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  1. So far its been a failure, has no audience. I use it and the audience there is almost non-existent.
  2. Posts like this is why the XRParmy and community is seen as a Joke. Same parroting nonsense for almost 3 years now. Its always "mass adoption soon" and the dates keep getting pushed further and further back when something doesn't happen like its supposed to.
  3. He's also right about the regulatory status. The SEC isn't going to go around and announce the several thousands coins that violate regulations. They are just going to be announce the ones that are compliant. So far, that has only been BTC and maybe ETH.
  4. Yeah, see, the regulations excuse sort of falls apart once you realize that both Western Union and Moneygram have the regulatory green light to use XRP and have had so for a while. WU just doesn't use it and MGI stopped most of the usage once Ripple stopped paying them to use ODL. It isn't as amazing and cost-saving as you think.
  5. They dropped 80-90% literally the day that Ripple said they were going to stop paying companies to use ODL. N
  6. SBI may have XRP on their crypto exchange, but they do not use XRP for remittances. Moneygram does, but it turned off around 80-90% of the ODL usage once Ripple stopped paying them to use ODL. Flare is their smart contract thing or bridge to ETH, its not really ODL.
  7. None of the "higher tier" partnerships actually use XRP. Those three are ones that actually said they planned to use XRP.
  8. You guys realize you are just defending ODL with random-ass theories being promoted by Youtubers that have no substance. Its pretty clear that ODL volume is down in the dumps. Now, I don't think its dead, but its definately not doing well and to me, it seems its been put on hiatus and they are trying to pivot to DEFI because they initial plan to get bank adoption just isn't really working.
  9. You can just look at the Bitso MXN/XRP volume, its fallen off a cliff since a few months ago.
  10. What demand, there's 0 banks using it and MGI cut off most of its usage when Ripple stopped paying them.
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