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  1. Ripple has never tried to interfere with Bitcoin or make money from Bitcoin users. What is there to hate? It's so freaking annoying. Marc Hochstein is the new managing editor at CoinDesk. He's really cool and not "anti-Ripple." I'm hopeful that CoinDesk will see a BIG improvement. https://www.coindesk.com/american-bankers-marc-hochstein-joins-coindesk-managing-editor/
  2. Are we really decentralised?

    I don't really view them as neutral since they are network of banks looking out for their own best interest. Do they meet behind closed doors? Not that I put a ton of effort into looking, but I don't see any windows into the group's activity. They were. It's not clear if that's still the case.
  3. Are we really decentralised?

    What kind of range are you thinking?
  4. Are we really decentralised?

    See, this might be something better suited for a neutral 3rd party to provide. Ripple.co is going to be looking out for Ripple.co. I wonder if it's worth trying to resurrect the IRBA or form something similar?
  5. Are we really decentralised?

    I would love to see this happen!
  6. Thank you for this! I really appreciate it!
  7. 700,000 ripple stolen from my gatehub account

    Why are you getting this message if you aren't using a new device? Something seems wrong here.
  8. 700,000 ripple stolen from my gatehub account

    Right. But he said *always*. He might have been logging into the fake sight for weeks now and this was the first time the thieves were fast enough. The fake sight could have like an overlay over Gatehub. Daniel types in his username, password, authentication code with the thieves simultaneously trying to login to Gatehub at the same time. It doesn't make sense for Gatehub to *always* send an email about signing in from a new device, unless there's a new device always trying to sign on. This might explain why he feels so confident that he had typed the correct address. He was possibly using the wrong one unknowingly for awhile. Thoughts?
  9. 700,000 ripple stolen from my gatehub account

    When a user clicks on this email confirmation link, does that "unlock" the account so that other IP addresses can log into it as well? Are other Gatehub users *always* getting this email?
  10. Are we really decentralised?

    I don't think we should only be looking at the number of validators in Ripple's UNL. If there are a large portion hosted by just one or two ISPs, that's a potential problem as well.
  11. They're treating it as a bug because it is a bug...
  12. I tried to choose my words carefully because I know there are people hovering over me wanting me to be wrong. People are always sifting through my words trying to find error or reasons to dismiss me, especially when it comes to Ripple. It really pisses people off that I'm a Ripple supporter. I'm not an employee of the company or a software engineer. I don't have access to independent information. When I write, all I can do is assemble information that's available to me, add my own perspective/experience, and throw in a few analogies. I feel really fortunate that @JoelKatz and @nikb have been answering my questions for years. I can't even imagine how painful it must have been for them at times (or even now!) lol. I really want to try and share that information because I think people would feel differently about Ripple if they could see it through my lens. The blog post that I wrote barely scratched the surface. I plan to write more.
  13. What if there is no RL? What if @nikb, @JoelKatz, and I got bored of playing D&D in my mom's basement and decided to orchestrate this whole "Ripple" thing just to pass the time? Unless people are complaining that transactions are taking a long time to go through, I see no reason to suspect that Ripple may be lying.
  14. People would die. Oh wait. I only wrote a blog post.
  15. Finally!!! I've been waiting for somebody to bring this up. I thought I was going to get eaten alive for saying it and then nobody said a damn thing, lol.