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  1. $20 EOY - is that some kind of half-baked 'creative visualization' exercise?
  2. Do you know the history of Sears? Easy to poke fun at it now, but it used to be a great place to have a career.
  3. I'm afraid to ask where you might think a 2400% rise might come from.
  4. It will be very lucky to end this horrific year at 50 cents.
  5. Don't have to tell me twice to buy more!
  6. For those of us who bought once and stayed put, it matters a great deal.
  7. Oh, don't worry - 'support' is not far away. I recall the same noise when XRP dipped below $2.
  8. And I am sure the ones calling you a troll have fallen silent. That will be conveniently forgotten. Now $3 EOY seems wildly optimistic unless some huge breakthrough occurs.
  9. This crypto market is the great leveler - all the pompous posturing and nonsense results in nothing more than tossing darts at a board.
  10. Really, you think constant happychat is useful at this point?
  11. Conspicuously absent from this thing is 'entitlement' - certainly off the charts among the crypto investment community.
  12. Hodor, Agreed - I believe the days of empty speculation are over with crypto. The party was the end of last year and that will not happen again. What will survive and endure is utility.
  13. All the chatter about XRP finding its own way is premature. Still joined at the hip with the horrid Bitcoin. There may be a meaningful flight to quality if Bitcoin continues to capitulate. Interesting times.
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