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  1. “More than 80 banks in Japan have shown interest in joining JPMorgan’s blockchain payments platform, the Interbank Information Network (IIN).” Said Daizaburo Sanai, an executive director at JPMorgan... I’d give more credence to an article with a bank saying what they’re doing. Time will tell what really transpires.
  2. That’s really awesome @Stedas, you always make the best infographics. Would love to see you revisit this one in one year and do a growth or change in one year version. Obviously a few of the numbers will remain static but it would be interesting to see the delta or change in one year. It’s hard sometimes to see the change of progress. Thanks.
  3. Good to hear there’s people on the VET forums saying that VET can do what XRP has done. I’m of that opinion. Agreed that many have a hard time understanding that a few coins can excel while not impeding the success of another. I’m bullish on both XRP and VET for the same reason: I believe they’ll both appreciate much higher once their utility and performance becomes proven, accepted and appreciated. We aren’t there yet but I think we’re closing in for both. And when I say closing in I’m saying definitively by 2025. That may sound horribly far to some and I can appreciate that perspective. I’m cautiously optimistic I guess. As far as actual push back that’s because some people are just plain tribal. Some may actually want only “theirs” to succeed and others to fail solely simply for feelings of superiority.
  4. You’re not alone. We’re probably in the minority though.
  5. Then don’t let him *win. Don’t guarantee a loss. You’ve come this far... Think about how you will feel in the future if you cash out now and XRP goes to your break even point and or rolls right on beyond. Conversely think about how you will feel if you continue to hold and this effort fails. In which scenario will you feel worse? Which scenario feels more likely to you? Not investment advice; questions about which scenario makes you feel worse. A certain loss of ~60%, a potential for 100% loss or a potential to recover 100% or more. Nobody in this forum has a crystal ball that works. But a look around at the developments in this space and the momentum going forward. The reason most investors fail is because they’re incredibly impatient. If I’d invested $1K in Amazon during its IPO in May 1997, it would’ve been worth $1.36M as of September 2018. And if I had been in “AmazonChat” all that time I would have been told a million times that I was stupid for holding on. *I don’t see this as a win from his perspective or from yours.
  6. Same here Julian. I think the coming decade will demonstrate the growth of XRP. I’ve experienced decades of decreasing purchasing power of the USD. I still accumulate and hold until I see how this plays out.
  7. I experience the same attitude with all but two people I know. One is a good friend who only dabbled in LTC but has since lost his big interest and the other is my significant other and she’s a big believer in the future of XRP. Everyone else either produces the dull stare of a dairy cow or goes eyes wide open and tries to explain how “crypto” is illegal. Not a lot of interest. They will however, most likely become an overnight expert if and when theres been lots of exposure from people becoming wealthy from its rise in value. Nobody’s interested when it’s cheap; everybody’s interested after it’s gotten expensive.
  8. Agreed. Basically this effort is only a blip of information ignored by the masses to date. It’s not to crypto enthusiasts but, to the masses, they will know of BTC at best.
  9. So his measuring stick for progress has always been getting banks to hold XRP directly. He’s set to retire 31 December 2019 and Germany’s set to enable banks to hold XRP 1 January 2020. I don’t know how old he is or how old readers of this post are but, I know that when I get to look like his age I’ll be retired and be nowhere near as successful he has been. Maybe it’s just that he sees his objective in life as achieved? https://decrypt.co/12603/new-law-makes-germany-crypto-heaven
  10. Nope. Just got feedback from Eri. Everything was out of pocket for them. They got an invite to attend but no monetary assistance. I made an unintentional mental leap of faith that the company used marketing funds to make it happen. Comes likely from my traveling on corporate dime since the mid 80s. My bad.
  11. Wow. Didn’t realize that. Even cheaper then. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone on my dime even though I can afford to attend. I guess to those who went it’s possibly seen as an investment and or tax write off as well.
  12. Yep. That’s all I saw. Well spent marketing dollars. Out of this a lot of good information about what Ripple is doing will be produced by a variety of people for varying audiences. And it’s likely to have some staying power as this brought people together that have like passions and knew of each other but had never met each before. It’s likely helped bond this small community for years to come.
  13. If they’re late to the party that’s okay. Coming in late with deep pockets is great for the party.
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