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  1. Every year, people in emerging markets like Nigeria, Brazil and India drive the global remittance market worth over 600 billion dollars last year. In 2018, global remittances are expected to reach $642 billion. According to the World Bank, Nigeria topped other African recipients with $22.3 billion in 2017. The total remittance to Africa was $37.8 billion that same year. The only Ripple partnership I know of in Africa is with Nigerian Fintech start-up, FlutterWave, to enable payments to Nigeria from Canada. Why are we not seeing a lot more Ripple partnership with African financial companies like the company is doing in Asia? I think the African market, especially Nigeria, is ripe for the Ripple network.
  2. Guava Digital Assets Exchange NIGERIA'S PREMIER DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE We help people learn about, invest in and manage digital assets About Us Making guava as user-friendly as possible was one of our primary aims The vast majority of digital assets are stored in off-line vaults; our platform is in use by over thirty organizations and has never been hacked We will continue to streamline our processes to give you the fastest cash deposits & withdrawals possible We built guava for everyone. It works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops When you need help, reach out to our friendly support staff who are always ready to guide you through Holiday Bonus!! We are currently offering our first set of users before the new year ZERO FEES on all XRP trades on the Exchange Buy Now! How it works in 3 easy steps Sign up for a free guava wallet and then complete our super easy verification process Send money to your account from all major banks in Nigeria Buy some XRP and start participating in the digital economy. Sign Up Now!
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