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  1. This thread was created to make an unfounded and false accusation. Tiffany Hayden and XRPTrump are NOT the same person. Nothing in your response contributes to keeping THIS discussion honest.
  2. This is really disappointing. XRPTrump tagged me in a photo. End of story. My Nov stats weren't nearly as good.
  3. My comments weren't aimed at David Schwartz. I've been away from the forum for awhile and I was disappointed to see this thread. Do you enjoy watching personal attacks launched at me? I don't. It's painful and dehumanizing and almost unbearable at times.
  4. XRP vs Bitcoin They aren't competitive, they are complimentary. Believing otherwise, especially with an angry mob carrying pitchforks, only slows down progress. Tribalism is a dead end.
  5. Why would you give weight to somebody's opinion of XRP who doesn't even know the name is XRP?
  6. XLM has a different code base than XRP. BitcoinCash supporters didn't want Bitcoin's code altered with anything Blockstream related, so the fork happened before Segwit was injected into the code. BitcoinCash is the original Bitcoin code sans the Segwit and with the arbitrary cap removed. Roger was one of the FIRST investors of Ripple. All of this contention has been manufactured.
  7. Hi Claire. Welcome! (Please don't forget about the financially excluded who live here!)
  8. Coinbase is a very large holder of Ethereum, if anyone didn't know.
  9. I am baffled why any of this is a surprise to people. I made a few comments on Twitter. It's easier just to copy and paste them. I hope you don't mind. From January: I can't say that I begrudge Coinbase for any of their decisions. They are looking out for their best interest, which is what businesses do. It's more disappointing that we as a community have let Coinbase get this large. Why haven't others stepped up to the plate?
  10. I haven't gone through his whole series of tweets. He tagged me, and I replied to the first thing that caught my eye. I've already stumped him. He had to resort to quoting Jimmy Song from a few weeks when I had backed Jimmy into a corner for claiming that Ripple can "steal people's ripples," lol. I demanded he tell me how and Jimmy's final answer (that I had to pry out of him) was the config files on Ripple's website, hahahaha. If Lawson is waiting for Jimmy to help him out so he can reply back to me intelligently, he's going to be in for a looooong wait! (I like Lawson, btw. For whatever that's worth.)
  11. Hey stranger! I was doing a search on the forum and noticed this thread. I wrote a quick blogpost last night that you might find interesting: https://tiffanyhayden.blog/2018/04/04/craig-wright-and-ripple-weird/
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