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  1. Its not the mining your thinking about man this is defi. Look into it , you don't use machines like bitcoin blockchain... this is all the new defi hype stuff
  2. Will xrp holders be able to stake there xrp without the risks of losing there xrp holdings? Like WRAPPED BTC ... THERE has to be a service whe xrp holders can use there holdings to make profit without the risk of losing the xrp ....using defi projects hopefully flare finance ?
  3. Hopefully this takes off so people see the real advantages of the xrp ledger, it can act like a lighting network for bitcoin and others aswell
  4. A service they offer for large million $ enterprise customers ONLY is Settlement with XRP . But bitcoin and other many others have an extra service. Pay as you go, this is for small retailers or individuals who want to accept CRYPTO . I asked why don't you offer the pay as you go with XRP. And this is the response I got. "The main reason is how fees are collected for non utxo chains. We would not be able to collect fees at the time of the transaction like which we do for BTC. This means we need to accrue withdrawal fees until the end of the month and send and invoice. As you can imagine,
  5. That's fair but this is also fair >no need to call me lazy in your first reply!.. well i dont know the exact date ! It happened apparently when the spam attacks were happening Go to around the 18th minute on the video of SamIam I'm not wondering when it happened I trust him as his not a fool I just want to know why it was that close to happening. If you care about the XRPL and apparently know all this information I'm sure this will get you to look further into it. I was actually hoping someone already knew about this it's kind of shocking not many people know I would of thought I come her
  6. So why was it 1 validator away from coming to a halt. I have done research IDIOT! As you can see on my last question that was the entire reason why I was confused as I knew all the above AND I KNOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE AS VALIDATOR BUT WHATS THE POINT IF YOUR NOT A CHOSEN VALIDATOR.... IF EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE THE SYSTEM SHOULDN'T HAVE COME TO THIS POINT OF ALMOST HALTING WHY DID YOU PASTE ALL BULLSHIT TO READ WHEN the real point of my post lead to the major concern THIS >>> WHY IT WAS 1 VALIDATOR FROM A HALT?
  7. I thought xrp is decentralized and validator are run by anyone and there isn t a HEAD BOSS who chooses the validator. Can someone explain to me how validator are chosen, what are the default validator and who chooses them. If ripple actually is in charge of choosing which validator runs the network then who cares if ripple has 0 validator they are the ones who choose the validator basically allowing them to be able to BE THE central point boss . Can someone please correct me.. I really hope im wrong and am corrected .. I heard the network came.close to a halt as there was 1
  8. PS: there are ways you dont link your acc for the 20xrp look into atomicwallet.io you'll figure it out the key is: the swaps places used for simple txs swaps dnt need kyc
  9. Yes they caught them but have you ever watched How they were caught? Not by analyzing blockchain, but stupid mistakes they made.. And yes if you are lazy and stupid you can be tracked on blockchain, but if you really want to yo can be private.. Just check out http://wasabiwallet.io .. the main reason people get caught is because to be extremely private takes work and more time to transfer and will cost little more fees. The good thing is the option is there if you choose. I think ILP will solve the consumer privacy issue, you may want to look at what larsen inves
  10. No because these banks no who u Care so thts not anonymous? ANyway i get the issue LOL that what i have trying to explain to developers everywhere on xrp..I Men the bank have more privacy than avg consumers which is ridiculous NOTE XRP ledger is out and open source anyone with the skills and an idea can create a wallet which can simply act like a coinjoin mixer where who ever opens this wallet and sends a TX it will cut up your $50 Into UMM lets say 7 odd amounts which equal $50 then chop and mix in between other people doing the same mix it in between everyone else tx which are happe
  11. Yep my investigation led me to him being A B, there was also another guy i thought is possible. This is the PolySign team or most of them... Official team photo shows everyone pics except the mysterious A B.... I then found Polysign team pics which were unofficial , I then compared it to the team pics subtracting the faces i knew from this photo - Left me with 2 people in this picture and 1 Blank Picture on polysign site named AB. Conclusion narrowed down to One of these two in the unofficial team shot is most likely A B....Their Body/face language tells me the left guy
  12. so is casino coin only at the mercy of the creaters & centralised that makes sense. If its decentralised id assume then this could also be at the mercy of the nodes, validators,voters what ever you want to call. Cause i would assume you only need x amount of tokens and distribute them a certain way. And the gambling site is the one which coded with controls the wallet with tokens . But yeh all in my wild imagination, not sure how the mechanisms will look like. As t800 said its custom made to suit gambling space, im curios to know what a coin custom for gambling space actually
  13. yeh i heard 3 months ago , isnt this just few lines of cose why hasnt it been done yet you thimk?
  14. 1. So I have 20xrp in 1 old wallet and 20xrp in an even older wallet thats $18 just sitting doing nothing. How can i close these wallets and retrieve the $18 never to be opened .again.? 2. what if someone sees your public key and is now able to see whats in your account. I wouldnt want someone knowing what i have in my bank, and what if I want to send someone XRP Its great, fast cheap but Im surprised there is no way to obscure where your XRP is coming from. I mean you cant even donate anonymously. I would have thought someone has found a solution to this simple, obvious pro
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