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  1. Do you think this slower breakout will be good for altcoins?
  2. I've been away for a while, any word on our good buddy @Hopium? I could use a good laugh right about now!
  3. I think it's lmfao. Who cares. I'm rich b**ch
  4. Can't believe Dogecoin is a rank above XRP. Lfmao
  5. Read this headline as Ripple Stengthens Patience 🤣
  6. Just because you're not buying, doesnt mean you're selling. You could just be hodling 😉
  7. Perhaps we should comment frequently on this thread to keep the @Hopium torch burning!!
  8. @karlos I wholeheartedly agree with @Neurotoxin I don't know what our affable amphibian was banned over but I do know that I enjoyed @Hopium's humorous outlook and informative posts. What say we let bygones be bygones and restore our prince of polliwogs!!
  9. Time is crucial though! How long will this bull run last?? Who knows!!
  10. @Daniel8I didn't mention Siacoin and Tron in my previous list of solid altcoins but I've been doing very well with them. I've scalped some profits and also kept some shares for the long haul. With those scalped profits my plan is to buy some altcoins like Pundi X (NPXS) that is under one penny, in hopes of some explosive growth. We'll see how it goes.
  11. Yes, no luck 😪 I searched everywhere for the "hide small balance" box that @quan suggested to uncheck to no avail. I emailed Binance support for help. I may have missed out on BTT at this point but thank you for checking on me! Good luck to you and happy trading 😊
  12. Ok thank you! Note to self: must move to another country
  13. What exchange are you using to buy BTT? I tried to buy BTT on Binance (as CoinMarketCap indicates) but for some reason it doesn't come up when I search for it. I'm thinking U.S. citizens are blocked from buying it. I've had a heck of a time finding the alt coins I want on exchanges that are US friendly. CoinMarketCap will list an exchange and I'll go through the laborious process of opening an account just to find out it's not accessible.
  14. I'm looking at Cardstack, Blox, Pundi X, BitTorrent, VeChain and HoloChain to name a few. I'm trying to figure out how to use Uniswap in order to buy some of these alts but I still have some questions. Uniswap's default crypto for swapping is ETH. But since ETH is nearing an ATH, is it better to buy a lower priced coin for swapping? If anyone can offer guidance, please advise!! Thank you 🤑
  15. "The speculator's chief enemies are always boring from within. It is inseparable from human nature to hope and to fear....The successful trader has to fight these two deep-seated instincts...Instead of hoping he must fear; instead of fearing he must hope." I"m about to dig in and read this trading classic for the first time. Any takers??
  16. Being pro-Trump is not a good look right now. Despite how one may feel about his economic policies, his current dangerous actions have lead to one of the darkest days in U.S. history and will overshadow anything else. It's a hot political topic that is probably best left off of these types of chat forums, imho.
  17. Twitter is talking about a Discord trading group pumping xrp right now
  18. Oh Lord no! I started accumulating XRP in 2018 between .22 - .40 and I sold everything a week ago. Made a VERY modest profit and reinvested in XDG and XLM. I learned a crucial lesson to diversify my portfolio🙄 So, with any new earnings I'm considering investing in: VET, ADA, XTZ, DGB, KIN, DOT, NEXO
  19. Well full speed ahead then! I feel quite special!
  20. Make sure you have SEC clarity before selling billions of your CFC
  21. Never thought Dogecoin would be my moneymaker right now. Life is strange.
  22. Lol thank you for making me laugh. P.S. the tuna/whitefish paté looks tasty
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