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  1. Jake has actually been quite right about things going against the XRP army on twitter. But then again, I guess anyone who has debated the XRP army basically has been. Unlike other people, he is actually a lawyer specializing in digital securities. The guy making videos on youtube is lawyer who seems to specialize in tort law.
  2. there was definately a tolling agreement. Its in the Litigation filing. There was no settlement however, because the sides could not agree.
  3. I've heard many times that the SEC lawsuit blindsided XRP investors, that it came out of the blue, but after being here and other xrp places for years, I think that is far from the truth. The SEC has never given clearence on anything except BTC and ETH and they've sued several companies(and won every case) in the last few years. The SEC, or any government agency, isn't going to sue someone unless they have a good case and have done all the research, which is why they may have waited until now. Furthermore, xrp investors acting like they had no idea this could possibly be coming are also b
  4. He's been by far the best reading on digital asset legal matters and not just on xrp. Way better than any of the bagholder alwyers. Jake really doesn't care how this lawsuit turns out either way, he doesn't have any personal interest in it and he's not biased. Of course to people who have sunk into XRP really far, anyone that is neutral will seem biased. The lawyers on both sides will have their PR faces on what they are tweeting and such to put on a facade of confidence. What happening in reality is often very different. Just like how Brad was confident that dozens of banks would be
  5. Didn't Coinbase obtain a permit to sell securities sometime late in 2019? Obviously the lawyer on each side are going to be biased towards their client. I actually do listen to Jake Chervinsky on twitter because he's not on the legal team of either side and doesn't really care about the outcome and he's also not trying to rack up youtube views from XRP fans.
  6. Ripple isn't the SEC's top priority right now. The whole Gamestop/Robinhood thing is for the time being. This will take a while most likely.
  7. No, see, the first quarter doesn't end until March, which is still a month from now. The last sentence is just comparing q1 of this year with q1 of last year. This q1(which ends next month), they aren't going to benefit from Ripple Market Development as compared to last year when they received 12.1 million dollars from Ripple to use ODL. Your lack of reading comprehension does not mean I "savagely owned" myself. It also does not contradict the SEC main claims that XRP has no Utility. Moneygram would not have used ODL had they not been paid $12.1 million dollars. ODL is no
  8. Nah this is new. https://www.coindesk.com/moneygram-puts-relationship-with-ripples-xrp-on-hold I think its an extra step from what we heard last time.
  9. Its whales taking advantage of the XRP army's naivety in thinking that that the lawsuit will be settled tommorrow. When nothing happens, it'll probably dump.
  10. The night before the pre-trial case which is tomorrow. Guess its time to sell and then buy back in after nothing happens on the pre-trail date.
  11. ADA, Dot, BNB are the top alt now outside of BTC and ETH and all 3 have had lots of developments in the last year. Far and beyond #1? Come off your delusion. BSV being trash isn't a coincidence either, because it and its creator are garbage.
  12. Holding your XRP has been pretty bad advice overall for the last few years, especially in the last 12 months as every other coin has performed better, maybe except like BSV.
  13. You don't sell out of crypto entirely, you trade XRP out for another crypto and you are better off. Just about any crypto would have worked.
  14. Alt season has definately started. Alts are dependent on BTC not XRP. No other coin besides XRP itself is dependent on XRP.
  15. No, both dot and Cardano are above XRP. Its no longer top 5.
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