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  1. Yeah, Banks don't love it. That's why they aren't using it.
  2. You could say that with most of the XRP army.
  3. It just means no one believes the bearable guy/IMF/BIS crap anymore.
  4. Look, it hasn't been exciting for a long time. Most have moved to other coins a while back.
  5. Yeah, just like how dozens of large banks would be using it by now.
  6. They just lost 75% of the liquidity. There is no world where this is good news.
  7. That's because even at its highest , volume is about 100x less than whats needed to truly effect price. Price is all speculative right now.
  8. You don't "bleed revenue". You can almost always increase revenue by overspending. It doesn't mean anything if you can't make any profits off that revenue. Using ODL isn't realy efficient for Moneygram right now, they are just hoping it will be in the future. Moneygram has essentially getting its ass kicked by WU and others and that hasn't changed since they started using ODL. They are just trying to overspend with the free money Ripple is giving me and Ripple has to give them millions each quarter in order to convince them to keep using ODL. I remember when VISA acquired Earthport, XRP army was saying that VISA was acquiring earthport because of Ripple. Seems like VISA didn't care about that and instead just wanted Earthport's ACH network like everyone else said after all.
  9. They've been testing all along and they really haven't seen a need for ODL and considered in the last quarterly report for MGI, they literally stated that Ripple had to pay them millions of dollars to keep using ODL, its not saving them any money using ODL than sending money the traditional way, They are using it with the hope that it will save them money in the future. You also seem to confuse revenue with profits. Western Union is still profitable. They made millions last year. MGI on the other hand is bleeding profits, meaning they lose money each year. They would be completely dead if not for the free money Ripple throws at them for using them as an ODL test case every quarter. ODL is not helping them in the profitability department so far. Quoting a bunch of hype twitter people is not presenting facts. Look at their quarterly reports. WU quarterly reports shows them in profit. MGI shows them in the red.
  10. Ant financial offered $15 per share for MGI, WU had no chance at marching that. Since then, the Price of MGI has fallen to 1/5th of that, that's what happened.
  11. Fewer mistakes or less? Give me a break. Moneygram has been a disaster of a company for more than 10 years and ODL hasn't changed that. WU has been profitable. MGI has been bleeding money, ODL or not.
  12. WU could have had Ripple any time they want. This most likely has nothing to do with it. Just WU buying out dying competition.
  13. Come back in another few years and it'll still be "soon".
  14. I actually think we are heading lower on BTC. It depends on how much Tether they print per day though.
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