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  1. Is this scam or partner of Ripple the company?
  2. Hi there I see a failure in the ledger system for Blockchain if and when quantum computers are being used to hack the system. We already know that quantum computers have been used to hack unhackable systems with ease. The question i have is there any partnerships being setup with XRP and a quantum technology security protocol company to built on top or embedded into the Blockchain to remove the threat of quantum computer attacks.
  3. Thanks Lucky; I was not clear on the way Ripple have access to this Code and how they control its usage. Its a first to Market issue. Sorry guys im not trolling what ever that is. Your answers are still not clear to me. Can you explain why an investor would invest large some off money into this technology. Open source Code to be used by anybody. centralized Network. interoperability between ledgers. networks and enterprices digital currency 1000's of use cases 100's of partnerships signed banks testing and running Xcurrect, xrapid, xrp anything else. Pretend your explaining this to a house wife. Thanks jcdenton. What is trolling?
  4. All great answers. But still left wondering. Apologies Lucky sorry to offend Ill need to google open source. So its not open to the public to take the same software and copy , extend it, make it better and use somewhere else. Is it ip property of Ripple labs or not? I dont know how to ask this question any other way can someone help me please. Whats stopping others from just copying it. Guys i am eliminating doubt in my mind just. I understand the Technology
  5. Thanks for the link but that is a nothing document. Has anyone got an answer to this question. WHo ownes the XRP technology? with documented evidence please. It must be a secured technology if this is going to be used to transfer trillions of dollars and it definitely wont be open source. DO you understand what i am saying here people? Dont get me wrong i love XRP and i have some. I am looking for reasons why its not loved more. regards COnor
  6. ANYONE? answer my question. who ownes the IP of XRP. ripple labs or open source
  7. Ok thnaks for the update. Does ripple labs own the Interledger interoperability source code is what i really want to know. Is it open source. I have seen people leaving xrp and designing other code for micro concepts using xrp? So what stopping other from copying the code. Or is it to late for them. Because xrp have been working on this project for 10 years already amd they have the contracts signed and sealed. Just waiting on adoption from the masses. but customers are ready and waiting?? you guys are quick . thanks for the responses.
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