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  1. Just more and more FI and banks installing Ripple's software and the option to use XRP if they want to in the future, if Santander started to use XRP you would have noticed it, only based on speculation price would rocket up.
  2. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-ceo-garlinghouse-intends-to-press-our-advantage-with-new-investments
  3. It's hosted on Azerbaijan Banks Association, so it's not fake: https://aba.az/en/aba-haqqinda/aba-nin-tarixi/ https://www.facebook.com/AzerbaijanBanksAssociation/
  4. as I pointed before you don't even know if they are selling...
  5. What do you expect from nikb? I remember Joelkatz saying once that he had no idea about an announcement that Ripple had just made. Ripple is a big company, you expect engineer to know everything and that they will answer you here as individuals? To me it seems nikb say us to keep questionning, but he has no better knowledge than us. The mentality here is awful lately, starting with the title of this thread when no one has a clue really of something that could be positive. Hope you keep posting on technical aspects of things nik.
  6. yes hallwaymonitor, that's why the title of this thread is bullsh*t. Look at those associated wallets also receiving large sums of XRP from exchanges: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rQJteJeKc3v7Vf3JZyYMaS9KMSAhmRzxDD https://bithomp.com/explorer/rUQngTebGgF1tCexhuPaQBr5MufweybMom Sending / Receiving might indicate market maker activity or some unknown project, but people are bored to search it seems.
  7. I'm bored to do an extensive search now, but for example take last but one wallet he posted: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rMjjMBDVwWdRsbC4QaU98MXQgSGFVv2G1c that wallet received 999 985.00 XRP from https://bithomp.com/explorer/rJVewGyhY8UCu2AMWruV8Uc93BQLbNCyLW activated by bitgo, that itself is funded by others receiving XRP from other exchanges (and not only sending) You're starting to count cabbages and carrots.
  8. also when you start to count wallets, take care to not count all accounts in the ledgers lol, because one wallet link to other that is linked to the other.. For instance what is the role of Triple Dice wallets and subwallets, it's sending but also receiving from exchanges, I also think your conclusion is not correct 
  9. They did a POC with Ripple Edit: looks like they are a paid client of Ripple too, haters gonna hate
  10. Interesting work hallwaymonitor I didn't look it all but just looking at the first two lines, I can notice that xrpscan refers rUjxty1WWLwX1evhKf3C2XNZDMcXEZ9ToJ to Triple Dice Exchange but if you use bithomp it refers it to hashes.org https://bithomp.com/explorer/rUjxty1WWLwX1evhKf3C2XNZDMcXEZ9ToJ
  11. hum ok, but why not post this in Alt-Coins and General Fintech or Off-Topic subforum?
  12. Your sentance is confusing, yes stellar has a project with ibm but not with oracle. Ibm looks for a lot of ppl because they do different other things like food and tracking shipments with blockchain. Not a stellar hater just trying to get things straight
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