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  1. Exactly. It’s a response you’d expect from a person with class. It comes from confidence. He doesn’t have to put anything down to make what he and his team is doing. Putting anything or anyone down doesn’t advance their cause; what team Ripple does advances their cause. It also prevents noise. Saying anything derogatory derails the conversation and requires a re-attack and explanation at the next interview, conference, etc. Keeping it positive, simple and repetitive negates the issue and he’s able to focus on covering the important recent challenges, progress, successes, upcoming projects of interest etc. It is as you say @Sharkey, the context of the conversation. We can expect more of it.
  2. Interesting use of graphics to illustrate your point of price performance for the various crypto. Another interpretation could be that you’re attempting to show which crypto will see the greatest use and have the longest staying power for usage. In that case I really like your analogy as all the others have long been retired! 👍
  3. Actually BG's made that same statement several times in interviews over the years. He's also repeatedly said he doesn't see only one winner in crypto. Neither statement imply that XRP riding on RippleNet doesn't become the best approach for creating the global IoV. But who am I talking to? You're out...
  4. To each his or her own @Capone. Too late to say 'hang in there with all the good news that keeps coming out' as we each have our own limits of patience and tolerance levels. Best of luck. I guess the only advice I would offer is don't keep watching the XRP price as you could possibly drive yourself nuts.
  5. Always a pleasure @Hodor! We used to look forward getting the Times, the Local Squeal, or the Daily Rag in paper format on the driveway. In it was all sorts of stuff we didn't care to read about when we looked inside but - we kept hoping for good news with the next edition anyway. Now we routinely get the XRP News Update delivered in our hand and with each digital issue the news just keeps getting better and better. This issue is a great one for all the expected reasons but I really liked one tidbit that I didn't know about (typical) and was really pleased to learn: "Formerly with the SEC, Michelle Bond's new title with Ripple is 'Global Head of Government Relations." I think with all that's going on - Ripple's long involvement with banks and regulators, lobbying, progress on the Token Taxonomy Act and onboarding SEC team members, etc. - the security issue of lore will be revised and become a thing of the past. Love following a team that continues to get it right. It makes the marathon that much easier to endure. Thanks for your consistent production and on time delivery of the XRP News Update!
  6. Great observation! I’d love to see this rude awakening be the catalyst for regulatory action.
  7. Yep. Now that they’re in a remittance company maybe they can buy a “switch”, install it and flip it to the “on” position. Gotta have a switch to flip...👍 Seriously though I fully agree. I’m glad to see it happening and I’m hopeful for great results.
  8. Yep. I think a lot of companies may see ‘potential’ benefit applying Ripple’s tech and XRP but, what they see first and larger from their perspective is change and risk. I don’t think this is a sign of Ripple being desperate to buy MG as much as it is a sign of MG’s position of being on a burning platform for change. Companies that have a true burning platform for changes to survive are the best candidates for what Ripple offers. It’s from the company’s perspective. Theres lots of other things going on discussed in this thread and there’s a lot of truth in all of them but I’ll offer the one biggest pull in all of this is a failing MG. The pain had to get to a point where the fear of failing continuing on the current path far outweighed the pain and risk of change. They are now motivated and moldable. Success for them I will wager is highly likely. Learning for both is highly likely. If true, then loss of market share for other companies like WU is eminent. Then it becomes a new performance standard and real adoption begins. We could be looking at a potential tipping point in the space. Time will tell if this movement is significant or just another twitch in our crawl.
  9. That evokes quite the image: rolling in wearing a Stetson hat, Ariat shirt, Columbia shorts and Tecovas boots to take in an opera. God Bless Texas! And how does Austin rank when compared to other US cities you might ask? Pretty darn tootin good! https://realestate.usnews.com/real-estate/slideshows/25-best-places-to-live-in-the-us?slide=25
  10. A new and simple post by Ripple. It’s a horrible and sad fact that there’s so many people like her who spend so much time, money and effort just to send money home. The two things she has so little of (time and money); that’s the last thing in the world she should have to put up with. So glad to be following a company with the drive, vision and talent to right this wrong. XRP hodlrs will likely be rewarded for helping Ripple along their journey. Rewarded not only finically but ethically in helping so many like Joyce. https://ripple.com/insights/global-payments-shouldnt-be-stressful-joyces-story/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=organic_social
  11. You always find and share the best stuff @JannaOneTrick Would absolutely love to attend the 1 July 11:30 presentation. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity out of this one. Many thanks for what you do!
  12. My first reaction to your post right now was one of excitement and that’s probably contrary and viewed as unsettling to most. Then when I read your beliefs on becoming worth as much as $50 to $300 at some point my excitement grows even more. To buy more in a “crash” is exactly what I’ll do. Selling below $10 isn’t even a need nor will it possibly ever be a need. At $30 or so it becomes massively enriching so I hope the “gambling risk taking BTC whales” push their bets far enough to realize the truth behind BTC, bring about a new XRP sale price, and XRP begins to be valued based on what it is and what it can do. Exciting and potentially turbulent times ahead. We’re a good way into Brad’s marathon at least.
  13. Hahaha! What a great analogy! Agreed. It starts out slow and eventually everyone’s in on it. Gosh... I don’t think I’ve seen that movie many times since I first watched it in 1980. Still a classic flick in my mind. And an A-list cast to boot: Akroid, Belushi, Ray Charles, Aretha, Carrie Fisher, James Brown and John Candy to name a few. Thanks for the flashback!
  14. And you look fabulous darling! Yeah I’m always amazed by the amount of RippleNet progress consistently being made and how the value of XRP remains as stagnant as west Texas pond water. I keep telling myself it’s OK because some event or trigger or tipping point will happen in the future and the days of cheap XRP are over. I still feel this to be true but it does wear on ya after a year or two or three. I know many here have years on me and are hardened so I tell myself to suck it up buttercup and stop whining. But you’re right, a few more corridors of liquidity, a few more major partnerships, offices opened in important regions, god forbid some regulatory clarity by governments around the globe and suddenly your feeling sillier than ever for having ever worried. But this is today and today’s approach for me is to stay my course, remain calm, read @Hodor‘s blogs on incredible progress, review the vast array of information posted by numerous XRP Chat posters and laugh at the steady stream of comedic gifs and comments you and others provide. Looking forward to the onslaught of global FOMO.
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