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  1. No, its mainly because states have mandated that they close. They can't legally stay open.
  2. People are not afraid to die as you claim, they are projecting Businesses to be down for several months.
  3. I'm not really sure if that's increased wash trading or more traders, the volume of everything is up since then. There is a lot of volume between USDT and most top coins.
  4. Look at the XRP/BTC 1 month or 3 month chart. Its just trading within range.
  5. Looks, I've been saying since late 2018 that XRP isn't going anywhere for a while. It just follows Bitcoin for the most part. In other words, its like any other coin and isn't special in any way. It has its time where it does its own little run but comes down. Being a large-cap crypto, it doesn't have the ability to burst unless Bitcoin is bursting or on a serious bullrun.
  6. It has worked a lot better than holding for 2 years. If you've been holding, the only direction you've been going is down. From $3 to 17 cents.
  7. Yeah, but if in total your crypto to crypto trades aren't resulting in positive cash profits, you don't owe anything and since BTC has been dropping lately, even if you are gaining positions in alts by swing trading, USD wise, you haven't made any money. The only issue is if you have BTC and sold at $13k last year and then immediately re-invested in, which I didn't.
  8. Basically if you cash out on massive profits, pay taxes first before you re-invest. Also, he must have sold at the top and then bought back in to be in that situation, its the only way. If he didn't sell at the top, there are no gains to be had. Those of us selling now generally won't have that issue, because all we have for the last 2 years are capital losses.
  9. The run is always before. But they have to keep a certain price for BTC in order for mining to be profitable. Right now if BTC crashed, the alts would die with it.
  10. Altcoins are down relative to Bitcoin though XRP dropped below 2500 sats
  11. I mean there may be more than 1. If they issue a national lockdown, things might go insane.
  12. It was 6100 to 6400 over the weekend though. Hard to predict day to day actions of the crypto market, I did hear there was a CME gap at like 3600 or something. I think sometime in the next 4-8 weeks as Corona Virus Peaks in the USA, we'll see at least 1 more flash crash and then a fast recovery.
  13. The Mortality rate of Corona is roughly 15x that of the flu. In Italy, its for some reason around 9%, having killed over 4,000 already.
  14. Seems to be a support around that range. Waiting for Flash Crash to 2800, since the last one went down to $3800, I think its very doable.
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