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  1. Now posting this kind of content would get me banned
  2. Zerpening is a well run club, but folks there tend to be quite jumpy around topics such as a) market implosion (aka XRP to 0.05€ and back) b) excitingly shaped butts. What can you do?
  3. As I said many times before PoW will be banned because there is no justification for spending tWh on tx confirmation.
  4. Well... https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitfinex-used-tether-reserves-to-mask-missing-850-million-probe-finds-11556227031?mod=rsswn
  5. Some of you were stupid enough to hodl when told to save yourselves, some of you were stupid enough to try to convince others that it's gonna be alright. Well...
  6. Buckle up, you are for a ride. At this point I wouldn't rule out bitcoin going sub 1kEUR on its way to 0EUR.
  7. It's clearly not a panic phase, people are still invested in ideas such as TRX, VET, IOTA and many others. Panicis in front of us not behind us.
  8. Prices went down as much as 36% in recent weeks.
  9. I was writing about crypto market in general, which has little to do with Ripple Net.
  10. It isn't, we are simply between fear and capitulation phases of them bubbles
  11. Without Tether pump, BTC would be news mainly because of DPRK, Vinnik, "technology", ransomware, Kerpeles etc. Again something really easy to check by going through news articles prior to Tether pump.
  12. I'm pointing out facts. We can disagree about their meaning all day long but they are still facts. Frauds and criminal activity were always part of this space, everyone who denies it is dishonest, while people trying to obfuscate well known facts that pretty much anyone can Google are dumb.
  13. Better paranoid and correct than dishonest and dumb. https://www.coindesk.com/bot-named-willy-did-mt-goxs-automated-trading-pump-bitcoin-price
  14. Please stop spreading lies. BTC was pumped in a similar vein back in MtGox days. It was called Willy and Marcus. You can literally go to btctalk forum and check it for yourself.
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