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  1. Taken from livecoinwatch: https://news.livecoinwatch.com/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-crypto-better-banknotes/
  2. Bearableguy is legit. He’s human like you, and I. Mistakes happen. Febuary, and March will be nice.
  3. I was talking to @Archbob, he knows of a reference to Malta Pre-bg123. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I was asking for a link to the first mention of Malta. Thank you my friend.
  5. Link? I’m inspired. During his crusade on reddit.
  6. Naw. Way higher buddy, but that dream is for another day. Crawl. Walk. Run. Everything inbetween is circumstantial
  7. Eh, the Malta thing was pretty much pact. I hadn’t heard anything from there, and I’ve been floating around since the beginning. Had you? Serious question. I was flabbergasted
  8. Did you make a second account to bash on these people? You should only have one target. I give the bear credit for one thing, he was right about everything else. (This year anyways.) The only thing left on thIs schedule is a ridiculous run up. Will it happen? God knows, I doubt it.
  9. Tony stark, Brad Crumbs, Knights that say Ni, amidoinitrite?
  10. Ehhh... You’ve been looking for an excuse for a couple weeks. I saw your sob story.
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