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  1. Thanks @JannaOneTrick Any chance you’ll get to go? Be our XRP Chat in the field reporter?
  2. How do you define this? Is it anyone who: 1. Is on XRP Chat 2. Has ever bought XRP 3. Still holds XRP today 4. Believes in the future of XRP 5. Has a day job writing distributed ledger technology legislation and regulations for state and tribal governments 6. Is some exotic mixture of the above
  3. Agreed. I think that interest initially was all based on get rich quick hype. Once something becomes proven a little bit and people start seeing the possibilities for the future I think that’ll all change. Not right away but possibly within a few short years. Another factor to consider is the change in demographics for institutional demand. Some of the people who held influence before will have been replaced with new influencers in the not so distant future. This new demographic will come with new perspectives and may bring with it renewed institutional interest and demand.
  4. Thanks @Julian_Williams This is what Coil is actually about; the foray into the streaming vs the sporadic batching of payments. Breaking the long held paradigm of payment batching and moving to have payments flowing on need just like water, fuel, electricity, etc. removes yet another layer of friction in business and commerce. This is what Coil is working to create and what their actual laser focus is about. There’s going to be a lot of stuff where this flowing payment velocity makes a lot more sense in the future than it does to us today on 20 August 2019. Now the question becomes: does this new flowing of value include the utilization of XRP? My belief is it will. And a secondary assumption of mine is that the higher the value of XRP the more efficient Coil’s problem solving model becomes. If this is all true then I see the efforts team Ripple has taken to date as really being the long strategy based on what they can do today with all the headwinds they encounter.
  5. Coil’s business case doesn’t really appeal to me but I’m the same guy who could have looked at Netflix’s business case and say it doesn’t appeal to me when I’ve got a Blockbuster just down the street from me. I know this because the above analogy is based on actual history for me. Today I have Netflix and a slab of empty concrete sits where Blockbuster used to. Just because I don’t initially see or appreciate the value of something doesn’t mean others don’t. I think it’s more important to learn what’s valuable for the most influential generation of a time and follow those early adopters. If they like it then I like it and will invest in it. I think that’s what we have with the leadership at coil.
  6. Seems a little too general for me to answer correctly. How would we know cause and effect is strictly from Bakkt? Is there a specific time frame we would agree to measure from to claim it’s from Bakkt? How do we negate any positive or negative influences that occur in the same time frame to ascertain it’s from Bakkt? Don't get me wrong, I see Bakkt finally going live as beneficial to crypto and to XRP future value. I just don’t know how to measure or anticipate it’s positive influence on XRP price in any certain period of time. Maybe someone sees how it can be done...?
  7. I’d say that there’s a new Hungarian a hole on XRP Chat. I guess they wish to speak on our behalf.
  8. Thanks @Molten I expected this type of feedback. I agree that I’m likely mixing apples and oranges but when I look on the data tab it appears to me that it uses volume.
  9. Was going to ask this in new thread but when I searched “volume” it brought me to this thread so I’ll ask my question here. Hopefully I’m not interrupting this thread... I would just like any intelligent feedback on why volume is dipping down. I expected to see a gradual increase in volume but I know that I likely don’t have a complete understanding of how MG’s use could/should drive up volume. So to be precise: Shouldn't we be seeing a gradual increase in volume or are dips in volume on the way up to be expected? Source is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/htmlview# Thanks.
  10. Awesome. A vibrant city. Go have some “beef on a leaf and kimchi” for me when you can. I absolutely loved doing that when I was there. I forget what it’s really called. Yep, toxic is a good descriptor. Enjoy yourself there!
  11. Hmmm...wouldn’t that automatically exclude 50% of us without calculating ones own wealth?
  12. I hope that @ 60c you recover everything if you’re clearing house. Crypto is too new to get a real educated guess on. Consider looking at the objective of Ripple and what they are up against. Remember the claim a couple years ago about this being a marathon based on what was known and perceived at that time. Consider a macro perspective vs trying to read crypto market or XRP short term performance. A great video to watch from someone who’s very positive on BTC, but who’s logic IMO is very applicable for XRP, is from a Thomas Lee of Fundstrat. I think he’s got a great perspective on what we’re in for and in my opinion it’s more long term than short term. Thinking long term is likely far more accurate for what we’re in for than suggesting we’re preparing for our moon shot. Take a look and see what you think: Hope all is well with you and yours.
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