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  1. There's such hype and hopium in the XRP community that nothing can be bad for some people. But there is a chance that Ripple is successful and XRP is not. People just don't really consider that.
  2. I think assuming that buying XRP is like having pocket aces, is a bad one. Any cryptocurrency right now, is, at best, two face cards or a low pocket pair.
  3. In a few years, these things might pay off
  4. Yeah, but it doesn't really mean anything though, what else are they going to demonstrate except their own tech?
  5. Its Ripple's own slide for their presentation at the ABA forum. They used their own technology as an example for their presentation. The ABA management forum is held yearly and has dozens of sessions, this is the Ripple one.
  6. Don't forget, there is also NDA land where unicorns run free.
  7. Right about an article written almost a year ago, months before he made the tweet? Not all that difficult.
  8. His article is pretty good, but I don't agree with just hodling. Whale pumps always come back down so if you see a sudden increase, just sell out and wait to buy back in when it drops.
  9. It'll soon be "under 3000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017".
  10. I think his point was that is was an assumption made by the writers of the article. And we've seen several of these articles be wrong recently. But I think this one has some legs at least. The actual Gulf news article that it references is here: https://gulfnews.com/business/banking/a-new-era-for-seamless-payments-in-the-uae-1.1561877713624 It does not mention XRP or X-rapid so its the writer's assumption. We'll see how much volume, if any, this brings.
  11. There's a chance that they are using x-rapid, just wait and see if the volume tells to whole story or not.
  12. I would say the most likely(if this is true) is that Amazon AWS offers the Corda solution as a product to its customers on its AWS platform. They offer a few blockchain solutions already(including Ethereum) and there's no reason why they offer a Corda with XRP option.
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