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  1. to answer the question, he did his job of convincing people not to take profits, he isn't needed anymore.
  2. it's time to start the final countdown
  3. go back to the time when bubble of 2017 popped. same story. lot's of denial.
  4. It looks like I was being too optimistic with my €0.05 prediction.
  5. Whales are pumping other shitcoins to sell them to then pump BTC with profits from shitcoins. Look up tweets of someone like whale panda from 2017/18.
  6. I've sold everything. Order closed after two years, now it's matter of getting to that sweet 0.05€ target in a timely fashion.
  7. Yes, most would decide to wait until XRP hits 10usd, the same way they haven't cashed out during bubble.
  8. Dan was trading on Poloniex few years ago, his BTC got stuck there and he solicited shrem's help to get them back.
  9. He was, but to his defence he wasn't the only one or the most dishonest one.
  10. My pleasure. Let's see how long it will take xrp to hit 0.05€
  11. Now posting this kind of content would get me banned
  12. Zerpening is a well run club, but folks there tend to be quite jumpy around topics such as a) market implosion (aka XRP to 0.05€ and back) b) excitingly shaped butts. What can you do?
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