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  1. Yo @DirectorCoulson, you can't start out every post the same way, it becomes too obvious you started a second account.
  2. I think the doubling of "maximum transaction" size is very interesting. I wonder how they are determining what the maximum should be. Is the technology identifying what the order books can handle at any given moment and determining the most cost efficient route or is this Ripple and the working exchanges actively deciding what buttons to press this week?
  3. I think if we were to say 100% we would be lying to ourselves, however, with the XRPL being completely visible the creators of this scanner put some rules in place to be as accurate as possible.
  4. Good Morning Everyone, If you have been on this forum for more than a few months you know by now that ODL usage seems to be rising at a rapid pace. So far today, $9.34M has already been sent through ODL and we are clearly on pace to set a new daily ATH. As with most trials/expirements the strategy would be to start slow and ramp up as they validate that accuracy, speed, and cost savings are delivered by the technology. What other insights have any of you out their gathered from the timing, size, and corridors of these ODL transactions? Is there a specific reasoning we are most re
  5. Well there goes my ******* $4 call options expiring on 2/21. Was straight gambling on a big announcement, doesn't matter if it comes a week late.
  6. I'm looking forward to this earning call but I think the Q1 2020 earnings call will be the real decider. There will have been a significant chunk of $ sent through ODL at that point which will give insight to how it effects the bottom line.
  7. I literally can't comprehend why this is still a talking point surrounding XRP beyond. If you invested in a emerging asset class with the expectation of high returns and without the expectation of incredibly high risk you are a moron. If you didn't understand or ignored the fact that one of these risks could be that Ripple is a renegade company looking to bamboozle thousands of investors with the largest ponzi scheme ever then you are a moron. Even though I am a huge investor in XRP the truth is that this "investment" is a gambling with better odds than a lottery ticket. If you are mak
  8. UTILITY!!!! Welcome to the future. There has never been a more exciting time in the crypto space for XRP than now! 2017? **** that, what you are seeing today is value, actual value being provided to real companies using a digital asset. XRP is driving cost reduction for cross border payments and businesses can see the savings. Volume is ramping up day after day and this is just the beginning.
  9. It was not, I know your position well enough on these forums. It is the others who continue to show up with zero knowledge and are spreading fud or are straight out ignoring the fact that ripple started from a ceo and two devs with a vision for an internet of value and today are meeting with the largest central banks and figure heads around the world. If anyone out there doesn't think the largest players in the game aren't watching Moneygram's development like a hawk over the next 3-4 quarters they must be looney.
  10. Complainers, whiners, or fudders, I don't really know what is going on around here. What I do know is Ripple first built the technology (step 1), then they had to build their network and onboard customers (step 2), and just now we are starting to see the fruits of their labor. The first "insignificant" tricklings of drops of ODL in the vast ocean of cross border remittances. Every day growing slightly larger as the faucet opens to those willing to test the water. These are the days we will look back on and say wow at one point only $6MM in volume happened a day in ODL? This feels like bei
  11. I really wish xrp holders wouldn't argue the idea that XRP should have probably been deemed a security up until a year or two ago. The truth is that while "Ripple" didn't create XRP, a lot of founding members absolutely did and sold it to raise funds and drive their company forward. Since then, this has drastically slowed down and almost completely halted. I own XRP because I believe regulators will understand that the benefit XRP can provide to the world will one day outweigh the cost in damages Ripple may have done by selling an unregistered security for a few years. I think the idea
  12. It is a very rough time line but has aligned with what we are seeing in the world today.
  13. Out of all the bullshit timeline predictions and "this should be our year" hoopla, there has only been 1 timeline I give any credence to and it comes from Deloitte. You can look up the video on youtube, just search "deloitte temenos ripple". There is a cut down video of about 6 minutes where the gentleman covers their estimated timeline for blockchain usage back in 2016 and how they see this whole thing playing out. He has basically been spot on, probably because he works for one of if not the largest consultancy groups in the world and has direct bank contacts. He mentions
  14. These comments lead me to believe you don't understand the use case of XRP as a bridge as opposed to thinking it is some currency everyone will accept. Today dollars, yuan, euro are mostly just 1's and 0's on a screen. Countries hold onto these in bank accounts in order to "move" money across borders, XRP removes the holding portion of the moving magic. XRP acts as JIT system for monetary movement. A fiat coin is no different than the system we have today and probably has neutral to positive effects on whether XRP becomes adopted as opposed to negative potential.
  15. They have 3.3B+ trapped in the system. Moneygram's business model is to prefund capital all around the world so their customers can quickly "send money" anywhere. That prefunded capital is "settlement assets".
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