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  1. Korean/Japanese Fomo on Upbit/Bitbank, just like May. May pump for a while but I expect it to go back down to 25-26 cents within a week or two.
  2. It really doesn't. While there is buying pressure on the outgoing exchange, there will be equally sell pressure on the incoming exchanges. Its almost like wash trading for price.
  3. Banks do loans and deal with cash in real life all the time. International money transfers are only a very small part of a Bank's business. Banks make most of their money loaning local fiat out to people with interest. And they have to have a reserve when people come to withdraw, and that can't be xrp.
  4. Banks will always convert to local currency because local currency is what it takes to by stuff in real life whereas xrp, at best, will be an in-transit coin. Countries will also never give up sovereignty to print and use their own money as the primary currency within their borders. On the Original Topic. We've seen multiple instances where large coins like BTC or XRP spike on one exchange, always gets sold back down so back to the original question. Shane Ellis Theory is really stupid.
  5. This has always been true and will always be true for wealth. However 50% of the world wealth being with 1% of people is better than 50% of the wealth being with 1 entity.
  6. Escrow is 49 billion Ripple the company itself has 7.5 billion Garlinghouse and Larsen's private holdings are another 7.6 or so(that is not counted in Ripple's company holdings)
  7. $100 million out of $14.3 billion. Slightly under 1%, but it still does amount to savings, so its good.
  8. Its nice. However, when I compared it to Bitso's overall volume each day for XRP/MXN corridor , its like almost 90% of Bitso volume for that corridors. I've kept track of that corridor before and there's definately not a 90% increase. Volume has been higher lately but its been increasing through the year since about April/May. Still, its a pretty nice set of data to keep track of. It does seem that there is some volume for x-rapid now though. The peaks do match up though, so it looks like a pretty good approximation.
  9. The answer is no, there is no middlemen because its USD to USD. It doesn't sound like they are using XRP for anything.
  10. Chico is wrong about being able to freeze the ledger and about Stellar being more decentralized than Ripple. However, he is somewhat right about the missing "blocks" thing and the fact that Ripple(or opencoin/newcoin) did create XRP, although perhaps through another entity and then gifted the coins to themselves.
  11. I'm pretty sure they mean a stablecoin when they say CDC.
  12. Fundamentals? Business fundementals are largely based on earnings, profits, P/E ratios and other measurable statistics. Crypto has zero of those things.
  13. And that's before they did the 7:1 reverse stock split in 2011. It should be the equivalent of $2100 right now and its $5. Shows you how bad their management has been.
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