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  1. Not really, Fiatleak is usually lower than CMC. CMC just doesn't count KRW prices because they are always like 15% more expensive for every coin.
  2. I don't think so. Especially since they mentioned several times that they'd be losing money with their XRP sales even many years after the founding of the company. I think they even said it in 2020. Its pretty obvious by their actions that one of the primary purposes of XRP was to fund their company. Its been funding them for 9+ years now.
  3. Ray Dalio might have forgotten that the 1934 law was reversed by 1975
  4. They could register and just sell shares of Ripple Stock to raise capital like other companies. I personally think that a lot of coins(xrp and others) were created mostly for the purpose of raising money for the company without having to sell ownership in the company. I think the SEC is going to come down hard on that if you did it in the USA. Also about the investment contract thing, with statements from Brad in 2019 like "I have every confidence that XRP will be used by dozens of large bank by the end of this year", its hard to argue that investors weren't expecting a profit.
  5. Open labs and ripple labs were the same people. This is a BS argument and anyone can see that. Its like saying you aren't money launders because an offshore organization that was created by you is the one doing the money laundering.
  6. Why wouldn't you just use that coin's native network? I mean for Generation 3 cryptos are extremely fast and almost free to transfer. With the lawsuit being there, you may not get the moon money. I think other coins are better investments at this point.
  7. The real answers is that we don't know. Because XRP has never provided any real viable tokenomics model, you are basically left praying that your XRP goes up in value as the only mode of making money holding XRP.
  8. Yeah, but if Ripple has to give up their escrow, they are basically screwed, even if the retail Holder's XRP is deemed a non security. They won't have any money to promote XRP adoption anymore and the coin will lose its value. The main driver of value for XRP is still Ripple and if they have nothing to drive it with, then it isn't worth much.
  9. Yeah, anyone who is not agreeing with your delusional beliefs is spam. But sure, keep making excuses when all the theories continue to fail. You are the one that is delusional spam. Just like Qanon, except in the crypto world. You guys are just grasping at every last straw in the lawsuit, but its not going to turn out in quite the way you guys think. At best it'll be a settlement with a large fine. Gensler has also said that XRP and ETH are securities. But I don't see you mentioning that.
  10. Alright an easy one, posted a week ago: Lets see by a month or two from now if its $10-$13. Its going to be one of his many predictions and theories that come out to be completely wrong. Also Video like "We have a court date, this is big". When the rest of us who understand what a pre-trial date is knew that nothing was going to happen on Feb 22nd. The channel is almost purely hype. Entertaining sure, but pure hype. Many of these channel were pushing to theory that the DTCC new settlement system was using XRP. That system launched and obviously tha
  11. He says we have nothing to go on. We have nothing, except the reality than every single theory that the person he keep referring to has basically failed and he's almost never been right. He's basically following a person that he thinks knows a lot about XRP but is just really making random things like out of thin air like most dot connectors and is pretty much always run. That's what he believes in.
  12. This isn't that uncommon when you talk to people who have been brainwashed by Conspiracy theories. Ever talk to a true Q believer?
  13. DPOS, I think is fine. Most of the new blockchain out there are very cheap and just as fast. They only have a fee because its the incentive for staking so people will participate in the networks. The fee of a few cents per transaction is part of their tokenomics and to make sure people don't spam the network. Coins with staking and tokenomics are simply more lucrative to hold than coins without.
  14. Said by Brad Garlinghouse in 2019: "I’ve publicly stated that by the end of this year I have every confidence that major banks will use XRapid as a liquidity tool" Sounds a lot like a promise to me. Not "I think it will happen" but "I have every confidence it will happen".
  15. I've said my favorite for like the last 2 years have been VET, ADA, and ICX. Which ones have massively outperformed XRP? All of them. I sold all my XRP about a year ago to buy ADA and VET. I'm very bullish on them but I don't go around acting like their are going to take over the world like a Moron.
  16. The same argument(that its high centralized) that this report says makes it attractive would also make it lose the SEC case. But Ripple's validators aren't centralizes so no to both the CBDC thing and losing the SEC case.
  17. Yeah, but Ethereum didn't have a working L2 either before people started building on it. I think thinlyspread nailed it. It was never meant to be and was never advertised to be. That's why Codius was never a priority.
  18. I just don't think Ripple was all that interested in it(and still really aren't). They might say they have a variety of use cases, but they are still mostly relying on ODL to be their thing.
  19. There's a lawsuit. Why would be an imminent brakeout. I feel like these TA's model always predict an "imminent breakout" for every coin just to keep people interested.
  20. Lets just get people to invest in our project by fabricating a bunch of lies and fabrications( and you know well that its a bunch of lies and Fabrications). What could possibly be wrong with that?
  21. 1. You guys are trying to sell a baseless nonsense that has become more or less just plain lies essentially both on this forum, on Youtube, on twitter, and on all social network with this IMF, BIS, etc. I'll call it out whenever I see it. Its not bashing XRP. Its called reality. Every single one of the price hype and theory predictions has essentially failed. And when it does for the 1000th time, you'll just make up another excuse on why something didn't happen. It was cute for the first few months and could have been attributed to be naive. But after years of failed predictions and theories,
  22. Just the fact that you are asking this questions means you are delusional beyond help. There are no plans within plans. You guys need to get that through your head. The reason none of the price predictions or theories ever come true is because they are a bunch of lies, not because some "elites" are trying to get you to sell XRP. Also Ripple probably knew the lawsuit was coming for weeks or months beforehand, they just didn't tell the XRP investors because they are not obligated to. They literally threatened to move outside the US a few weeks before being sued by the SEC becaus
  23. No, see, people like Daniel prove your post wrong. Its not a "game" nor trying to "meme it into reality". Many in the XRParmy are just really dumb and they legit believe this garbage. I am being real, none of that garbage is going to happen no matter how much they try to "meme it into reality". XRP is in existence, has been since 2012. No amount of memeing is going to turn their fantasies into reality. Watch, when this lawsuit is over and their $10 falls flat on its face like all the others. They will just make an excuse and create another fantasy to suck gullible newbies in. The few
  24. This is the same crap thats been spewed for years now. And this is the reason people think the XRP army and community are completely delusional. World reserve currency? Get real. Its the fact that you keep falling for these same false predictions from the same people over and over and over again and never learn. The Mega-elite don't hold XRP. Most of them don't have any crypto and if they do like Mark Cuban or other Billionaires, its BTC. Tesla, headed by the richest man on earth, just bought $1.5 billion in BTC. How much did they buy in XRP or others alts? $0. They are a public company s
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