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  1. Here we go @BobWay 98396C51BA70CD9893DA13D38502593DE14DA4857B00FFECEDA1AE4843AC6126
  2. Thanks for participating @BobWay. I’ve been watching some weird XCN transactions on the ledger. While the transactions always fail (tecPATH_dry), they are in denominations of 10,001. The photo is my research into who I believe is behind XCN. Can you shed any light on these txns.
  3. You prove my point with this response. I nor the other mods were ever delusional, accepting all points of view at face value is fine in my book. Have Kich and the riddlers proved to be false profits? Yes. Does that undermine the knowledge we have on XRP and the ethos of the club to research and dig to expand that knowledge? No. The point here is that we had Kich and you smelt something fishy. But instead of explaining your point of view in a balanced and non-emotive/insulting way, you went all in with things like offering information in DM to those who paid homage to you/admitted their mistake. Which is kind of sociopathic (don’t get me started on why you’re using benders avatar). Frankly, you had me in your corner up until the point that you started laying into me and other members for trying to keep the peace while managing you. I still wish you hadn’t gone down this route and that you were in the server but you made your bed. It’s a shame.
  4. Mod from the BG discord here. I think the old adage of don’t feed the trolls rings true here. As I keep stressing, Kak wasn’t kicked from the BG discord for anything but his attitude. It’s how he treated people that was the problem. He expected people to turn on Kichiro in a zero-sum manner before anything was proven false. Attitude matters in everything in life and this was the wrong way of going about it - he was relentless and it got boring very fast. As for seeking an apology - you won’t get one from me. If people discounted what someone is saying off the bat then we wouldn’t have progressed our knowledge beyond TA and hopes. The work that these people spawned was pretty incredible - it provided motivation for people to find real information. If anything - it’s attitude that matters. You can have a contrarian point of view but many struggle to not be a **** about it. From what I’m reading here, that’s the reason you’re on the outer. It’s not that you or Kak know better, it’s that you struggle, like Kak, to contain your ego.
  5. That is not your information and they were asked not to share - what could be shared ws. It didn't belong to you and you did not earn the right to it. Your sense of entitlement is staggering. Go develop sources of your own. You never really contributed much of value anyway mate - you were just a guy in a room listening. Night.
  6. Thats not what happened but its your word against mine. Don't have time to keyboard battle so have fun.
  7. Good stuff, at least we can agree on that. But I doubt it'll moon tomorrow. Peace.
  8. Still butthurt I see Jag...lols. And remember - that screenshot you were showing in the zerpening was a photoshop. I had cryptograffix work it up for you guys.
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