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  1. Ermm, I think we are on different pages. I just use openmarketcap alongside other sites like bitgur. All public domains, nothing insider or secret about it. These are just price/volume sites not forums or clubs. Just to get a better picture of the market. haha. Anyways, looking forward to your next article and lets hope xrp keeps growing at the rate it does, although until Ripple can sell a full billion in a month without any returns to escrow I doubt any price increases will be coming soon. Simple supply and demand. Cheers
  2. To make sure we don't get off on the wrong foot and don't get personal, that wasn't my intent - Internet likes to take out sincerity within the words - I would just love to see you take a more cynical approach but I'm just a reader/fan, your putting in all the effort so its your call haha. I'll refrain from using the phrase. From what I understand CMC is a CFD trading platform so your comparing third party apples to third party apples whos to say they haven't changed their sources as the market has evolved? I went through the website, called and emailed them to find where they quote th
  3. "They are now edging slowing and steadily above levels that we saw around the December 2017 time frame" You talk about volume. I suggest you read and use different data sources. Replace www.coinmarketcap.com with www.openmarketcap.com (takes out all the fake/wash trading) Once you use that a lot of what you say becomes irrelevant.. I suggest you read the bitwise report on fake volume for a in depth view. I know people don't like the report and it isn't 100% accurate but it tells a truer story than what we are seeing otherwise. Good effort though! Keep up the due di
  4. Hm, they were right about the lithium bubble. I dont think it is some big conspiracy that they put out the opposite of what their intentions are.
  5. This is the 2nd different article I've seen about this. I mean a whole page, written about a tweet saying they will "look into it". Every company is looking into crypto assets more assets people trade on their platform more commission.. I mean come on. Next we will get a live feed everytime Brad farts... or maybe a book about how XRP went up 0.01% in the last hour. Still AllINXRP though.
  6. I agree with the low impact but it still has the effect of a ball and chain, I still think its one of the few fundamentally sound cryptocurrencies, which is why I will continue to hold as long as some conditions are maintained.
  7. I know, but as a holder, it is good practice to know which founders/bearwhales are selling or buying and take it into account to how much you want to risk. Personally for myself if I found that Brad was selling at the same rate as Jebby, Id reduce my position, if I discover Jebby has depleted his holdings and along with some other requirements I have, I would look to increase my position. But it sounds like your just going to hold and pray without any measures, do you have an exit plan if things were to go to the moon, or if XRP starting failing, would you continue to hold if ripple deve
  8. From this is shows Jeds wallets only have around 173,701,588 left. With another 6m left in his currently active wallet (selling XRP constantly at the moment). Leads to 3 possibilities 1)He sold most of his holdings OTC and is on his last ~180m / Yew! 2)Transferred his holdings to new wallets and will be selling for a long time to come / Neeew 3) He has some wallets we don't about / Dayum Everyone else here seems a little bit defensive about mentioning Jed, saying that it doesn't matter because of his selling limits. But these limits are set to grow March next
  9. Thanks heaps! This was just what I was looking for. Its a great spreadsheet did you do it yourself?
  10. Shiiiiiiiit then we have some big Billion orders going into ^ wallet from rnNqkPMMnrFdiq7uN1r4uAjq7Tvab4xgvL that little fella whos now empty.
  11. Woah woah woah, found another bread crumb. rshGD78D7CYMawH4Gbg3svfRptUeq8Mm1T - this bad boy deposited 300M to the above wallet anyone know if that is Jeds? or the foundation?
  12. Then there is this r4LxkCUXYTCUgwquN3BnsUxFacoVLjGFyF wallet which put in 20M into Jebs wallet and that one has 110m. So I guess he has about 110 + 63.9 = 173.9M XRP left
  13. wait a second... I found something not tooooo good
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