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  1. He was, but to his defence he wasn't the only one or the most dishonest one.
  2. As I said many times before 0.05€ is within reach
  3. My pleasure. Let's see how long it will take xrp to hit 0.05€
  4. Now posting this kind of content would get me banned
  5. Zerpening is a well run club, but folks there tend to be quite jumpy around topics such as a) market implosion (aka XRP to 0.05€ and back) b) excitingly shaped butts. What can you do?
  6. As I said many times before PoW will be banned because there is no justification for spending tWh on tx confirmation.
  7. Well... https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitfinex-used-tether-reserves-to-mask-missing-850-million-probe-finds-11556227031?mod=rsswn
  8. Some of you were stupid enough to hodl when told to save yourselves, some of you were stupid enough to try to convince others that it's gonna be alright. Well...
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