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  1. These technicals really don't mean anything when you've got an event like flare on the 12th, after that, its bound to dump some.
  2. He forgot the most obvious reason, which is that the spark airdrop is in like half a month.
  3. These are more speculative than anything else. Neither is an announcement. The 2nd one is speculation from an outsider. CZ, to my knowledge, has not said much about any kind of ODL partnership. It might happen, but right now, its not ODL traffic. Besides ODL is just buying on one side and selling on the other, it really wouldn't effect price all that much. We'll see, I think XRP will start to Satoshi value in about 2 weeks or so and more quickly after the 12th of December. Plus, you can just view the ODL tracker in real time: https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  4. Its pretty much all speculation. The top exchanges by volume aren't ODL partners. Also, its generally South Korea that is doing the pumping, not Japan.
  5. XRP got until at most the 12th to catch up with BTC. A lot of this is because of the Spark Airdrop. Airdrops always effect coin prices.
  6. This happens with Japan/Korea almost anytime any major coin has a pump. These two countries have some of the hardest FOMOs. Also, the volume is not coming from the SBI exchanges or FXCOIN, so no, your theory is not correct. Also, you realize that BTC basically moved up from 7000 to 18k this year with XRP and the alts has done nothing? Right now, you are just seeing coins like ETH, XRP, and some of the others catch up with BTC. Bitcoin is almost at its All Time high while ETH, XRP are still at just a fraction. They've got a long way to go if they want to catch back up.
  7. No, it was definately a combination of Bitcoin going up and the Spark Token Airdop. Free airdrops always boost coin price by a lot.
  8. You'd need a small miracle just to get it to $1.046 cents. People who make these kind of predictions need to realize all that hype about the IMF, BIS stuff was a bunch of lies and also, you can't use a straight line graph model to predict coin prices.
  9. My guess is the upcoming spark token airdrop has something to do with this as well as Bitcoin going up. I'd hold and then sell back into BTC about a week before the 12th of December.
  10. Biden probably doesn't even know what XRP is, neither does Trump, this is a non-story.
  11. And that's why Charts are generally Garbage. I don't see any real movement unless Bitcoin moves.
  12. It polled the "XRP community", they probably just did a survey on Twitter with a lot of questions. A real study that didn't depend on survey or people telling the truth or lying about being in profit or not actually looked at buy prices and the average in was over $1 so 60% being in the profit is most likely not true. Either that or only people that have made money actually answered the poll.
  13. You can tell this poll is crap because a vast majority of respondents hold over 10,000 xrp. Meaning only the fanboys really responded.
  14. So far its been a failure, has no audience. I use it and the audience there is almost non-existent.
  15. Posts like this is why the XRParmy and community is seen as a Joke. Same parroting nonsense for almost 3 years now. Its always "mass adoption soon" and the dates keep getting pushed further and further back when something doesn't happen like its supposed to.
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