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  1. cerchiaro55

    Foundations of Success

    The point is i am thinking to sell my house to invest in XRP (Just kidding) hahahaha
  2. cerchiaro55

    Foundations of Success

    I would like to know whats the market cap goal to be adressed by XRP in terms of available money for the next 3 to 5 years, cheers
  3. i would like to come back in time but i want to say exactly the same next year, lets go for xrp 5 to 10 us jojo
  4. cerchiaro55

    Open Letter to Brian Armstrong

    thats good @Hodor to bring more investors and get more exposure, however i have been using coinbase for a while and its very bad for trading when you have a ramp up or a downturn, a lot of people is complaining about that, i would like the idea to have XRP over there but i would prefer having a correlation beetween the good news and pricing, at the moment great things are happening but the pricing is not according to that. Lets see how the letter goes good luck¡¡
  5. cerchiaro55

    Ha ha look what I got!

    thats kool i want to have one cap,.
  6. Lets create a ICO i would invest for sure¡¡¡
  7. thats interesting, thanks
  8. cerchiaro55

    Ripple (XRP) Is Serious Are You?

    hahahaha i am happy with 10 us, 100 or 1000 i would like to live as Dan Bizerian does hahahahaha
  9. cerchiaro55

    XRP Potential market cap

    Thanks @Ivort75 you are right from Italian family in South America, i know there is a changing environment, but my question is more related to Ripple business model, there is a market cap (pesimistic-positive ) they were looking to capture, so thats why i asked what assumptions the business model tooks at the moment they created it.
  10. cerchiaro55

    This looks good (XRP markets)

    To the moon and beyond¡¡¡ lets go
  11. Hello Folks!! I need a financial expert or even the business case when Ripple created XRP, what was the real potential market cap they are estimating to get in the next 5 years?, we can assume the budget/forecast for 2017 to 2022, thanks
  12. cerchiaro55

    The reason why XRP will be adopted

    excellent explanaitions, really good post, thanks @Bagheera
  13. lets go man
  14. cerchiaro55


    a lot of trolls panic, i am buying this opportunity is unique i bought also Ethereum when it was 8 us , you need to calm down thats the key for investors, patience and hold, nervous system is against you, let the investment for mid to long term then you will see it, giving back your expectations, i trully believe in Ripple technology, this is only the beginning, cheers