind you i'm still exact position mentally/physically as that day. One difference using little more effort, But let me tell you ppl how important good food , good sleep equates to. With my current bad sleep habits ....Lately 0-4hrs - > Energy effort forced out of comfort zone (not a nice feeling) but a more Productive good day and wanting a normally viewed perception requires extreme frustration, uncomfortably High effort needed to look avg. A same type day (Not today) 3hrs sleep but no poison indulgence, care factor still mild = Avg looking perception requires uncomfortable medium effort. Here is the point - CARE REQUIRES EFFORT, TODAY I FELT I'VE BUILT UP A BUNCH OF COMMENTS WHICH REQUIRE RECOVERY. LOL Now With my current bad sleep habits today Equal to the day of "The great perception".Atm = 2hr/48hrs + poison + working computer with one eye open while laying down on my side using 2 fingers to type CBF factor = 100% . Perception care factor 80% ,Energy effort forced out of comfort zone (not a nice feeling) - high effort needed. Final point = Sleep, eat, indulge less and smile.
  10. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    sorry I got confused sorry I got confused that's what I meant Chris Larsen stupid man even realise and look at the name soon as I saw 7 billion Chris last name came to mind I actually think that's good because it shows people that is not there just for his own benefit the media keeps calling him the trillion dollar man he's probably sick of it
  11. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    he is correct he donated 7b to the unbanked , thats why im lost as to why media keep calling them trillion dollar men
  12. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    he did on youtube,,, he said it when they were talking abpu tthe starbuck thing it was on stage 1 on 1 with soeone.... although He DID say well on concept you could use xrp to buy coffee but the way it was said was that xrp is ony for bridging and he would use btc for coffee,, making a point that he hold multiple currrencies
  13. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    in a perfect wrld ... id rid every currency and only use xrp lol
  14. btemtd

    Hi! I'm Bob

    no doubt but the fact he said he wold use btc to buy cofee confused me
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