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  1. You don't need it for domestic payment networks. DS has said more than once that domestic payments aren't their market. Many countries are real-time settlement systems that don't involve blockchain or cryptocurrencies. You don't need a bridge if you aren't transferring currencies.
  2. So instead of schilling 1 coin, she's going to schill 2 or 3. Whats wrong with that? She can schill as many as she pleases.
  3. TA is still good for really short term movements like hour by hour, isn't really good at predicting long term though.
  4. But what if aliens came and hijacked all the XRP and there was 1 xrp left?
  5. XRP taking over the world's fiat ... LOL, such delusional kool-aid rinking.
  6. Yeah, its hard for me to think that someone taking Shane Ellis Theory seriously actually knows 'alot' about crypto markets.
  7. The amount of people who believe this theory on YT and twitter are amazing and is a testament to the fact that most of them have no idea how markets work, have never seriously traded or have had any interaction with High Speed Bots which process 90% of trades these days in Crypto. I think we got an answer on "who would sell the price down" the other day when someone all of a sudden bought XRP up to 77 cents on Bitbay. The answer of "who would sell it down" was, of course, "everybody" as within a short amount of time the price collapsed back to the average.
  8. Can't you actually get in trouble for this if you start charging people for advice? I'm starting a Patreon on my channel then where if you pay $1000 dollars, I'll drive down to your house and roundhouse kick you in the face.
  9. Yes -- communicating a bunch of false hope and lies.
  10. Eri is the only one of the XRP youtuber I watch(watch other crypto tubers that do general industry news) at times. She is pretty good on news. The maxis, are just shouting "Moon" or some idiotic thing about bearableguy. All hype and theories that have never once materialized.
  11. Its actually more than 12 with USC stablecoin. There's very little information about it.
  12. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ripples-xrp-falls-under-virtual-currency-in-japan-in-new-blockchain-crypto-regulation-2019-report/ XRP falls under "virtual currency" and "security" in Japan. So I guess we'll see in the next few months if regulation was truly the thing holding XRP back and see if Japan is going to really adopt XRP. This does mean that SBI will finally launch, I think.
  13. Its been the same pattern for the last 3 days, it happens every day around 7-8 am Korean time and pumps for an hour or two. Binance for closed the first 2 days. Just look at the markets: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets Upbit jumped to #2 in Volume out of nowhere about 3 days ago when this pump started.
  14. XRP has actually been pumping around the same time every day(when asia gets up though. Today may not be any different. You are right about the other small Alt coins though. XRP's price pumps whenever Upbit's volume start ticking up.
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