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  1. Ninjas will invade, use Mind transfer no Jutsu to take over the SEC commissioner and they'll pass the Bitcoin ETF. Its all planned out, connect the dots people.
  2. They also omitted all the other coins as well. CB has always only listed their first four added coins on their main page.
  3. That was yesterday, I want to know what they actually said on stage.
  4. So, they were Keynote speakers and I think they spoke already. I'm not there and I can't seem to find a stream. They were supposed to have some big announcement. Did anybody catch it anywhere?
  5. Its why I don't hype on my channel, the hype is ridiculous. These "XRP to $1000 is conservative" or "Banks write to Fed to tell SWIFT to use XRP" videos are harmful and dangerous to new investors. People make up the BS to get views and the defend them to the death to maintain those views.
  6. They didn't "just" bail on it. They tested and bailed 4 years ago in 2015. This was only brought up because of the parallels with JPM coin.
  7. Unfortunately so many of them are the XRP is fedcoin thing like XRP is gonna replace the US dollar sometime soon now to attract the delusional XRP investors.
  8. I don't know if they were deployed by the BTC army or whatever but my opinion of the XRP army overall isn't that high. Seems that a lot of them spend the day posting troll comments on SWIFT and Banking twitters on any development that does't involve XRP, telling them to use XRP. Also there are zealots on youtube who insist still that SWIFT is using XRP via R3 even though SWIFT said they aren't, R3 said they aren't, and oh yeah, the Webinar. They go around on every youtube video that may be seen as negative and post their nonsense comments.
  9. Seriously, there are obviously real people but like any other large group, there are a lot of xrp bots on twitter as well. I mean I've seen 20-30 accounts with the same handle with consectuive numbers attached to the name like "xrpmoo1, xrpmoo2, etc" all the way up to 30. Those are obviously bots. While accounts like Hodor are obviously real. Its like any other cryptocurrency twitter club, some people, lots of bots. Most accounts overall on twitter are bots.
  10. Its not referring to people at this chat. But yeah, XRP may have a bot army on social media, probably like a lot of the other coins, wouldn't really surprise me.
  11. Is that XRP or just the effect of the overall crypto market that is pulling every coin up?
  12. I still don't understand why you would use fiat-->xrp--->crypto when for the most common cryptos you could easily go fiat--->Crypto
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