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  1. only if their governments stop being overthrown every 3 years, which is not a given in many of these places.
  2. They just signed the deal like 2 weeks ago, there's not going to be any volume pouring through it yet. They just made a job posting about 2 weeks ago hiring someone to integrate Ripplenet into the messaging application. It didn't magically all become integrated overnight. I doubt they are even using xCurrent right now but instead are in the process of integrating xCurrent and ODL as options for users of Finblr.
  3. In reality, all these theories about price suppression(for 2 years now nonetheless) and that XRP is more manipulated that any other coin out there are just made up by people who can't accept that the market value of their coin just isn't that high and that wall street and bankers just aren't investing in it, at least not yet. That's where all these crypto conspiracies theories come from, refusing to accept the obvious truth, and not just for XRP, but for every crypto coin. Its one thing to say some whales are building a huge buy/sell wall and holding for a few days but to claim whales have suppressed the value of a coin for 2 years almost while the entire market is going down ... must be sniffing that glue pretty hard.
  4. That doesn't favor xrp though. By Marketcap, XRP is solidly #3, by Volume, they are somewhere between #3 and #6 depending on the day.
  5. No, David may be saying that it may move up in step but it isn't going from 30 cents to $500 anytime. Shane Ellis theory is something completely fabricated from magic dust just like the "pre-allocation" theory and all those other xrp conspiracy theories.
  6. USD <====>AUD isn't really just a remittance corridors. Its one of the major FX corridors. The five major currencies in the world right now are USD, GBP, Euro, JPY, and AUD. The chinese RMB doesn't count but only because its not freely traded on the market.
  7. No, its 4m XRP per day in the USD/MXN pair. The entire volume of Bitso per day on CMC(which includes all the speculative and wash trades) doesn't come close to $4 milion. Its about $1.25 million per day right now and its said that its around 10% of MGI's total for that corridor so the entire corridors on ODL would be about $12.5 million. The other minor pairs don't have nearly as much volume as USD/MXN. I believe that is Moneygram biggest pair. I doubt there will be a USD/AUD pair, that one would be far bigger than the others. Major corridors don't really have savings using a bridge assets as they are liquid in themselves. If they wanted that pair, much like USD/Euro, they could have set it up a long time ago as they are the easiest corridors with the most pairs available.
  8. That's great, but without any real numbers, that doesn't mean much. They could have done $5 in 2018 or $5 billion in 2018.
  9. Wondering if this is just an algorithem mistake since there's been no announcement and he's not on the Ripple leadership page and they pretty much always announce these big hires via press release. If you search "Ripple executives" on Google, you'll find SWIFT's former CEO in the mix(at least in the USA). Maybe there's just so many fake articles with the worlds "SWIFT", "Ripple", "executive". etc so that the algo got it mixed up.
  10. They had overall less revenue as well. Third quarter q3 vs q3 last year was better. But the first 9 months of this year were worse than first 9 months of last year. The most important thing is the project EPS was +2 cents and the actual came out to be -2 cents.
  11. Q3 results weren't good, MGI stock took a giant dump today.
  12. Don't worry, hopium addicts always just move their dates and/or goalposts back everytime something doesn't happen, its what they do. I've learned to not take them seriously.
  13. I already explained this. Without a new coin, they can't have an ICO and raise millions of dollars.
  14. I don't like it but being honest, if this were a regulated market, most of the XRP twitter accounts and big Youtube accounts would actually be banned. The hopium would easily be classified as "dangerous or misleading information" financially, and that doesn't sit well on social networks.
  15. Can't blame it on whales all the times. You are spinning a roulette wheel and hoping it lands on black all the time. The demand for XRP is just not high enough for it to pump outside of BTC. Unless you know when Korea is going to pump so you can't time it.
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