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  1. Oh, and the reason Ripple hasn’t made any commitments to XRP holders is because that would make it a security.
  2. “Wish you were here, but you’re not.”
  3. I wanted the XRPL to benefit everyone, not just a select few. I guess because you guys think that you’re going to be a part of the select few, instead of the suckers paying for it, is why only a person on the receiving end fights for you. It’s like a modern day episode of the Twilight Zone. Don’t get me wrong, I love flying first class from vacation to vacation, but this isn’t why I became interested in crypto.
  4. Is there a reason you don’t want people to know that the original commitments made by Ripple no longer exist? Do you have a financial incentive to keep people in the dark?
  5. Schrödinger’s cat is out of the bag. I saw who wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because they care about the network and it’s just a few people who are mostly volunteers.
  6. "All of the ripples were created by the founders, who gave 80% of them to OpenCoin. Of those, around 55 billion will be given away in some form or other." https://www.coindesk.com/chris-larsen-ripple-is-http-for-money?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true
  7. Says Larsen: “You give [XRP] away for free, and you give it away in a way that’s super easy to use. Then I think the merchants come with that.” https://www.fastcompany.com/2682032/bitcoin-20-can-ripple-make-digital-currency-mainstream
  8. "If we could immediately distribute all the Ripple credits that we want to distribute equally to everyone in the world, we would," Ripple CEO Chris Larsen says in a phone interview. OpenCoin intends to give away over 55 billion XRP through giveaways. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/introducing-ripple
  9. Ripple originally promised to giveaway 55 billion XRP, but that’s no longer a thing.
  10. Asking for screenshots of something you think exists and have been cheering for blindly for 2 years is the same thing as Schrödinger’s cat? LOL
  11. Lack of contributors. I have never seen so many people gather and declare their intent to do nothing. It’s not like this with any other crypto. (Again, I do not own any crypto right now.)
  12. https://fortune.com/2017/10/23/bitcoin-ripple-brad-garlinghouse/
  13. Actually, Brad has been very honest that Ripple plans to make money from transaction fees. I have to find the article, but he said it plain as day.
  14. Whoever is able to charge for transactions, gets the keys to the castle. This is what everyone is competing for right now, even though nobody will say it out loud.
  15. Only XRP holders think XRP is ideally suited for anything. Can you please show me a few screenshots of applications utilizing ODL?
  16. That could be used with any other crypto or no crypto at all.
  17. Outside of XRP holders who think it’s going to be some sort of world reserve currency, there are well known companies that don’t have a high opinion of it. I wish more people would talk to industry leaders themselves. Somebody from IBM told me IBM was interested in running a trial on the XRPL, but in the end he couldn’t tell if Ripple had anything more than a marketing department. The only people willing to talk wanted to setup press releases. He said they could talk about press releases after trialing the tech. Radio silence. Another executive told me that Ripple runs a full scale fx operation. They have 90 employees that work on it. It’s called XRP desk or something like that. He didn’t have a high opinion of XRP either.
  18. I don’t even know who makes any of the software RippleNet uses because it’s not the people who work on the XRPL, which uses C++. Different people, different team, different language, different goals. Do you those people got offloaded onto Xpring?
  19. When it’s the middle of the night and we’re one validator away from halting, you can look around and see who’s there and who’s not. I know who’s not losing any sleep over the XRPL.
  20. You can look at GitHub to see who’s contributing. If you had asked me how many people from Ripple work on the XRPL, I would’ve answered none. They off-loaded those people onto Xpring, whatever Xpring is.
  21. My only guess is it’s not a concern because Ripple’s main use for XRP is selling it. If you want to be able to use it, it’s on you to provide the infrastructure and manpower. RippleNet is not the XRPL.
  22. And it’s not like I have magical insight here. Anybody who looks up close can see what I do. If you were a non-Ripple affiliated business would you want to build on the XRPL? Hell no. (Would be my answer, anyway.)
  23. Hyperfocusing on one validator, or on ME, is a dangerous trap that many have seemingly fallen into. dUNL validators have voting power. How do you maintain control over the direction of the network? Keep out those who haven’t pledged allegiance to you. Crony decentralization is a million times worse than actual centralization. Some people prefer centralization. And when you’re honest about it, people can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to participate. If you are not able to use objective criteria to justify or explain why certain validators were given voting power while other validators were excluded from the dUNL, all behind closed doors at Ripple, there is no evidence that at least some some validators weren’t chosen because they are really just proxy votes for Ripple so they can pretend to be “decentralized.”
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