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  1. What are Central Banks doing as all of this is happening? Why do they need to exist? I think both XRP and XLM will increase in price because they work during a time when everything is so fundamentally broken. They're also both backed by entities that have the resources and desire to fix anything that may go wrong.
  2. Also, as it stands right now, the Fed is the lender of last resort. I don't see why they wouldn't eventually create some IOUs to guarantee payments.
  3. I definitely think the price will increase. I just don't think it's dependent on Ripple or any other lone entity.
  4. If that were true, you'd be describing the nostro/vostro situation that Ripple is trying to replace. Use is needed, not ownership. At any given moment, do you think you think there will be demand for more than a billion XRP? 2 billion? 3 billion? That much is already sitting idle, waiting to be used.
  5. I also don't expect MM's to suddenly start purchasing XRP when so many people are perfectly willing to allow exchanges to have complete control over their holdings, interest free. Millions and millions and millions of XRP is just sitting idle at exchanges waiting for somebody who can find a way to make money off of it.
  6. I don't think ODL will cause an increase in price since there is no need to hold XRP (it's returned right after). Because it will cause a constant changing of hands, those positioned to charge transaction fees will be rewarded handsomely.
  7. No matter how many times you keep trying to suggest otherwise, XRP is not a security. Right after the FDA declares it's not a food, I'm sure we'll hear something official.
  8. I have the highest opinion of everyone at Ripple. It's unfortunate, for them, that so many people think owning the same asset means anything more than a common interest. No matter how many times it is explained in excruciating detail, there is always this guy: 5+ years later and here we are and here we remain.
  9. Not if they made them whole by gifting them the new asset. Ripple would never jeopardize any of their partnerships. They will do whatever works best for the company and its customers. There are no promises to other holders of XRP. None.
  10. If there is a contract guaranteeing XRP usage, by all means, please post the source. Otherwise, Moneygram can come and go just like everyone else is free to do. They could even issue a new digital asset.
  11. No. The XRP Ledger was already fully built and functional when XRP was available for purchase. Do you know what wasn't? ETHEREUM.
  12. There are so many people who fall for YouTube scams that they just happen to show up in this thread? Are you serious?
  13. It's not guaranteed that anyone will use XRP, not even Ripple. Ripple can succeed with or without XRP. The company didn't exist when XRP was created. It's really that simple.
  14. This sounds right: https://www.ccn.com/ripple-expat-jed-mccaleb-ramps-up-cryptocurrency-sell-off-as-xrp-rallies/
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