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  1. I think it’ll be a quick little mini pump and dump followed by a gradual rise but, it’s just my guess. IF alts are going sideways I think this is fairly close. IF alts are going up I think the dump will be short lived. IF alts are going down I think there’s no pump and the dump will be short lived. I don’t need to cash out and won’t be selling anything but will be looking to see what there is to take part in. I fully expect there to be some level of dumping initially.
  2. Seems a little shady to be able to do all the different things Hinman does. With great access and power comes the potential for corruption and the ability to protect one’s self from the law. Rather ironic given the mission of the SEC itself. https://www.crypto-law.us/was-there-corrupt-intent-at-the-sec/
  3. I'm glad Jay Clayton pulled the trigger on this because now the SEC is continually being exposed for its ineptitude. It cant turn it off and start over. Each day the SEC digs itself a little deeper into a hole. Just like anyone who keeps trying to lie their way out of something, the more they try, the worse it gets. Like the Howey test of the 50s, there will likely be some sort of new 20s test wrt crypto as a result of this fiasco. Ripple and XRP holders pay the biggest price in terms of financial pain and delay but, we at least get to go first and get this over with. Its not fun today (for many) but the the good news is we've already come so far through this debacle. No one has a crystal ball but, fast forward to this time next year I'm sure we're all in a much better position as we'll have all of this nonsense in our rear view mirror.
  4. It'd be nice if Hugo and DS began working together routinely in a secure manner devoid of the Twitterverse. Best to have constructive live dialogue in private than limited sentences in public...especially when the public can interject in any number of ways.
  5. Good Lord Tiny. That ought to be on the top of the XRP Chat must read list. Tks!
  6. No. But lets evaluate again in say ~five years. Should be much clearer then. Changing the world’s financial plumbing is going to take some time but I think we’ll have enough progress by then to know for certain.
  7. So I just watched the first four minutes of it and I got to say that I didn’t pick up on most of the body language that you did. Now that’s not to say that I don’t see body language it’s just that, I see some of it and I don’t draw the same conclusions about what they mean. I always find it interesting when others are really good at reading both the nonverbal as well as verbal clues (what they said vs what they didn’t say) in conversations.
  8. By 2025 things ought to be getting pretty interesting.
  9. Hey @Stedas, Would tracking the number of crypto currencies developed and canceled over time be a good metric to observe? I know this doesn't fit well in your key XRP Stats but, it might make for an interesting infographic of the whole crypto space in general. My guess is starting back several years ago the number of crypto currencies developed would be minuscule and then dramatically ramp up i.e. BTC 2009, LTC 2011, XPR 2012, etc. to where we are today. Brad Garlinghouse has long predicted the coming demise of around 99% of the crypto out there as he identifies those with no real use case so, it might be interesting to see how this plays out visually over time. Just an idea. Sounds like a lot of work but if it does play out as such over the next few years it could prove to be a very interesting infographic. As it is today, there is enough info to show the first developmental decade of crypto. Looking on Coinmarketcap.com just now they have 2,389 cryptos listed. I had heard somewhere that there were upwards of 3,000 created but I don't know if that was just a round number lobbed out or if there were upwards of 3,000 created and over 600 of them have since disappeared. Any how, something to consider. Thanks.
  10. Very nice @Stedas! While I think you picked great stats for tracking XRP progress in the world, the one key performance indicator for me is volume. Not because it's one that shows the best improvement this year but because it's a leading indicator for showing utility and, with utility, I think we'll see all the other numbers rise. I know many people can be solely focused on price and I get it - I can't explain it's low price today other than to acknowledge crypto is a very manipulated market and anyone looking for returns today has a right to be very disappointed. I believe though that with money saving utility will come everything else...and that includes FOMO speculation. I think with increasing utility, upcoming regulatory clarity and FOMO your next Year-to-Year comparison (December 21, 2019 vs December 21, 2020) will look even more impressive. Best wishes to you and yours in 2020! Thanks again for all you do.
  11. While I do very much agree with your analysis, I think the term “speculators” is perhaps a little more accurate descriptor. A gambler seems more willing to take risk simply on chance and or odds. A speculator seems more willing to take risk by forming a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. You provide two such pieces of evidence above that supports why you are willing to take risk. Is it firm evidence? Some may argue that it’s not but, it is perhaps, a small amount of evidence that helps you in forming a theory of a positive outcome. I see the value in your support. I’m fine being considered either gambler or speculator but see myself as more of a speculator. I’m speculating that the value of digital assets at the end of the next decade will be much greater than they are today based on all the new evidence I continually see. Time will tell if my conjecture is accurate; not anyone shouting in this forum today.
  12. Thanks. I’ll take your advice. No, nope, wait a minute - that’d be stupid...
  13. exactly....it's not a real loss until one makes it so. A lot of us can say that we've got some serious loss on paper (I'm one) but I'm going to review my options again by say around 2025. If it's a loss then perhaps its a loss or I see the need to wait longer. I'm not scraping my opportunity perceiving I know the future today. I am still very optimistic based on all the progress I see going on the space. I have the feeling that if and when this thing goes up there will be lots of scraping going on trying to get in while its going up. Anyone trying to get in to crypto in late 2017 can relate. For me, taking a guaranteed loss today only to then see it rise to a profitable position - what ever that value is - is far worse for me than seeing this going down to zero. Confirming a loss today, especially if one is heavily invested, is just not something I can do. But each person is different. To each his or her own.
  14. I'm fine. I didn't expect rockets to the moon by this time. I think we'll see really good stuff in the coming decade so while I seem to continually be buying "into the dip", I'm OK with whats going. It's my belief that say, five years from now at the end of 2024, the value of XRP will be much higher than we see today and have seen to date. What that number will be is anybody's wild a$$ guess but I think it will be significant. It's hard to imagine today because utility based value for crypto doesn't yet exist.
  15. Thanks @mandelbaum, I’d never seen that clip from Chris Larson.
  16. “More than 80 banks in Japan have shown interest in joining JPMorgan’s blockchain payments platform, the Interbank Information Network (IIN).” Said Daizaburo Sanai, an executive director at JPMorgan... I’d give more credence to an article with a bank saying what they’re doing. Time will tell what really transpires.
  17. That’s really awesome @Stedas, you always make the best infographics. Would love to see you revisit this one in one year and do a growth or change in one year version. Obviously a few of the numbers will remain static but it would be interesting to see the delta or change in one year. It’s hard sometimes to see the change of progress. Thanks.
  18. Good to hear there’s people on the VET forums saying that VET can do what XRP has done. I’m of that opinion. Agreed that many have a hard time understanding that a few coins can excel while not impeding the success of another. I’m bullish on both XRP and VET for the same reason: I believe they’ll both appreciate much higher once their utility and performance becomes proven, accepted and appreciated. We aren’t there yet but I think we’re closing in for both. And when I say closing in I’m saying definitively by 2025. That may sound horribly far to some and I can appreciate that perspective. I’m cautiously optimistic I guess. As far as actual push back that’s because some people are just plain tribal. Some may actually want only “theirs” to succeed and others to fail solely simply for feelings of superiority.
  19. You’re not alone. We’re probably in the minority though.
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