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  1. CBDC is a digital asset. It would be a digital bearer instrument. The payment is also the settlement.
  2. Read about some of the actual trials being conducted. They aren't limiting themselves to currency. One of trials involving R3 used tokenized bonds which provided liquidity by enabling bond tokens to be used as collateral. Bond tokens could be exchanged for cash tokens, ie. Delivery versus Payment (DvP), without an operator as the intermediary.
  3. One of the more aggressive ideas is based on a multi-currency CBDC. The idea is to create a central bank to central bank a cross-border wholesale settlement rail.
  4. Think of it like this: If I'm wrong, then ODL causes the prices of XRP to increase. My investment does awesome and my kids never have to get a job. I can live with that. If ODL hypers are wrong, then the sentiment and narrative quickly turns to "Ripple and XRP have failed and there is no point for either to exist." The price will follow that sentiment to the bottom. Managing expectations matters.
  5. It doesn't suck for those who never thought one company using XRP for one use was the be-all and end-all of crypto.
  6. Something changed within the last 6 months. The last 4 months, actually. It's no longer a question of if, but when. Meetings and discussions have become hush hush, except for the articles that appear without any real substance giving people notice that CBDC is on its way. Watch the bills that enter Congress. Dirty little secret: That's where the winners are chosen.
  7. Me too and I hate it. For reasons that have nothing to do with Ripple/XRP, I think it's a terrible idea.
  8. Personally, I'm really excited about merchants being able to accept XRP. Paying with crypto online, for kids especially, is safer with crypto. (Push payment vs pull payment). My life was so much easier when Steam Games accepted cypto as payment. They stopped when the blockchain got really congested awhile back. Having to convert birthday money and whatnot into expensive prepaid cards is a PIA.
  9. This is just getting started. Central Banks are planning how to best update the payment rails. Here I am making sure the Bank of International Settlement's knows about the XRPL: Here I am noticing a bill introduced to Congress that looks like it's to help clear a path for R3 get noticed by critiques: My premise is that a multi-currency CBDC will be developed for cross-border payments and that Ripple will offer it as an alternative to XRP, similar to how Bitcoin was also a choice in the beginning. Ripple is a payments company and their commitment is to their customers.
  10. And for the record, I have been on top of the Central Bank situation for years trying to make sure Ripple doesn't get squeezed out.
  11. It was said that ODL was going to capture a significant amount of cross-border payment volume and I explained why that assumption doesn't make sense to me. Cross-border payments are a directive of the Federal Reserve and they haven't decided what will exist yet. You don't have to like something in order to recognize that it exists.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/benjessel/2020/01/15/lightnet-targets-moving-50bn-annually-in-international-payments-on-the-stellar-blockchain-network/#5f0317d22e36
  13. Although Lightnet will be using Stellar, IBM's World Wire is a competitor to RippleNet. Everything else is a cocktail trying to replace what already exists.
  14. Stellar isn't building payment solutions. They're onboarding companies/entities that are building payment solutions to have them build on top of Stellar.
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