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  1. XRP went 35000% in 18 months I have no idea what’s possible in a future scenario if irrational exuberance kicks in. What ever the percentage increase I’m quite certain I’ll be happy.
  2. @Julian_Williams, That Blockchain Business Value Forecast document sure looks interesting. I googled it and found it costs $1,299.00 Thats some pricey knowledge you’ve acquired; good on ya! Seeing Gartner’s forecast I realized that my thought of how I perceived XRP would rise in value matches what they forecast for the business value. It’s only these last few days since seeing your post that I’ve realized that XRP’s value could be a bit of a roller coaster ride following Gartner’s cyclical growth trajectory. Makes sense as I’ve already been on one part of the roller coaster ride. This flat part of the track is a bit boring. Been good for packing the bags a little better. You and @JannaOneTrick have been putting out some great education lately. My perspective on the possible future has been getting brighter.
  3. I can definitely see how this journey can take a toll on people. Moon shots are what I think a lot of what people think but this is probably a little more like interstellar space travel. It can be an extremely long journey, fraught with unknown perils as well as perceptions of great rewards, and once you’ve made your commitment to the journey (depending on what you’ve bought in at) you’re committed to sticking it out despite your desire to go back.
  4. Yep. I could interpret that to mean that World Wire is the first of its kind because nothing else is exactly like ‘it’...which to me means that others may be better and or worse. As far as their regulatory statement I can see that as applying to the asset class overall. I do see IBM as a perhaps strong competitor in the space but I also see them as having a bigger marketing mouth than the best technology to back it up. I may perhaps be a little biased in my view of them though as I’ve been working daily with them on an unrelated project for a little more than a year now. My experience is a single data point but, from it I’ve found them to be a little strong on promising and a little weak on delivering. World Wire with Stellar may/likely will be different but I’ll just chock them up as healthy competition and good for helping to bring regulatory clarity.
  5. @JannaOneTrick, Many thanks for all the great material you continually provide to XRP Chat and special thanks for summarizing so people like me can understand right up front and not be left to draw a conclusion...that may be wrong or possibly not happen. Some posts are a little too cerebral for me but, posts with a simple bottom line offered with plenty of solid support sure works. And yes - revolutionizing international trade looks like a very huge opportunity for leveraging Ripple's technology and it fits squarely into development of the IoV. Good stuff!
  6. Thanks for your views @dr_ed. They sound logical. Seems like you and Jana’s thoughts are similar. I think I too will just be patient till 2021ish and look for a good point to cash some out. The concept of 4 year cycles and such are all new to me. I’ll just keep on paying attention and learning from people I view as intelligent and informative. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @dr_ed - great analysis. Scary as hell but it is what it is. Interesting you point out holding metals and land; those are the two things I as well feel comfortable hanging on as well. Thanks for your analysis!
  8. Hi @dr_ed, Maybe you explained why elsewhere but could you briefly explain your thoughts as to why and what you’re looking at that would confirm or support your suspicion going forward? 2021 is pretty specific so you’ve obviously thought it through. Thanks.
  9. I agree @JannaOneTrick I wonder if from Ripple’s perspective this isn’t actually a preferred approach? I can see the benefit of not advertising all your successes and what your strategy is, especially when Ripple sees the need to pivot. Business is nothing more than the art of war. You wouldn’t want to telegraph your intentions to your opponent so as to allow them to gain the upper hand. The fact that Ripple keeps having the successes that so many here pull out of the news while they themselves are relatively modest in their own announcements seem to support this. I can’t help but think that in some point in our not too distant future there will be a tipping point and a dramatic shift will occur. I offer no hard facts as evidence and am only going off what I learn and and reflect upon. I’ll ‘guess’ and say it has something to do with the size of the RippleNet, xPool, and a patent. @BobWay can swat the tinfoil off my head for offering up this notion but it’s just how my brain thinks.
  10. One could say it will take so long it will feel like running a marathon. Who’s up for a run?
  11. With all the new customers Ripple is signing and with the glacial speed of global regulatory clarity I can see this position. By then there will be a larger number of RippleNet customers and more clarity so the speed of this marathon should start accelerating.
  12. “I’m still here since 4/5/2019”. But actually started buying on 6/2/2017.
  13. We'll see. It'd be great if you were the one who called it!
  14. OK - so I got two responses from Currency Direct. One was from the USA email address and one was from the UK email address. They both say the same thing: Address not found. I used usa@currenciesdirect.com and customer.s@currenciesdirect.com. Both email addresses came from: https://www.currenciesdirect.com/en/let-s-talk/contact-us Anyone care to take a stab at it?
  15. So what’s the official result from Q1 @ripplewaytogo? .30, .31...? I know at .45 I over shot but am curious how many got it right (if any) and what the range is. Thanks.
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