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  1. Yup, sold 30 of them last year. Still hodling!
  2. Man, I just realised the author of the article is currently R3's CTO
  3. Taken from the article by Richard Gendal / Not my work, but I really think this needed to be posted here. Worth reading all the way down. What do you think @Hodor?
  4. I'm on the verge of exploding with every single Spanish person here in Madrid talking about XRP being centralized. I'm trying hard to add up the investors of XRP but people seem to follow the "It's premined 100%", "Ripple owns the majority", BS every time instead of seeing the big picture. I'm loosing faith on people nowadays who are used to everything being free and easy, without giving proper acknowledgement to those who create something of top quality. What can I do to persuade them to see differently? It's demotivating sometimes to think the idea will be passed on to people interested on crypto in the future. It's also hard when people seem to be in crypto just for hitting the 1000% ROI in a month with all the stupid **** ICOs happening in Spain. I like the team and the company, I see the potential, but I know its on us the believers to convert as many people into the same belief in order for XRP to truly succeed. As you can see I'm a bit frustrated about the current status of SWELL taken out of context and ppl blaming Ripple of how XRP is not $1. We need to come up with a proper script for everyone to use in tough debates where people just seem to scream "Centralized" & "Premined" What do you think?
  5. That's why the escrow commitment is taking place, and also it's very different to release steady amounts as demand grows. Keeps the objective of making $XRP less volatile while maintaining the up-trend. I'm not in XRP to get filthy rich, I'm in because I'm actually going to be using XRP in the future to travel around the world without paying a third party to transfer/wire my money to a bank account.
  6. What profit? Swing trading for 5-10% it's completely stupid given the potential of $XRP. I suggest that if you don't believe in Ripple's longterm commitment and calling out @JoelKatz a BS, GTFO. I mentioned in the post that its all theory & spec, recently I've been changing my mind to the possibility of a couple of swing traders following chart trends when Ripple announced SWELL since its the same pattern we got before and after. Don't ever miss the big picture, and talk **** where your money (if you have any) is invested in. I'm sticking to $XRP long term.
  7. It's a well founded thought but I do my bet based on the * mark of Ripple's last update on XRP's supply: Total includes business development agreements that are still pending Where I would see people getting rid of XRP would be around the 0.4 mark where every holder is profiting and would potentially want to exit if not true believers. It's kind of stupid to be selling on loss on the 0.2 levels....but well we know how many uneducated traders we have on the crypto space. What I'm trying to point out is, does the volume affect the algorithm of exchanges and Coinmarketcap's valuation of XRP? There's these 3 factors which affect the price volatility of XRP: XRP held by Ripple XRP distributed (as of September 17th) XRP to be placed in escrow. Ripple could well give out more of their holdings thinking of longterm higher prices which will keep the company valuation even if they own less XRP. But again this is all theory and strategy thoughts from my Financial and Macro Economics background. Quick edit: Also important to mention that the XRP set for escrow still belongs to Ripple and they will continue to distribute it constantly.
  8. Actually if you read the second part of @JoelKatz post you will understand along with the Q3 report that they could've lent the XRP or gave it even for free. "If Ripple is releasing XRP in a way that doesn't produce direct revenue for Ripple, it would be because we believe the upside (in growing the network and incentivizing adoption) exceeds the downside (in dilution)."
  9. It's a hybrid in fact, a mix of digital asset (how Ripple defines it, which makes it key to Ripple's valuation as a company) and on the other hand it acts out as a currency which operates like FX and has almost identical properties as any stock does. Stock Dilution/Inflation call it what you want, it has an actual impact on the price, even if its not being traded on exchanges. It went out of Ripple's pouch and has the potential to be sold in the future. Voilá there you have it
  10. Asset volume on circulation adds up to the market cap valuation once it comes out of Ripple's pocket, even if its not going into the public markets per se.... do you even understand the basic concepts of stock trading?
  11. Great minds think alike! Yeah the price drops because it simply adds more potential XRP to the market, and also the pricing deals should've been low for big volume acquisitions. Or as @JoelKatz said: " If Ripple is releasing XRP in a way that doesn't produce direct revenue for Ripple, it would be because we believe the upside (in growing the network and incentivizing adoption) exceeds the downside (in dilution). Of course you can disagree with our calculations."
  12. Of course they sell on discount, it's called volume sale. These Financial Institutions are buying by the millions and we only buy by the 5 to 10k every month. But indeed that should go with a very strong contract clause about selling through an exchange. I believe firmly that Ripple does everything with complete transparency and looking into the future and benefit of every single one of their shareholders.
  13. It's a theory but definitely possible, yeah they can't sell into exchanges but the volume registered on the network triggers day traders and also stop-losses etc. It's very complex and yes dilution happens with any asset/share of companies, it affects the shareholders (us)
  14. Exactly, SWELL was the perfect moment to maintain XRP's price on the 0.20's levels even if there was dilution since the hype was scaling up to the 0.5 cents - It was a brilliant strategy if they actually played it like that. Otherwise price would have dropped below 0.17 with the institutional sales. But this is all theory still.
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