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  1. No one would send 220,000 XRP to a random address. I'm surprised all the toxic and nasty people in this forum (and boy there's a lot) haven't come in and made a bunch of stupid comments.
  2. Still intrigued how you got your xrp stolen?
  3. Were these on a paper wallet, ledger or exchange? You probably don't want to hear this now but a meaningful amount of xrp should (in my opinion) be spread across multiple address. I agree that this increases the chances of something happening but the chances that you still have xrp are almost inevitable as well. 3 nano's and commit all seeds to memory- fool proof system.
  4. Damn that's gotta hurt, I assume they didn't get that 100k xrp back? Ive heard similar with litecoin every now and then. This can be set in the field labeled "network fee" when using my ledger live, right?
  5. Thank you very much, Legend.! I like this https://minivalist.cinn.app/ website
  6. I'm sorry, did I affect your incy wincy little world? I recommend you keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself, how does that sound to you, your royal highness?
  7. So the bigger the network the stronger the network, right? I have no doubt that many btc maximalists would have tried to hack, destroy xrp (i'd bet money on it), so it must be pretty damn good tech if there hasn't been any major problems as of yet, other than the one you mentioned in November-december...
  8. Yes I read about that. I was more coming from a, central point of failure point of view, or what ever the term is. Excuse my layman's, I'm not a power nerd, not that there's anything wrong with having a sizeable brain.
  9. I have a strong inclination central banks will have reserves of xrp not btc.
  10. So I'm getting a strong no which would mean xrp is as decentralised as f@#k. Which brings me to my next question, what colour lambo should I buy?
  11. Hi, I've been pondering this, I'm not a tech guy either. But, is it possible to shut xrp down? From what I know and what I've researched this isn't possible. Is it the same as bitcoin, in the sense that you can't shut it down?
  12. Not sure if this is the correct discussion board. I am setting up some escrows in Harbor wallet and i was wondering if I need to use the private key if harbor wallet or SBC aren't around when I need to access the escrow? But, now that I am using their wallet it's done through the wallet. I was doing some long term escrows so want to be 100% on everything!! Maybe I am confused about how an escrow works. 1. is the sending wallet the main wallet that needs permission to approve the transaction if I don't have access to harbor? and 2.receiving wallet only needs the receiving address and no permission to wallet is needed other than receiving? thanks
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